The NBA has made their announcement on Ronny Turiaf’s flagrant 2 foul from game 4…

DeseretNews: Los Angeles Laker reserve big man Ronny Turiaf, ejected with a flagrant-2 foul on Jazz backup point guard Ronnie Price in Game 4 of their NBA Western Conference semifinal series, will not be suspended for Wednesday’s Game 5.

No further action … Stands as called,” an NBA spokesman told the Deseret News via e-mail Monday night.

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  • RoWyN

    That’s fair enough. I think it was just a really hard foul and Turiaf did go for the ball. The only thing is he stared at price with bad intentions after, which might have caused for the flagrant 2 to stand.

  • True Lakers Fan

    I think Price atleast gotten a T for holding up both his fist by his face and look like he wanted to knock out Ronny.Ronny will kick his azz Lakers in 6! 08 Champs!

  • LakersSB

    It was just a hard foul. A flagrant foul is unnecessary contact, but Turiaf was playing tough defense and went for the ball. Both were going fast at the hoop and Price fell like a baby. Thank god they didn’t suspend him, read that Utahs owner was calling for a suspension. I mean come on Turiaf is not a dirty player.

  • sketch

    Whatever man. The NBA knows that it’s a good hard playoff foul, but they need to maintain their “clean” image for everyone to see. Everybody knows that Ronny is not a dirty player and would never hurt anyone with intent. He should have gotten a T, but not a flagrant 2 and thrown out. Having said that, I’m not too upset over it though. The NBA and the refs need to be watching how “DIRTY” the Utah players are though. Friggin Boozer and AK47, all they do is hold and trip. Did you guys see the trip that AK47 threw on Kobe as he was driving in? Pathetic man…I’d much rather see a push than a trip any day.

  • Sopi

    its not even a hard foul
    it was that little dude off balance falled on his ass
    every touch on boozer is a foul in the paint
    every bump is NOT a foul on Kobe in the paint when played in utah

  • Jack

    i think the main reason turiaf will play is definitely coz of his nature. He loves his team mates and respects his opponents way too much to commit a flagrant 2 foul.

    plz lets just finish this series