Neilson Barnard | Getty Images

Tuesday (which happened to be day 74 of the NBA lockout) began with optimism, but after several meetings in New York over the past couple weeks, the NBPA and owners remain on opposite sides of what has becomes a nearly impassable financial rift. With training camps scheduled to begin in just 19 days, things continue to look gloomy in the foreseeable NBA future.

Union president Derek Fisher suggested that he would be reaching out to the players with the unfortunate news. D-Fish also added:

“We can’t find a place with the league and our owners where we can reach a deal sooner rather than later.”

Union executive director Billy Hunter was disappointed to find the owners unwilling to negotiate from their initial positions, summing up the entire two weeks of meetings with one telling statement:

“We’re a bit pessimistic and discouraged at one, the ability to start on time, and we’re not so sure that there may not be further damages or delay trying to get the season started. The owners are not inclined at this stage to move off the position where they’ve anchored themselves.”

NBA commissioner David Stern echoed much of Hunter’s discontent, but finished by saying what he has been saying for months:

“All of the owners were completely unified in the view that we needed a system that at the end of the day allowed 30 teams to compete.”

Well, Mr. Commissioner, at this rate, zero teams will be competing for anything come November.

  • xtro

    it’s over. i’m done with the NBA.