MVP Race: Kobe is doing “his best Tracy McGrady impersonation”

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1. Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers | Team Record: 49-22

Who needs Pau Gasol? Bryant has been doing his best Tracy McGrady impersonation lately, leading his team to four wins in five games while the Lakers big man in the middle is sidelined because of injury. On Monday, he once again showed his toughness missing just a minute of play after suffering a cut that required stitches, under his left eye.

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  • ab17

    impersonation my rear end.
    kobe is a beast he’s in his own league..

  • The Nugget

    This has to be a joke. Is it April’s Fools already?

  • kb_pg

    Kobe is doing “his best Kobe Bryant impersonation”…

    Leading his team to victory.

  • BYnuMItefan101


  • True Lakers Fan

    word lol

  • lakerz

    woah… if your going to say kobe is doing “his best T-Mac impersonation” atleast add that T-Mac did “his best Kobe impersonatin” first

  • mr47

    They weren’t taking a shot at Kobe, guys. They are just saying that Tracy McGrady started kicking a** when their big man (Yao) fell…and Kobe is now doing the same (Pau’s injury). Because Tracy did this first this season is why they worded it that way.

  • Michael_23

    Besides the Seattle game, Kobe has played every min in every game. The only rest he gets are 1 – 2 min rests. When Tracy plays the entire game, he gets so fatigued that affects his game and the game after that.

  • Lakers 24 7

    First they say Kobe is like LeBron, then they say he’s like McGrady? Kobe is KOBE and he does whatever it takes to win and he’s always been like that, Kobe’s inching closer to an MVP and they post ridiculous parodies on Yahoo and dumb posts on the NBA site instead of crediting him on his hard work, Don’t they know with all the injuries, the Lakers have remained in the Top 3 in the west all year. McGrady enjoyed first place for only 3 days and LeBron wouldn’t even be in the playoffs if his team was playin West

  • west213

    lmao at 4:22 Sasha looks like a mouse running away from a cat.

  • Ira

    Wow! Kobe does not need to impersonate anyone playing right now. Especially McGrady.

    Kobe is in his own class, the success of the team this season through all the injuries has been a collective effort led by Mr. Bryant.

  • Jack

    ehehe. good one.

    I know he is trying to say, just like how when yao was out, t-mac stepped up, kobe is doing the same right now. but, sure Brooks used bad words to say it. Kobe always plays giving everything, and he doesn’t have to try become anybody, especially an anybody that is nobody.

    why am i even explaining on this? Suck my balls Brooks.

  • Ko-Pau19

    tracy impression? more like tracy did his bes kobe impression! pleasse whoever wrote that doesn’t know anything about the game of basketball!!

  • zgum

    Mar 25th, 2008 at 7:44 pm Click this link to quote this comment in your reply

    They weren’t taking a shot at Kobe, guys. They are just saying that Tracy McGrady started kicking a** when their big man (Yao) fell…and Kobe is now doing the same (Pau’s injury). Because Tracy did this first this season is why they worded it that way.

    right…. that explains… :)

  • Keep Odom

    Kobe isn’t impersinating anyone because everyone else is impersinating him. Kobe has been carrying this team since Shaq left. Just look at our starting five before (Kobe, Odom, Smush, Luke, Kwame) that Kobe was carrying and compare it to T-Mac’s supporting cast this year. You tell me who has been doing a better job with the worst supporting cast? It seems that T-mac and Wade tried to do what Kobe has been doing for the past couple of years and have not been able to.

  • Jack

    [Comment ID #30583 Will Be Quoted Here]

    continue…. And if kobe had tmac’s company from this year, he would have done a lot of damage in the playoffs. Mr. Keep Odom is very right. This thing is fked up. fcking Brooks should starting thinking before saying something about Kobe, coz’ there are a lot of Kobe fans right now cursing out on him. I never liked his MVP article anyway.

  • LAKing

    This guy’s a freakin joke. This guy is putting Kobe at the top of his list, but he’s always bashing him. Give Kobe some freakin respect here. I know he’s not your boy lovers CP3 or LeBron, but this guy needs to give Kobe some respect.


    Please LAKERNATION, we have to read the article carefully.It’s just saying Kobe is doing a remarkable job at rallying his troops when your mostb important players are down,it’s called ADVERSITY(and this team has seen a lot)!

  • MILO


  • foxxy


  • fluke swalfmeen

    [Comment ID #30574 Will Be Quoted Here]
    and t-mac doesn’t play d-fense