The Lakers are no where to be heard and now there are reports that the Nets are going to be back in – if they’re not already – talks for JO.

NY Post: The Nets can’t comment, but they can try to renew trade talks.

Multiple sources indicated that’s the plan regarding Jermaine O’Neal after the Indiana star said at a charity event in Los Angeles he would welcome a trade to the Lakers first and the Nets second, rather than rebuild with the Pacers.

Nets team president Rod Thorn, who talked with the Pacers about O’Neal, 28, during draft week, declined comment because the Indiana star is under contract.

The Nets had offered Richard Jefferson, Nenad Krstic and Jason Collins, but the Pacers wanted Marcus Williams over Collins. The talks died. In the wake of O’Neal’s published comments, they figure to be renewed.

“I would welcome a trade to the Lakers,” O’Neal told “(The Pacers) are into rebuilding and going really young and I’m just not in a position physically to go through (that). Los Angeles and New Jersey would be my top two teams.”

The Nets’ Jason Kidd, also at the charity event, said getting O’Neal, who can opt out after next season, would be a “huge move” (no tampering, the NBA said). Pacers president Larry Bird issued a statement yesterday and did not rule out a trade, noting “you never know what will happen.” From the Lakers, Indy covets Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, but L.A. is reluctant to deal Bynum – he prevented a potential deadline trade for Kidd.

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  • gugy

    here we go again.
    It will be very funny if the Nets get JO.
    That will prove once again how lame Lakers FO is and Kobe will be vindicate once again.


  • keep24

    I belive I called this headline yesterday!

  • Shane Bien

    I swear, you knew this was coming

  • keep24

    Hey Dr. DoLittle!

    (A.K.A. Dr. Jerry “where do the high school girls hang out” Buss)

    This isn’t like playing a $100 poker tournament on a Wednesday night skank shift at Hollywood park. If you lose this hand you lose the franchise.

    Get off your @$$, cash in your chips, drop off the young girls back their homes (I’m sure their parents are worried ) and go work the phones.

    And please, at least make an effort to show that you care. Also, a little class never hurt anyone you degenerate gambler. LA already has a famous dirty old man (see HEFF), why don’t you take a break and be a responsible owner.

    After Kobe retires, you can have the three stooges run the show. We will not be mad at you then because we know we’ll be going back to ground zero. We will except it then but not now.


    no JO = no more Kobe = end of Lakers

  • LD2k

    I wouldn’t freak out about this.

    But then again, how much belief do we have that the Lakers FO is in on JO.

  • cooleo24
  • The Nugget


  • kingkb24

    [quote comment=”11043″]

    stupid realgm


    [quote comment=”11043″]


    haha nice one…Kwame Brown: “there’s an eastern conferance”

  • lakerfan81

    What does Indiana want from NJ for O’neil? A package of Jefferson, Kristic ?????. Who else do they have to add in to make salaries match? Overpaid Jason Collins? And does trading Jefferson and Kristic for O’neil make NJ any better? Would you make that trade if you were NJ? Does trading O’neil for Jefferson and Kristic make Indiana a playoff team? Not really if they are rebuilding (which they would be if they are going to trade O’neil why would they want Jefferson’s long contract (4 yrs 12M per). If you are trading away your best player then the best thing to do is get young talented players, draft picks and expiring contracts (like Minny did, if they are bad next year and get a top 3 pick they could pick up Rose or Mayo then they may be good again in a few yrs).
    My opinion may be a little biased ( I try to look fairly at both sides) but a trade of Bynum, Critt, Brown, Sasha and Cook looks to be the best deal for Indiana. I don’t understand why they want Odom so badly. Trading for Odom and Bynum does not make them a playoff team.

  • double

    If New Jersey gets O’Neal, we might as well begin shopping Kobe. Its better JO stays in Indiana than be traded to the Nets. If he goes there, the Lakers front office will have ZERO fan support and everyone will empathize with Kobe’s initial trade request.

  • as1084

    I think there is no talk about the lakers going after oneal because Indiana wont take anything less than Bynum and Odom….so there is nothing to talk about cause mitch wont include both ina trade for oneal and i dont want him too. but if the pacers wake up and decide to lower there asking price, then the lakers will be back in the mix and prolly the favorties.

  • gcdeen

    I’m so pissed off at the FO. If this summer goes by and two of the best power forwards in the league get passed up because we think Bynum is going to be good in 5 years, I’m with Kobe, trade me to the Bulls.

    Ship Bynum out!