The officials have been selected to referee Game 1 of the Finals and they are as follows:

Joey Crawford. He has been officiating games since 1977 and has officiaited more play-off games (266+) and NBA Finals Games (38+) than any other active referee.

Joe DeRosa. He has officiated over 1,000+ regular season games, 75+ play-off games, and 5 NBA Finals games. He is known for his latest controversy for tossing the ball at a fan, during Halftime of Game 2 between the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics.

Derrick Stafford. He has officiated 1,000+ regular season games and 60+ play-off games.  He worked for the US Postal Service for 10 years, which may explain his quick trigger when it comes to technical fouls.

  • seankobe

    lakers should take a big lead at earliest as possible so this punks have no chance tripping us!

  • lakerman1

    Fans don’t piss DeRosa off or he will toss the ball at you. I’d throw it up in the stands if he threw it at me. Of course that would never happen because i can in no way afford the courtside seats. Unfortunately my neighbors will have to listen my insane noise while the game is going on. They’re use to it, i’m loud for every game, it will just be tenfold tonight.

  • trippleocho

    Thanks goodness no Salvatore

  • kobez

    Am i the only one who thinks Joey Crawford officiating this game is good news for the lakers?

  • Josh Herrington

    Oh God. DeRosa and Crawford? Ron has kept his cool all year so that shouldn’t be a problem, however, for Rasheed or KG that might be different.