According to a report from NBAFanHouse, they claim Brian Shaw will become the Cavs new head coach.

NBA FanHouse: With or without LeBron James, Brian Shaw will coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A source told FanHouse the Lakers assistant is finalizing a deal to join the Cavaliers just one day before James’ much-anticipated free agency begins. Shaw was a finalist with former New Orleans and New Jersey coach Byron Scott after Michigan State coach Tom Izzo declined the team’s offer earlier this month.

More to come…

  • Sasha4Lvp

    damn it. well i guess it will either be phil or scott coaching the lakers next season.

  • Junya10



  • RealTalk24

    Say It Aint So B. Shaw??????? TRAITOR, i would have been happy with any other team but not CLEVELAND.

    • HATER

      So you would be happy if it was COCKSTON?

  • gameplan

    let give this man his due, he wants to coach but not to win! He would be more of a traitor if he goes to the celtics.


      Why? Dude came from the celd!cks! B shaw was originally a celd!ck before jumping onto a slew of other teams and then eventually to the Lakers!

      He wouldn’t go there anyway! Cockston @$$achusetts sucks @$$! The dude deserves a shot at a head coaching position and they don’t come around very often, especially for someone with no head coaching experience! GOOD LUCK B-SHAW!

      I don’t think that anyone who comes to the Lakers would EVER go back to the celd!cks! Just look at Rick Fox… he’s a Laker through and through! And homie da clown started off over there!

      Maybe the scenario would be this, where Phil comes back for 1 more season to 3 peat once again and hires Byron Scott on as an assistant coach. Then after Phil retires next year, Byron having learned the intricacies of the Triangle Offense would implement that and some of his own coaching techniques and lead the Lakers to 1 past the HATED CELD!CKS in 2012 and giving Kobe his 7th RING to LeBronze’s 0!

      Is that too much to ask for for Christmas?

  • Robert

    Phil is coming back. No way would Brian leave if Phil wasn’t coming back, because then he would def. have a shot at the head coaching job here.
    And, I like ‘Touching’s’ idea that Scott is hired as an assistant coach, learns the Triangle, works with his buddies (Kobe etc.), and then takes over for Phil after next year. That would be a dream come true!
    Welcome back, PHIL !!!!!!!!
    Best of luck, Brian!!! I actually hope LeChoke goes back to Cleveland now, cause now they have a ‘real’ coach. But, I have a feeling he’s going to NYK (it would be horrible if the 3-headed monster goes to Miami).

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    ESPN says they talked but no decision has been made. I heard that the Cavs want to have a coach by Thursday so we might have something definite soon. I said it before.. I think Shaw gets that job b/c I don’t think Bron is coming back to Cleveland. Let’s not forget this is B. Shaw’s first time as a head coach, it makes sense to me that he begins with the Cavs… especially if Lebron leaves.
    I think PJ comes back.. we should know by Friday. We win the championship again next year for the 3peat. Byron Scott takes over when PJ leaves and we go into a new system. CP3 gets tired of playing for NO and we sign him during the off season b/c he’s familiar with Scott’s system. Then we dominate again lol.

  • siempreawesome

    That’s fking retarded! Who the hell is going to continue the triangle offense if Phil leaves this year? Kurt Rambis is in the T’Wolves and now LeBronsucksdick is going to learn the triangle — the in’s and out’s to the Laker’s offense. Byron scott doesn’t know the triangle. What are the Lakers going to do? Continue the triangle with the ASSISTANT coaches? Or learn a completely new offense under Byron Scott?? ugh…

    The last thing I want is Lebron gaining an advantage over the Lakers. This is dumb…

  • Jack Y.

    Chill guys. I wouldn’t go all insane until it becomes official.

  • Be Strong

    its all about the $$ but likely PJ Health is fine, and I think Bryon Scott will be the Lakers Assistant Head Coach…..

    • lakers2000


  • mecka24

    congrats B. Shaw…God dam Phil please come back

  • lakers0828

    Awww Im gonna Miss Shaw Man and all the wonderful Laker Memories He gave me Gone Miss Yah Shaw Good Luck on your New Gig !

  • SD Anthony

    Apparently, internet news is about as truthful as the holy bible. These people must be sterilized.

  • say queensbridge

    bull the internet is all bull with these bull load of rumors