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  • hoop

    i remember when scoop jackson wrote to M. Joardan. I would like to call this letter Hoop to Kobe. first off i like to start with why the f@#* doesn't any one on the team besides kobe and lamar, yeah F#%# Pau soft ass bitch i hope he would play like a champ again like last year, play with a sense of urgency. They are just on the floor walking, wth? famar should not deserve to have his first name as jordan because that foo can't play with the team and defend everyother guards in the league, he has no defense. Derek, don't get me started, just hit the open three please ( he needs to practice alone alot more). Shannon brown, he used to be my second fav. player off the bench. Now he doesn't play his game anymore, missing layups come on shannon u r not farmar. Sasha is a piece of broken machine. Why can't he play D like he used to and hit threes like he used to. Maybe staying in LA too long and going out with Maria Sharapova makes him want to quit basketball. but maybe again he should by the way hes playing now. The rest of the team needs to learn how to make free throw and that includes u to kobe (GOAT). I would like to see some more dunk posters from mamba. Also maybe everyone on the team can actually run down the court and play lakers basketball, thanks. And on the defensive side, can people please stay on your man and actually contest shots. We as a team are being outrun by other teams. Thats embarrassing. Andrew Bynum, please stop getting injured and play with more fire power. Pau Gasol, i really liked him since he was traded to the lakers. But this year, he doesn't dunk anymore. Stop making people call you Soft, Pau. Come on u r better than that. Just rise up as high as you can, put your body out and dunk the ball as hard as you can. Dunk the ball as if the rim had talked about your mama and had an affair with your girl. Kobe (GOAT) please, can you please make sure that finger doesn't bother you anymore and dunk and score on people like you used to. I know its hard to ask because you are injured, but don't be afraid to draw charges or fouls on those punks that think they can guard you. As a life long lakers fan, i would like to say play more smoother, tougher, and just make sure the whole team is having fun because the game should be fun and no matter what winning is the most important thing. WE ARE THE LAKERS AND WINNING IS A MUST NOT AN OPTION.

    • Cody

      Dude AMEN man. Perfectly said. I can't believe it, not one bit on how bad we are playing. You would think that coming off a bullshit game vs a no way even close playoff team, new orleans, that we would be pissed and pull our fucking heads out and destroy atlanta. If we play this soft bullshit vs utah then……. I don't think I need to go any further on explaining it.

  • yash


  • lakers2000

    Great. Now Iverson will be MVP. LOL. Just kidding. Bad idea, though.

  • kevin3233

    go kobe

  • Cody

    If you call yourself a true LAKER fan then none of you would put players like lebron in your list.

    PLEASE LAKERS PLAYERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zeydrian

    kobe you best

  • Shern Robateau

    Hi mein,
    First let me say hi to my idol, my favorites player in the world Kobe Bryant, I’m not saying that I don’t love the rest of the players, HELLO i do but Kobe is the Idol in my house, Mein, we are a family of the lakers from way back, the team is just awesome and Phill, you have some of the greatest guys and your personality makes me believe that you are the father of this team and i really like the way you handle your game, you are the only coach i don’t see getting up and yelling at side line after your players, you handle the mistakes when you take a time out, I love you for that and you Kobe (the black mamba) continue push to take our team to the top we want another championship this year and I no we can do it, Kobe you have a lot of haters but don’t worry about them, just tell them,”do hate me, hate the game” because you were born a star and that star shines in and out of the game. Love you Kobe, when I watch you play it’s like I’m watching my brother playing ball, it’s like you are so close to me in spirit but yet far away in flesh.
    I love the team spirit and D Fisher you are old they say but you are not cold, you light up the fire when ever you put your foot on the court. Mein love all you guys.

  • Shern Robateau

    I do agree with Cody, if you say that you are a true Lakers fan why would you vote for someone else. vote for Kobe as MVP. I don’t see my self voting for anybody else other than Lakers players.