Well I’m personally a “2K sports” series guy, but judging from these new screens from NBA Live 2009, I’d say they are a bit off once again this year. Is it just me, or does Kobe look like he is in a Suns jersey in this screen shot?

Now why do we care? Because we’re the Lakers Nation. If we want to spend our good hard-earned money on a next generation basketball game, at least get the jersey colors right. We want our virtual Kobe to be rated 100/100 and every feature to be just like our real Kobe. Well, at least they got the Lakers defense right.

Regardless, NBA Live 2009 is set to hit stores later this year.

  • Michael24

    that looks horrible it looks like a ps2 game with bad graphics

    i cant wait for 2k9 2k all the way

    Go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you peace!

  • lakerschamps08

    haaha lol.. i like live and 2k sooo yea hahah but i aint getting 2k9 cuz kg is on the cover

  • asdf

    live sucks

    the only thing wrong with 2k9 is that kb is on the cover
    but 2k is 10000000000times better then live

  • Anonymous.

    2k > Live

  • domz

    NBA Live 09 will not be released in PC. Too Bad

  • Shawn

    hell yeah 2k9 is Better i ony wish kobe wasd on the cover

  • Michael_23

    2k is the best for NBA video games. EA Games and Live … eh…

    Anyone wanna play me on 2k8 xbox 360?

  • BringDFishBack

    I can’t stand 2K just for the fact that when i’ve bought it the game didn’t work. And as for the “colors”, it’s just the angle. I am the opposite on the 2 screen shots. First one is fine, colors has to do w/ angle and lighting. The 2nd one is the one that is way off. Pau is in front of KG, we all know KG got a wide open lane everytime! lol.

  • youknowwhatitis

    2k all the way. i agree that the jersey looks like a suns jersey. i’m soulpoetic on xbox live if anyone wants to play some 2k8. just add me

  • Mustafa

    Nba Live is 10 times better then 2k9 nba live is way realer players on 2k9 shoulders are way to broud and the gameplay dosent even seem real

  • joseph

    2k is beter nba live sux