Another team willing to trade for Kevin Garnett but in the end, the Wolves turns them now. Are the Wolves even willing to trade Garnett or are they just entertaining offers for the hell of it. Sound-off in the comments, tell us what you think. They made their pitch for Kevin Garnett, who would have welcomed a trade here, multiple sources said. Minnesota told the Nets no thanks.

They offered Richard Jefferson and Jason Collins for Jermaine O’Neal. Indiana counteroffered, asking for Nenad Krstic and Marcus Williams instead of Collins. New Jersey said no. If Krstic didn’t have to be included, the Nets would have to do that.

A three-way deal that would have landed versatile forward Lamar Odom also fell through.

  • lakersforlife77

    f*** minnesota, I’m sick of their bull, I hope Corey Brewer gets injured and they rot.

  • gspence001

    minny better fuck!ng cooperate

  • fred0s

    Indiana and Minnesota are going to end up keeping O’Neal and Garnett, respectively, and is going to end up losing them to free agency next summer. And that is what they deserve. Each team, or rather each GM, wants to screw another team over. Sure I don’t blame them, but when their franchise is failing as miserably as it is (especially Minnesota), you gots to get what you can.


    fuck minny fuck garnett if he wanted to be a laker he whould of made it very clear we dont need hi sorry ass, we will get other talent, i mean lets be serious if he really wanted to come down to los angeles he would of made it very clear for every one.

  • as1084

    Fuck Garnett and the Wolves. I hope the Wolves become with laughing stock of the NBA and let Garnett suffer and rot in minny. I swear he is the dumbest guy in the world. Im guessing is IQ isn’t very high. Fuck Garnett!! Im with Kb4, we don’t need his balls-less ass in purple and gold anyways! If he wants to suffer let they fuckin guy suffer!!!

  • Rpoc

    Bwahahaha you guys sounds like what happens when a girl rejects you. “I don’t need yo bitch ass! I can get someone better anyway, bitch!!!”

  • lakersforlife77

    bring jo here he wants to be here, and now the pacers are desperate…… we can keep odom

  • twisted

    man ya’ll badmouthin KG but the truth is you want him more than anyone… sure props to JO and odom but KG is KG…
    and by the way —> you vindictive sons of bitches…
    let KG suffer and that kind of shit… man u ain’t been thru half the things he has so plz shut the fuck up !

  • punkjones

    It’s pretty confounding trying to second guess what the hell Glen Taylor, Kevin McHale and even KG himself are thinking. Obviously it’s given not only us fits but just about every other GM out there and owner (Cuban comes to mind) who fantasizes about getting their mitts on the big ticket.

    I’ve given up trying to figure them out. I hope that this quiet means that we have a shot at one of these guys KG or JO and it’s all on the down low. Probably the less we hear the better chance something might actually happen. When the rumors fly seems like it’s harder to get things done.

    Who knows? Minny might be content to let KG rot on yet another subpar team. Wonder what KG wants? He really deserves better. He could kill it on the Lakers. Even if we had to give up Brown, LO and Bynum.

  • ben

    kG is a great person and player. He has dealt with a lot in his life and is a loyal guy. Just you want him in LA doesn’t mean he is fund for not demanding a trade. Minnesota doesn’t owe him anything either – that is what the $225 million paid to him was for. Also yo those who think KG will walk away from mn next year as a free agent – you are crazy. It the team sucks this year (which is very possible) he may want to leave but he will allow the Wolves to sign and trade him for two reasons: loyalty & money. Lastly, I understand why you Lakers fans are so confused and angry – its because you have to deal with that baby, whiney bitch Kobe and aren’t used to professional atheletes who are, in fact, professional.

  • Ed24

    Fuck you ben. If you have a problem with Kobe then get the fuck off this site.

  • punkjones

    Ben –
    I’m sorry, but you’ve got more typos than salient points there. $225 million? Come on now. You’ve got time to edit your posts on this board – might suggest you do so. I’m not sure what you’re even trying to say in your third sentence. Fund?

  • 24allup inya

    u know what ben! u sorry kobe hating bitch fuck u! everyone knows that kg is 2 dam good 2 stay in a sorry ass team like the wolves so dont sit there on your computer and say anything about the king (kobe) its not his fault that the wolves r sellfish and dont want 2 give kg a chance at playing with a decent team like the LAKERS or anyone else that can at least make it 2 the postseason.As far as profesional it doesnt get better than KOBE who takes the game serious and has passion 4 it and does not just sit there like a lame duck and dont speak out bout the problems their team is facing as a PROFESIONAL THATS WHAT U R SUPPOSED 2 DO U LAME u know u love KOBE and wish he were in the team u follow!!!

  • 24allup inya

    fuck ben

  • ben

    sorry posting from by phone sucks. $225 million is what mn has paid of so far.

  • 24allup inya

    Sorry?Well yes you do sound like someone who is sorry since you dont know how to apriciate the best player to have ever played the game (KOBE BRYANT).You are sorry for not having the intelligence to acknowledge that he is history in the making, and that we are very privileged to be a witness to it.Do us all a favor and dont even come to this site no more Ben.

  • Cruz

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