KiddNew York Post: Jason Kidd could be on the move, too, if Nets ownership deems it’s time to rebuild for Brooklyn 2009. Yesterday, Kidd declined to speak with reporters. Nets spokesman Gary Sussman said a sore Kidd was “in the tub.” It could be Kidd’s last Nets-sponsored bath.

Lakers minority owner Magic Johnson sat in the first row at the Meadowlands on Monday night and it’s unclear if he was scouting Kidd for Jerry Buss. During the All-Star Break, when talks with the Lakers heated up, Kidd sounded upbeat about playing for the Lakers, raising speculation he initiated the talks.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    If he is a free agent then I say go for it and fill out the point position. But I was pretty sure that he has about one to two more years left with the Nets. Need to check out my resouces on that… But would help the Lakers with drawing out the plays and creating it on the floor. As for a trade I wouldn’t trade Bynum for him though because I believe the Lakers can get a better value for him. Not saying isn’t a good value but we need help down low and trading a center for a guard creates a bigger hole down low.

    The other article about “Think Big” I think the Lakers should do that but not just one big down low but two. I recomended Gasol and Artest. Of course all want KG, but trade will be difficult and we have to send about three or maybe even four players because of his price. Wouldn’t mind getting him just because he is the “Big Ticket” and would love to see him and Kobe playing together and winning those rings.

    A lot of movements are happening and teams right now can’t do anything until draft time. But if Kidd does decided to leave and sign with the Lakers at vetern pay then I am all in it.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    if the nets will lose tonight at cleveland, than i think “the big three” is over in jersey. carter will opt out, kidd will come to la and jefferson… well i dont know. i think kidd is the best fit for our pg position and can be a good teacher for jordan. what do u think?



  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yeah that’s right Kobe_Rizvanolli, I wrote that earlier in a different article and Jason Kidd can teach the ropes for Jordan Farmar down the road. I mean having Jason Kidd at the first five and bring in Jordan Farmer for the second team would be nice. Both are play makers and fits very well in the triangle.

    But yes Jason needs to leave and sign with LA if that happens really. I believe he just might because if the issues going on with him and his ex-wife so he would rather be far and away as possible to that to happen. Again does anyone know if Jason Kidd can opt out or is he a free agent?

  • tim

    nah hes not. he got a few years left on his deal. 2 i think.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Thanks Tim for the 411…. I think the Lakers might do a certain deal with NJ with Kidd and another player in Jersey. But I would say out of the blue really Carter because he is a free agent and he could be a trade bait for the Lakers to trade for Bynum. Most likely I don’t see that really if they did traded for Carter and Kidd for Bynum and Odom. Magic was watching the games with Jason Kidd and been hearing rumors about sign and trade with Vince Carter. But yeah that’s just a guess really and pretty sure it won’t happen……

  • CV_LEX7

    yeah… but i wouldn’t trade any of our valueble peaces jz for J.kidd. Not even wif bynum. cause kidd onli have a couple of years left in him. plus his contract is huge. difficult to trade with the players we’re having.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    guys what do u all think of gerald wallace, he will become a free agent right?

  • David

    As I told my friend he would be a steal. He is a Hyrid of Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace; however unlike those two he has a polished offensive game. I am sure you looked at his stats but if I were GM of the Lakers and I could not get KG I would look to G. Wallace and O’Neal (Jermaine). It really doesn’t make sense if the lakers don’t get G. Wallace at best he is 8-10 million dollar a year guy, but for short term like 5 year 40 mill or 3 years 28 million. He is a starter for sure but not a all star. He is a great defender on and especially of the ball. And he has great hops. He is an athlete. A great upgrade. And a need for defense. I really think you have done your home work man and I hope that it works for the Lakers. I have been a fan since Magic, so I know what people are going through in LA. Good suggestion man, really good.

  • kenshi1023

    whatever happened to penny hardaway?

    IF we do land kidd, how will he match up against the west coast PGs? (jason terry, steve nash, tony parker, baron davis, rafer aston, mike bibby…)

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yeah G. Wallace would be a steal for the lakers and can be that one player can help out especially he is a good defender. I still like Artest somewhat but if nothing happens I would pick G. Wallace if the Artest trade doesn’t happen. I still say Gasol over Jermaine but hey either one of those guys will help out the Lakers in Defense.

    Good point out Kobe_Rizvanolli and David. Might not be a Super star but if you are playing with Kobe, just might become one.

  • http://none KB24

    I think we should get either Ron Artest or Wallace get Pau Gasol I think he is a betyter fit for LA. I think J.O. is way to overrated. But are first priority is to get KG and Kidd.

  • Jimmy

    The only problem with Kidd is that he can’t shoot the rock effectively… and the Lakers need a guard who can manage temp and shoot 3s… also, need someone who doesn’t make Smush type plays. Then they need a legit PF. If they give up Bynum, you’ll need someone to backup Mihm.

