Here is an update on the Kobe extension.

Yahoo! Sports: It’s been more than four months since Kobe Bryant announced his intentions to sign a contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers and pass up a chance to join the 2010 free-agent market. So why hasn’t he signed anything?

Sources with knowledge of the talks say the Lakers continue to meet with Bryant’s camp and that both sides fully expect the deal to get done, though neither wants to commit to a firm timetable. The initial hope was that the extension would be completed by the start of the season.

Bryant is scheduled to make $23 million this season and $24.8 million next season. He can opt of the final season to become a free agent in July. He is eligible to sign a three-year extension that could pay him more than $90 million, depending on the league’s salary-cap figures.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    Kobe is born to be a Lakers and will retire as a Lakers.
    no doubt.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Is anyone truly worried tha Kobe isn’t going to be a Laker for the next four years?

    Just keep in mind that this is just simply business and as the Heath Ledger Joker would say “It’s All Part of The Plan”.

    1-2-3 Ring!!!

  • daboss1849

    max the mofo out. lakers = lottery without kobe…