This is something that I damn proud of; especially with no Andrew Bynum:

ESPN: The Lakers became the first team in NBA history to win back-to-back games, both on the road, against teams with .800-plus win percentage at least 40 games into the season.

  • lyk13

    This feels like a mirror of a thread I made in the forum…:D Lakers ftw! :D

  • golakers75

    everyone was saying it would be different in Cleveland and once Z gets back, well lost in Cleveland and Z was back, but drew wasn’t there.. damn no excuses we just better, oh yeah kobe was sick, another excuse but we don’t need them cause we are just better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bernzter

    Great win…

    See what happens when the Team plays as a TEAM!!!

    Big and huge and gigantic (insert humongous comments here) to LO for leading the team in the pivotal third when he decided to go ballistic on the mismatches he was thrown…

    GO TEAM LA!!!

    Nuff Said…

  • Mitch4Pres

    beast mode

  • willow

    Now if only LO can play like that more consistently and we’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with…with or without Drew for the rest of the NBA.

    And we beat Cleveland without the Closer being even close to 100%. That’s just a scary thought for opposing teams to match up with us. I just hope LO doesn’t see that game as a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Enough about the “potential” label on this guy! He’s a 10 year veteran now! Play like it!!!!

  • I dont wear green

    i feel a little nervous right now, everything is going so well that i’m just really concerned about what stupid superstitionn might befall us, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best and prepare for the worst. LETS DO IT LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cs

    How many other teams had the opportunity to achieve this record?

  • Jay D

    [Comment ID #61473 Will Be Quoted Here]

    good question…

    they better spread this record around on sportscenter… I want all those boston teabag fans knowing this!

  • phil buss

    Lamar Odom = where amazing happens!

  • sketch

    Lamar Odom…where waking the sleeping dragon happens!

    I just don’t want homie da clown to go back to sleep anymore!

  • sketch

    hey, i don’t wear green

    what are you talkin about? you don’t think that loosin bynum was bad enough? LOL! look, i can see where you might be nervous, but just relax and watch the amazing unfold before you eyes. this is definitely our year now.

    we’ve gotten rid of the space cadet in vlad-suck and got 2 nice subs in his place. we’ve finally woken up our sleeping beauty in LO. we’ve finally stood up against the bullies in our school and won the fight. Kobe’s shown that he can play through the pains of multiple injuries and the discomfort of illnesses and at a higher level than the “next” best guy in LeHype James!

    this is our time, this is our team, this is our year, and this is our championship! the celdicks and the calfs are just lucky that they won’t play us anymore until the finals, otherwise, they’d be dealt more losses! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![Comment ID #61465 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • basketbolista!

    we should win another 32 games straight so that we can beat the 72-10 record of bulls. haha.

  • Joseph

    another random stat. how about telling us when the lakers are the first pro team to have an in-house barber or maybe the first to have their own branded foozball table?

  • Michael_23

    Really? That hasn’t been done? I would’ve thought the Bulls might have done it one time. Oh wait? There weren’t any good teams around in the Bulls era. hahahah!

    … Except the Lakers in 91

  • KING-BQ1981



  • imfasterthanur

    [Comment ID #61496 Will Be Quoted Here]

    We’re the last team alive to break the record. lol

    The NBA: Where 32-0 will happen ;)

  • WifelovesLuke

    6 tough road games? 6-0. Boston in OT. Victory! Cavs 23-0 at home? Not anymore! Seeing Kobe wag his finger at Rondo? Priceless

    The character displayed by this team after Drew went down while opening a road trip is just amazing. What a strong message sent to the rest of the league. The Lakers are just that good!

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