  • Ahmed

    Hey… I think the best case scenario for the lakers…. is to trade for jason kidd, and Ron Artest… Hopefully with out giving up Odom. A roster of Kidd, Kobe, Artest, Odom, and either Mihm or Maggloire is a very good and formidable line up…. but the chances of the lakers making a move are slim.. i hope they do… but who knows with this management

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    thanks david and just_a_laker_fan. he is a fantastic athlete as u said and can become an all star with kobe. i read an article and rod thorn said that he is unlikely to trade kidd. so why not thinking of another free agent as mo williams.
    it’s not so extraordinary but we are a little bit better deffensivly and offensivly. i cant imagine another flop season

  • Kobe All Day 8

    I just hope the lakers find a way to land KG and scoop up Artest and/or Kidd, phil jackson is talking about bringing scottie back dunno if it true but as a veteran he can help set some sort of balance on the court.


    championship asap, long shot but doesnt hurt to dream, dont it?

  • Jimmy

    Dude, Pippen is done man… let him go.

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    Wallace is a great suggestion! Realy good point!
    But, I think that LA need to try Artest! You see, he’s a top defender and we can try to put Bibby on the trade! I know that sound strange but Sacramento was considering trading him in the trade deadline this year and we need a smart-solid-game PG. Otherwise, Kings are crazy for deal Artest then we can try Bibby.
    And I think the Lakers can bring this two whitout losing Odom or Bynun!
    That keep the team chances on using Bynun to get a low-post-star player, like Gasol or J.O.
    That leave LA with…


    And this is a great line up!!!

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    that lineup would be a dream another_lal_fan. its almost impossible.

  • Watcher74

    Hello everyone. My first post in here and Iam a very long time Lakers fan. Like many of you guys, im looking foward to this offseason and I am very eager to see what LA management comes up with.

    Ive read many of your post. Some are just not possible due to the salaries, other will not happen because we are the Lakers, and I dont see lets say Sacramento, a long time foe and division rival, dumping us Bibby. In the other hand, I see them trading Artest to us, because they are desperate to get rid of him. Plus they see Artest doing the same thing to us that he did to them.

    The only posible scenario I see, is the one that Ahmed posted. We can get Artest for almost nothing and try to get Kidd (16.3M) for Bynum and and salary fillers, probably Kwame (almost 10M and expiring contract, which rases his value), and somebody else plus 2nd round pick. Then we can get Magloire for MLE. That scenario imo is the closeset thing to reality.

    Guys, another thing you have to take into account and which will impact who we will be pursing is the NBA draft. If Memphis gets the No. 1 pick, they will sure get Oden, so forget Gasol, he aint coming to LA. But if they pick Durant, then there is a small possibilty that they will be interested in Bynum. Memphis will get a very strong young core to build for the future consisting of Gay, Bynum, Durant. So, if memphis gets the #2 pick, we got a little shot at gasol, which salary wise is the best thing out there 12.3M.

    Lets pretend that Memphis picks Oden, then we have to scratch Gasol and we dont go after J-Kidd, that will leave us with JO and KG. Of those 2, the one with a tiny grain of possibility is trading for JO. But i think that it will cripple the Lakers, because there is no doubt in my mind that they will ask for at least Bynum and LO. I dont see Larry Bird trading for anything less the Andrew and LO. Remember, Larry Bird took a bit of heat for the Artest-Peja Stojakovic after they lost Peja to free agency and didnt got anything in return.

    Then thats leaves us with KG. Im all about getting KG to LA. But like JO, if he comes to LA via trade, it will cripple even more the team. We will need to give Wolves half of our team and/or our drafts pick for the next 2 years. Plus, add KG(18M) and KB(16M) salaries (34M, which is almost 50% of the cap), and we will need to pick many “smush-parkers-a-like” salaries type of players.

    I think the only way that KG becomes a Lakers is: If he ask to be traded, specifically to the Lakers, pushing McHale to accept a ‘decent’ trade for him. Or, we will have to wait one more year and let him walk into LA and sign for a MLE or veteran minimum.

    Think about it, if we do get Kidd thats 16.44M per salary, almost identical to JO’s 16.43M and 2Mill less than KG’s 18M. So like I said before, cap wise all these trades will eat a huge chunck of our salary cap and preatty much take away our ability to sign some veteran player for something more than the vet minimum or scrubs. Veterans who can make contributions to a championship like Fox, Shaw and Harper did in the past in our last chapionship run. So, if we want a big name player who doesnt cripple the team, I say lets pray to the basketball gods asking them to not give Memphis the #1 pick and we somehow end with Gasol and his 12.3M salary.

    Go Lakers!

  • darkice18

    watcher74 that is so true man…this lineup is possible…

    ARTEST(trade kwame)
    PAU GASOL(lets say they get durant…they’ll want Bynum Vlade 19th draft pick and they’ll have a great future lineup)

    …plus we’ll still have a decent bench of

    EVANS,MIHM,COOK,LUKE,SASHA,RONNY, two 2nd round draft picks,and we can use our MLE for some decent players

    …..and next year we can still get KG is he doesnt leave…for VET’s MINIMIUM = CHAMPS CONTENDERS!!!

  • KB24

    I think we need to see if Vince Carter will opt out of his contract which he probably will. We should pick him up. We should also try to get Chauncey Billups b/c he is a veteran PG and knows what it takes to win a championship and he is a free agent. Also get Pau Gasol in a trade. Maybe even get Gerald Wallace or Ron Artest, Mike Bibby.

    Lineups #1 Lineup #2

    Billups Bibby
    Bryant Bryant
    Carter Wallace
    Artest Artest
    Gasol Gasol

  • KB24[LiGhTsOuT]

    bibby[vald n mihm]/farmar/williams
    gasol[kwamie cook]/bynum

    get rid of mckie

    can this work???