Interesting article on injuries and their affect on the post-season. Here is what they had to say about Bynum

Bleacher Report: This is perhaps the most obvious choice, Bynum twisted his left knee which resulted in a torn MCL on Jan 13th against the Memphis Grizzlies and he hasn’t played a game since. The Lakers have done surprisingly well since Bynum went down, with Pau Gasol stepping up his play inside.

Bynum has stated he wants to be back before the playoffs, possibly the last two games or so. These games would be practically meaningless for the Lakers, and could be a good chance for him to get back to playing form. Before the injury against the Griz, he had played every game for the Lakers.

His influence: Though the Lakers have coped well without him, its no secret that Bynum is needed for the playoffs.

He needs to take up space in the paint and bump the bigger bodies, he needs to be there to intimidate and provide those crowd-pleasing, momentum-giving dunks every now and then.

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