RealGM: USA Today asked nineteen NBA general managers who they thought was better — Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Twelve of the GMs picked Bryant, while seven preferred James.

Kobe is the NBA’s reigning MVP, and has three NBA titles to his credit.

“Kobe’s basketball IQ, competitive spirit and skill set make him, unquestionably, the best closer in the game,” former coach and current ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy said. “But James is younger, and nobody outplays him over the first 44 minutes.”

  • MILO

    duh did you not see Le’bron get scared in crunch time in the olympics! yea it was kobe who stepped up when Spain made their run.And ofcourse Wade showed up too…

  • Gasoline

    Fuck Kobe Bryant. Pau Gasol is playing the All Star too, you know.

  • sketch

    Looks like that 12 GMs have the smarts to win the title and the other 7 GMs are Elgin Baylors (losers!)

  • Freshh

    The ending didn’t seem to flow right with the article title.

  • Mitch4Pres

    glad to see not everyone in the nba world is on lebrons d ick

  • imfasterthanur

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    I was saying the same thing in my head. Basically it says that Kobe Bryant is the best player with 4 minutes left in a game, while Lebron James is the best during the first 44 minutes.

    4 > 44?

    Whatever, I’m sick of the comparisons. It’s pointless comparing two players who have different styles and play different positions in different conferences. Kobe = GOAT

  • daboss1848
  • Anthony

    Van Gundy is a Laker hater. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but he’s still completely in love with the Rockets (he said they’d be in the finals, and not us. Blasphemy much?)

    James may be younger, and outplay others in 44 minutes, but Kobe is better than anyone and everyone over 44 minutes.

  • as1084

    F*ck lebron! he’s a fag!!


    Kobe is the Best of all time. He can do anything anytime he wants on the court. Right now he has his team playing the best Team Ball in The League. Team Ball is what’s going to win Championships and that’s what Kobe is going for. It’s either the stats like Lebron likes to get or WINGS and RINGS like Kobe likes to get. Kobe wants Rings and is playing how he needs to, to get the next TEN. Hey, with the team he has, he can do it. MVP



  • Juilliard Dancer

    KOBE MVP your right bout that.
    Kobe has the all around game.. Stats are not all around game..What Kobe is doing is. He can turn it on anytime he wants and that’s amazing. He did the D for USA in the Olympics and played Team Ball..not trying to be the big name or anything..he stepped up and did the dirty work that doesn’t look so flashy, but he did it to win. He’s a Winner and when he needs to take over he does like in the Olympics. We got the Gold bc of him. Best in the World!

  • trademaster 2009

    i predict next years dunk contest will have lebron, ariza, melo, and, durant

  • 123kid

    i dont see why kobe wouldnt be picked! he makes guys around him better. lebron needs better players just so his team can be good.

  • lakers2000

    If James is king, Kobe’s a god!!