RealGM: The NBA Board of Governors last week voted to approve the use by officials of instant replay to review all Flagrant Foul Penalty Two calls and player altercations, beginning with the 2007-08 season. Both actions were taken at the recommendation of the league’s Competition Committee.With respect to Flagrant Foul Penalty Two calls, the Competition Committee decided that viewing instant replay was appropriate in light of the serious consequence to a player of committing such a foul, which is ejection from the game.

With respect to player altercations, the Committee thought that the game officials’ first priority should be ending the altercation and that, in the course of doing so, they might not see a punch or other unsportsmanlike act committed by a player that might call for ejection. The use of instant replay will assist the officials in sorting out penalties after they have ended the altercation.

  • Faith

    Oh yeah, that’s gonna make the fans feel better about NBA officiating.


  • Faith

    I want Stu Jackson’s head on a platter!

    (Can you tell I’m still pissed about the Kobe suspension? lol)

  • BEC

    This means absolutely nothing. What they need to do is train officials be better to call games more consistently and mainly get rid of the ridiculous hand checking fouls, it slows down the game too much. International ball seems a lot better, players have a little more freedom, and theres more contact. I like that in international ball you can take the ball off the rim or make a play on the ball, it gets rid of lucky shots that happen to roll in, so only “real” shots that are made count, that should be in the NBA.