The Lakers fans grassroots campaign’s have paid off. Shannon is officially in! Defending champ Nate Robinson of the Knicks, the Bobcat’s Gerald Wallace, the Lakers’ Shannon Brown and the Dunk-In winner (either DeMar DeRozan or Eric Gordon) will compete in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on All-Star Saturday Night in Dallas on Feb. 13. The Lakers’ Shannon Brown is riding a populist wave of grassroots support to earn his inclusion in the dunk contest. was created by fans to support L.A.’s high-flyer.

Now we will watch our boy take home to the dunk title! After all, he is Shannon “Cannon” Brown…

  • Lebron is scared

    Finally! But wtf… I’m tired of Nate in the dunk contest!!!

  • Chris Manning

    I THINK the CBA states the defending champ has to return (I think).

    • LakerLoverCelticsHater

      The defending champ has the option to return….but didnt Lebron say he was dunkin this year?….what a B!&@#

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    looks like last place is secure!…..happy MLK day.

  • gugy

    Good for Shannon.
    He for sure will put a show.

  • baltimoresbest01


  • Jsmooth


    • kwame4mvp

      He’s a poor loser. Don’t play if you don’t wanna lose. LBJ is just a lil pu$$y and doesn’t wanna lose to Shannon.

  • Mike Goulding

    Shannon brow could be the most at athletic/explosive player to enter the dunk contest EVER…. and there have been some pretty athletic players in it.


    LeHype is, like most of you said, SCARED! Why else would a guy known for his dunkin NOT WANT to be in the Dunk Contest? This is the time for showcasin! This ain’t no time to sit on the sidelines as a spectator! Nique, Jordan, Kobe, VC, even Baby Jordan (Harold Miner) all participated. Anyone who’s known as a dunker would have to jump at the opportunity to show how bad å$$ they by throwin it down when it really counts!

    The sorry thing is that LeBrick has NOTHIN! All he does is power dunks with NO FLAIR and NO IMAGINATION! Besides jumpin high, and running through the lane like a linebacker, that fool’s got nothin! He’s scared! He’s a p u$$! He’s afraid that he’ll take a hit in his image when his brand with the marketing! At the end of the day, that fool’s sold out and only cares about the $$$ signs. Can’t say I blame him though, since he knows that he’s got everything to loose and nothin to gain because he knows that he CAN’T win!

    Shannon Brown will avenge his lost against him durin the high school slam dunk contest! Shannon will destroy LeCrap if that motha fcuka dares to show his face on that day!

    FCUK LBJ(ack off)!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO SHANNON BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • pauer

      I dont see why he wouldn’t want to enter. He is practically guaranteed to win by David Stern.


        We all know who’s balls Stern is washin, but at the same time, all the fans will be able to see who’s really gonna be the high flyer with the moves in the contest! And we all know that it ain’t LeBrick! Dwight Howard at 7 feet is an amazing spectacle. He’s a high flyer and agile and has great imagination when it comes to dunks, oh and there’s also the entertaining aspect of it. He really should have won last year. LeCrap has nothin on Dwight nor Shannon. I’d like to see it go down, it won’t because he’s too scared. Watch, he’ll come up with a “phantom” injury or something!

  • Randy’s Donuts

    Does anyone think Brown can do a 720 like Air Up There from and 1? Lakers look good right now after the 1st quater.

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