Seems things are looking bleak if your one of the hopeful that would love to see Kobe/Kidd backcourt.

New York Post: As poorly as the Nets are playing, as dysfunctional as they look on the court, team president Rod Thorn said there are no big trades brewing. With no immediate help on the horizon, apparently they’re going to have to help themselves.

Oh, and to make things worse, Thorn doesn’t like what other NBA teams are offering for Kidd in phone conversations. “You know,” the Nets president explained yesterday, “you listen and then … it ends.”

And you don’t even respond?

“Yeah, (you say), ‘Not really interested in that … okay, we’ll talk again soon, bye.’ And that’s it.”

And they’re not getting more enticing as the days go by?

“Hah,” Thorn replied, with a short chuckle, before composing himself and adding a defiant, “Uh, no.”

  • SILO

    I wonder if Mitch made an offer, and if so, what was it? If they asked for Bynum, they should have gotten the entire roster and management on the phone and laugh at him.

  • ab4sure

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    I think Mitch has had the last laugh on lakernation when lakernation wanted to trade andrew “ship his ass out” bynum. Lakernation should be apologizing to Mitch. I have yet to hear an apology.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    title doesn’t make any sense…. none enticing offers???


    ab4sure, i’m with you on this. I was one who shot mitch down and went as far as calling him a cupcake. I apologize mitch, can you forgive me?

  • LAKing

    Thorn needs to take what he can get. There’s no way in hell somebody is going to give up alot for an aging PG that has 3 years left in him at most. There’s not going to be any big offers whatsover. This guy just needs to take the best deal on the table, or else Kidd might walk away and sign with another team next summer.

  • pjt

    such a shame…if Kidd were to go to the owner and say trade me to the Lakers, I don’t want to play here,,,,maybe it could happen? Add Kidd, and or Artest to our mix of talent…and the Lakers could be contenders,,,they still might be…But the league could sure use a star laden Laker team against the Celts this year in the finals.

  • Flush Odumb

    Thorn is out of his mind! Good luck finding someone dumb enough to gut their team for an ageing PG with 3 good years max left. I hope Kidd just walks away as a free agent at the end of the year and the Nets get nothing for him!

  • ab4sure

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    I don’t know if your the first one who has apologized but your the first one I saw that posted their apology. Props to you. I am sure Mitch forgives you too, Ice Cream Man.