This shouldn’t surprise anyone; yet another testament to his true greatness from his peers…

FanNation: Which opposing player scares you the most to play against?

Kobe Bryant, Lakers G…… 35%
Shaquille O’Neal, Suns C…… 12%
Kevin Garnett, Celtics F…… 6%
LeBron James, Cavs F…… 4%
Dwight Howard, Magic C…… 4%
Allen Iverson, Nuggets G…… 4%
Tim Duncan, Spurs F…… 4%
Steve Nash, Suns G…… 4%
Tracy McGrady, Rockets G…… 2%
Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks F…… 4%

[Based on a survey of 242 NBA Players]

FAST FACTS: Poll was completed before O’Neal was traded from the Heat to the Suns last week…. Bryant particularly unnerves forwards, who gave him more than 41% of their vote…. Among players 35 and older, 63% voted for Bryant, who led the league in points, field goals and field goal attempts this season, as well as the last two.

This is an expanded version of the NBA poll from the February 18, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated.

  • dwight4prezz

    I can’t see how Dwight Howard isn’t intimidating: the dude is 6’11”, 270 pounds, and yet he moves in the air like a freakin’ 5-foot Korean gymnast. Just watching him prep for this year’s Slam Dunk contest makes you do a double take:

    The one stunt he does, the mid-air, bounce-off-the-backboard, left-hand-right-hand dunk, that’s sick. And, yes, intimidating.

  • foxxy

    KOBE “BEAN” BRYANT..#24..ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LA fan in Manila

    Well i wouldn’t be surprise. His competative level is way beyond any other players. You can smell his dedication, commitment and love in the game of basketball. He loves challenges. I would compare him to MJ when it comes to competitiveness though MJ trash talks eveybody that guards him.

  • Tim

    ………This poll means nothing….look who’s 2nd in the poll results…

  • willow

    Kobe Bryant. Just saying his name intimidates me. We are so spoiled to be able to watch him play on a regular basis. I just don’t understand the hate this guy gets. Kobe fans unite! Kobe haters die a slow, painful death!


    Admins..Is there anyway we can show this article to Mr. Clutch: The Next Generation?

  • ab4sure

    Kobe is the best ONE ON ONE Player in the league. That is why he gets it. I wonder if you asked the players who is the MVP of the league what would they say.

  • http://fanation Keith shawno

    After seeing last nights game between my loved suns and the debut of the big fella. I’ve come to realize two things that when andrew bynum returns to the lakers with trevor ariza they will be hands down the team to defeat come post season I just wish and hope that kobe dosent play those presious games and that the finger is do to that confusion. Good luck lakers sun fan forever.

  • Piemankhalil

    kobe suck against lebron