The has broken down our team by grading various aspect of our play. (Frontcourt – A | Backcourt – A | Defense – B+ | Bench – B+ | Coaching – A | Overall – A)

You can read the entire report here

Los Angeles has come into the season with a “championship or bust” mentality. It’s hard to say the Lakers are straying from that mindset. Wins over Boston, Cleveland, New Orleans and San Antonio show that L.A. can handle the best out there. Two losses to Orlando, though, could make for a very interesting Disneyland vs. Disney World matchup in June.

The Lakers have been hit by the injury bug with Jordan Farmar (knee), Luke Walton (foot) and Lamar Odom (knee) all missing time, not to mention Bryant’s dislocated ring finger on his shooting hand. Despite the list of maladies, L.A. hasn’t experienced a dropoff in play and looks relatively healthy heading into the second half. The Lakers played more home games than any other team during the first half. Now they’ll have to win on the road to secure homecourt throughout the playoffs

  • sketch

    Let’s see, we just swept the Celdicks to take the overall best record in the League in their own court, all without arguably the best big man playing in the game right now! We also beat the Cavs during the first meeting and will do it again tomorrow on Sunday! So, of course the Lakers deserve an A!

  • Smush Walton

    Lamar Odom (knee) – huh?

    How about Andrew Bynum (knee), which is without question a bigger impact on our team.

  • LakerPoetBR

    We are strong. I Think we are
    more than contenders to the ring.
    Hope to get Bynum back soon.

    Also I would like some harder
    defensive play against all teams
    not only the real tough ones.