Tonight is the 2008 NBA Draft. No doubt this is a night where trades happen big or small. Just a reminder, tonight’s NBA Draft is at 7 ET, ESPN.

Make sure to check it out as even the Lakers are rumored to be interested in small moves to move up in the 2nd round.

The draft is being held in the beautiful Wamu theater at Madison Square Garden!

  • MichaelJordan

    Well we aren’t getting artest since it was reported on l.a times. Well i don’t nothing good will happned to us! Hope we get at least someone!


    Vlad for Pietrus(hopefully get Miami in on a trade for Haslem,bye Luke and Laker have the QUALITY PLAYERS they need).

  • Fantastic5LAL

    im inerested in a seattle trade with us involving Chris Wilcox

  • long legga lai

    forget artest and marion. keep LO. get posey. we’ll be alright.

  • xtro

    Udonis Haslem, Marcus Banks, and the no.2 pick for Lamar and Luke.

  • Michael_23

    ‘yawn’ Lakers wont really be involved tonight. They might send their #58 pick to the D-League most of the time or something.

    Just be wide awake after July 1st when free agency starts. That’s when we resign Ronny and Sasha.

    There’s about 4 players out there available who are game changing players. They all want max contracts so don’t expect them to come to our team.

    Artest taking a mid-level? Doesn’t look hopeful.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #42125 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea, because Miami will give up their #2 pick for players that have never been all-stars…

  • LD2k

    Well maybe it will get interesting for the Lakers after all:

    ESPN radio reported that the Lakers and Heat are in talks that would trade Lamar Odom and the #58 pick to Miami. In exchange the Heat would trade to the Lakers Mark Blount, Udonis Haslem and Miami’s coveted #2 pick in the draft. Rumor has it Riley is trying to clear cap space as much as he can, and wants Odom back in the fold.

  • lakersfan576

    players lakers could get
    Javon Jefferson
    Joey Dorsey

    those are the only players worth mentioning at the spot they are at