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166 players responded to a Sports Illustrated poll.

The question, “Who do you want shooting with the game on the line?”

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant received 74% of the vote. Kevin Durant got 8%, Dwayne Wade 3%, Ray Allen and Dirk Nowitski both got 2%.

According to, Kobe is tops in the league in the 4th quarter or overtime, with less then 5 minutes left, and neither team is ahead by more then 5 points.

His production per 48 minutes of clutch time is 49.8 points.

  • Anonymous

    While this is great to hear, it’s also old news. We’ve known this for years. In poll after poll of players, coaches and GM’s, fans, writers, hell, even equipment managers, I’d bet, the results have been and will continue to be the same. The only question I have is why Fish gets so little mention in these polls, because to me he’s as clutch as Kobe and has proven it whenever given the opportunity.

    • Anonymous

      yeah right, its an old news.. But i’m glad that the pretender, the so-called KING is not on the list.. I think Fisher’s name is not here because they only include star players….

  • i0ioooooi0i

    these same players know that they WILL be blamed when he misses right?

  • Anonymous

    WELL DUH!!!

  • evilMonkey8

    “and neither team is ahead by more then 5 points.”

    it should be ‘than’.

  • e_31

    Lay off Kobe Juice people! Claim that 74% of NBA want Kobe taking the last shot is really only 27%. Over 60% didnt even respond to the poll.