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Update (Feb 20, 12:00pm PST) — Pau Gasol, along with Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman, remains a Laker through the 2014 NBA Trade Deadline.

According to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, rival NBA executives believe the Lakers and Suns will resume trade talks, with Pau Gasol ultimately being traded to Phoenix.

Gasol, a free agent this off-season, has been looking into free agent destinations and is expected to leave Los Angeles this summer. Rival executives believe the Lakers will deal Gasol rather than lose him in the summer.

The Lakers have been looking for a first round draft pick in return for Gasol, as well as the expiring contract of Suns’ center Emeka Okafor.

With the NBA Trade Deadline less than 48 hours away, it will be interesting to see if Gasol is indeed finally traded this time.

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  • quickster

    It’s time for the Laker to get younger. They said they are not tanking the season. The way they are playing lately is the closes thing to tanking which in a way is good. First thing the Lakers need to do is get rid of that coach. The Phoenix experiment does not work. Steve Nash is too old to run the point and injury prone. Bring Kurt Rambis as the coach and Phil Jackson in the front office. First, draft a center or a point guard. I’d say either Joel Embiid or Dante Exum. I’d say choose Joel Embiid for the center spot. Next, let Pau and Nash walk that will be 28 millions off the books. (19 millions for Pau ,Nash 9 millions) Try to sign Lamarcus Aldrige or Kevin Love, for the power forward spot. Next, sign a point guard, Eric Bledsoe. When Kobe leaves, 24 millions will be off the books, I’d say go for Kevin Durant for the small forward spot. For the shooting guard, Nick Young or Marshon Brooks can have it.

    • stucktrader

      Laker fans want this draft pick to be another Kobe… this is obviously the most important draft pick the Lakers will have since Kobe…

      The Front Office (mainly Jim Buss) needs to get some credibility to draw players… Jerry West is a consultant for GSW… why not throw some that $ at him to be Laker’s VP and have Jim look like a humble genius… hire the guy with an eye for talent, while keeping his sister’s fiancee from getting any possibilty in getting the job…

  • stucktrader

    hey quickster,

    i say bring in Jerry West as VP instead of Phil… Phil is a coach, not a GM. He picked Blake and Artest… Artest did get a title (bottlled up the young KD)… BUT otherwise West was able to build contenders and his accumen for talent is still up there…

    If Jim Buss wanted to stick it to Phil, then hire West… who will work well with Mitch… and get another coach already… Get Duke’s coach to move to LA… he carries more weight than some veteran NBA coaches… BESIDES… Kobe respects him… and so does everyone who played for him in the Olympics…