Today during NBC4’s 6:00pm news broadcast in Los Angeles, sports anchor Fred Roggin talked about and showed our website on television. Over the past three days, “we” the fans have spread the word and the Garnett love. Today with it being mentioned on both the radio and at least one news broadcast, is growing in popularity and our staff here wants to thank all of the believers. Together, we will let our voice be heard. As Roggin astutely stated, “the power of the people will never be defeated!”

If you learn about any more media or news broadcasts discussing this website, e-mail us at

“Fred Roggin is an award-winning weekday sports anchor for NBC4, NBC’s owned and operated station in Los Angeles.”

You can watch the YouTube video below!

  • http://N/A Bruce

    This shows what fans can do. We write the paychecks $$$ for the players when we buy tickets and merchandise. The fans know what we need. Get Garnett ! Way to go guys. Your revolutionizing the sports industry with this idea.

  • Tony

    Nice! How did you guys get him to say it on air!?!?!?

  • hZm

    We didn’t get him to do anything.

    I guess he heard about the site on AM570. Haha!

  • Ashraf

    I think it be good that kevin garnett should come to lakers
    because Kobe and him will make gd partners together and make the lakers to go on championship final


    This is just he thing that we as Laker fans have needed for a long time. KG coming to the Lakers has been something I have been talking about as a fan for a long time (Three years to be exact)

  • jryjosie

    Get real people. As much a die hard lakers fan as I am, this isn’t going to happen. Any team that parts with their all-star player is going to want one in return and the lakers just don’t have that. Yet another long season awaits!