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Yep, you guessed it… this is the obligatory ‘lockout update’ column, brought to you, once again, by the NBA: Where no progress happens. At this stage of negotiations (I use that term loosely), we have reached well beyond ludicrous and settled right into the Lindsay Lohan zone.

In a bit of striking news, Commissioner Stern did confirm that both sides “now understand each others’ position.”

Wait. Hold on. Is this day #92 of the lockout, or am I crazy? It took 92 days to understand each others’ position? … No, wait, I forgot. We’re in the Lindsay Lohan zone here. I can’t expect things to make sense. While I go get medicated, here are the relevant updates from today’s CBA meeting:

• The owners and NBPA met for almost five hours in NYC today. The meetings were described as ‘contentious’, and some sources have said that D-Wade ‘yelled’ at Stern at one point during the meeting when he felt like the Commissioner was ‘belittling’ him.

• Neither side made any new offers or proposals, nor was any deal agreed to.

• A larger committee of both players and owners are expected to be present tomorrow as negotiations are planned to continue at 10am ET.



Fisher on if a deal can be made this weekend:

“I can’t answer that. I don’t have the answer. I don’t know if that’s going to happen this weekend.”

Fisher on today’s meetings:

“We did not come out of here with a deal today, but we will be back here at 10am.”

Fisher on current proposal:

“Definitely not anywhere close to where we’d be able to agree to it.”

Stern on earlier threat to cancel the season:

“Both sides agreed that the consequences of not making a deal lead us to the prospect of possibly at some point in the not distant future losing regular-season games. And we agreed that once you start to lose them and the players lose paychecks and the owners lose money, then positions on both sides will harden and those are the enormous consequences that I referred to in terms of trying to make a deal.”

Fisher on how close to an agreement the two sides are:

“We don’t feel like we are any closer to an agreement.”

Several sources contributed to this report, including ESPN, KBergCBS, HowardBeckNYT and WojYahooNBA.