Washington Post: Only a complete fool would keep giving Kobe Bryant chances. It’s like pitching to Babe Ruth with the bases loaded, like sticking your naked chin in the face of Joe Louis . . . or giving Tiger Woods one last chance to make a 12-foot putt on No. 18. You keep giving Kobe Bryant chances and he’s going to, if not beat you, make you sweat profusely. The longer he’s on the court, the longer he has a chance to beat you, even if you’re the Celtics and you’ve got the better team and a 3-2 lead headed back to Boston for Games 6.

You let Kobe extend a series the way he did here Sunday night, and he’ll open up a can of danger on you. No team has overcome a 3-1 series deficit to win the NBA Finals. But that’s only because the team with the lead has killed off the challenger as soon as humanly possible. Championship teams don’t let ordinary pros hang around, much less players as skilled as Kobe. Before you know it, you’re a sprained ankle and a dislocated shoulder away from Game 7 and more drama than you want to have hanging around, even if you think the ghost of Red Auerbach is sitting up there on the back rim waiting to assist his old team.

And that’s kind of where the Lakers and Celtics find themselves after the Lakers’ 103-98 victory in Game 5. Not only did Boston’s Kendrick Perkins not play Sunday, he likely will not play Tuesday in Game 6, either. If Perkins is on the bench, there goes one of Boston’s big advantages. Perkins, along with Kevin Garnett, P.J. Brown and Leon Powe, has helped make the Lakers’ big men look terribly soft and weak around the basket.

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  • magicbalala245

    Completely agree. If Celtics don’t close out Lakers tomrrow that’s begging Lakers to beat us in 7 cause no way Kobe will let his team down in game 7 in the NBA Finals

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    KObe does not get this far, and mess up!!!!

  • gugy

    If the Celtics lose tomorrow, the momentum will shift dramatically to the lakers. And I am pretty sure Kobe will do everything in his powers to kill Boston on game 7.
    So it is a must win for Boston tomorrow.

    Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sopi

    thats a big IF

  • Daryl Imhoff

    The Lakers know they only have tomorrow so they have to put everything into Tuesday’s game. Leave it all on the floor! While the Celtics have a false sense of security that they have a one game lead or two bites of the apple, “If we don’t win on Tuesday we still have Thursday” This type of thinking is an advantage to the Lakers. There is more reason to play all out backs against the wall basketball for the Lakers. The Celtics were delayed in LA due to plane troubles. They are older than the Lakers and there is a short turn around between games 5 and 6. These are factors that favor the Lakers. WINNING GAME SIX IS IN THE CARDS. We have to believe! Tuesday’s game is all that matters!

  • miguel


  • heh8me&1


  • xtro

    We have nothing to lose. If you shake a tree, a panther might fall.