Their defense has improved, but their offense may be down a bit. None the less, the Lakers hold the league’s best record! At 33-10, the Los Angeles Lakers have the best record in the NBA. Though there have been some bumps in the road, they’ve seemingly picked up where they left off in June.

But this Laker team is a little different than the one that won the 2009 NBA championship. They’ve taken another step forward defensively and currently rank as the third-best defensive team in the league and the second-best defensive team that Kobe Bryant has been a part of (behind the 1999-00 Lakers).

Conversely, this is one of the worst offensive teams that the Lakers have had during Bryant’s career. They currently rank 10th in the league, scoring 105.9 points per 100 possessions, just 1.9 points above the league average. Three other Lakers teams have been worse relative to the league, but none have been ranked lower offensively.

When you think about how stacked with talent this Lakers team is, it can be hard to believe that they’re worse offensively than teams like the Raptors, Blazers, or Grizzlies. You’ve got Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom running the vaunted triangle and you’re barely a top 10 offense?

Of course, we’re nitpicking here a little. The bottom line is that L.A. is currently in line to have home-court advantage through the Finals. And with Pau Gasol now healthy and Mo Williams now injured, they should be able to put more distance between themselves and the Cavaliers.

But a look at the Lakers’ 10 losses, two of them against those Cavs and seven against possible playoff opponents in the West, reveals that offense has certainly been a problem this season. They’ve failed to score a point per possession in seven of their 10 losses.

Less than 24 hours after his team shot just 39 percent from the field in Cleveland, Phil Jackson admitted that the offense is a concern, and pointed at shot selection as part of the problem.

“We’ve talked about that consistently over the last two or three weeks,” Jackson said Friday. “We have people taking shots from positions they probably shouldn’t take shots [from]. We’re not executing quite the way we’d like to execute, in getting the ball in positions to where we’re most comfortable.”

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  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    if the kobe donates a dollar for every missed shot,Haiti will be able to build a bridge to florida..end poverty..go nuclear….come on kobe ,we know selfish is your middle name ,kobe,you can make a difference!!go lakers!

    • http://TheLakersNation lebronx

      if lebronx can donate $1 for everytime he acted like a bitch to someone to seek attention or did shit to seek attention, that would be enough to rebuild haiti, and still have enough money left over to use on findin a cure for cancer and buy weapons to take out commies.
      “so blake griffin, what did the bitch lebronx tell you when the camera was on him?”
      “well the bitch called me over, i didnt wanna move because i was talkin to my clipper teammates and as he knows i fucken hurt my knee, but you know the bitch he is, he wanted to seek attention so i got up and he told me “keep playing after the injury” well lu-dee- fucken-da lebronx you think??”

      “next season im changing my number to 6 because thats the devils number, you know david stern, i mean the devil, and because im a bitch and want attention, ill say its for michael jordan… its not really, but ill say it anyway”

      • 09champs!

        Best comment ever lebronx hahahaah

      • Gino

        lol that’s awesome! couldn’t say it any better than that.

  • joshLA

    this guy said everything ive noticed this season. Hopefully they and ron artest improve. Lakers truly miss ariza and kobe being 100%.

  • Green Flannel

    I think that the lakers are fine they may need improvmemt but we don’t need to just get a complete makeover cuz a writer from espn has ODC

  • lakerman1

    Next year no matter whos on the team you same jerks will find something to complain about. Nothing but a bunch of whining cry babies on this blog. The Lakers could be 42 and 1 and you people would still complain. Quit expecting perfection it aint gonna happen be glad the team is where it is. Tricks

    • Green Flannel

      no they wont they will love the lakers …. but when they looose.. L.A. SUX!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    if we could just get kobe to shoot more!!!!

  • http://theLakersNation laffs atu

    if we could just get lebitch not to act like a bitch!!!!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu


    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Not to rain on your parade (what parade?), but Kobe has a stat that trumps all of those. 4 RINGS!
      LeBron can average those stats for as long as he wants, he won’t win a ring as proven by the 7 years hes been doing so. Don’t say that LeBron doesn’t have good teammates, because that is trash talk to make him look better. The dude has great teammates, otherwise he wouldn’t average so much assists.
      In the end Kobe>LeBron.
      Watch though, these dunks will come back to bite LeBron in the butt when hes around Kobe’s age, because thats when hes gonna need them more than he does now, but he won’t be able to. His numbers will then decrease. Happened to ALL the greats. Jordan, Kobe… you get my point.

    • http://TheLakersNation lebronx

      81 points…. lebron had numbers like that…. NEVER!

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        12…3 pointers in one game…labron ever had numbers like that??…never!!!

      • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

        Has LeBron ever had numbers like 9 3-pointers in a row leading to a record 12 3-pointers in a row?
        Though he did have 7 3-Point misses in a row… Twice! NBA has to find a way to make that a record.

  • yash

    Im not gonna lie he does have a point. They could be playing so much better. if kobe just got his fingers fixed. lakers would play much better. They cant rely on kobe to help them out. they keep relying on him too much. and when kobe comes back. hell be better than he was before

  • berkyberks

    I repeat kobe at 25! 3 rings! NBA record 12 3’s in a game (9 conscutive), 9 straight 40 points!stats are good for now but it’s not be remembered like kobe’s 35ppg. I hope lefrog beat this before he gets 30! and by that time where going see again the rematch of jordan vs.malone!!!!

  • Robert

    I may have mentioned this before. The Lakers are ‘coasting’, or trying to ‘conserve energy’ for the playoffs. This is why they’re not playing like demons now – they’re saving it.
    On the other hand, ANY team (including, and especially Cleveland) will always give it their all to try to defeat the Champion Lakers. They will dive for loose balls, defend extra hard, expend all the energy they can to try to defeat the Champs.
    If the Lakers play too hard now (i.e., every game), they may not have enough for the playoffs. Also, this is a good chance for them to focus on defense, because we all know defense is more important in the playoffs (and wins games).
    Anyway, even after all that, it would still be good to see the Lakers with a higher shooting percentage, but Kobe is having problems with his broken finger anyway.

  • http://TheLakersNation laffs atu

    well lebron is in new york right now, as he is everytime, so im in charge of the kids, david and mike. david is the commissioner of the nba and mike is lebrons coach. he doesnt do anything but he still gets credit for it. later im gonna suck all of their dicks. all 3 of them dicks im gonna suck. it tastes soooo good. ill suck lebrons dick extra hard when he returns from new york.

  • ko8e_f@n_v2

    off-topic.. just saw that TJ Ford was available. Morison + Trade Exceptions for TJ Ford, anyone? haha

  • http://57.amklac KOBES LITTLE PENE

    While the lakers are coasting.kobe`s always hurt and gasoft is scared…..cleveland and boston are rolling and hurting teams sweeping the soft lake show….keep coasting to the golf course ladies

  • http://57.amklac KOBES LITTLE PENE

    kobe has one ring without shaq dragging his ass.

  • http://theLakersNation laffs atu

    hi guys, im back and i just finished lebron off *phew* that was tiring…

    well, i have to go fishing with him early in april around the playoff time because he aint gonna do shit… so i know what im doing during april.

    well we all know how great kobe is but what is overlooked is the fact that as im typing this from my mommas basement, kobe played during the jordan era and he learnt a few things from jordan now, and still seeks to learn more. something my husband lebron, cant seem to do.

    oh well, i love talkin about lebron and he loves talkin about himself too. even when he pounds me, it seems like he poudin himself the way he talks. he even sang forever during the poundin, and i got happy cause i thought thats how long the poundin would go on for…

    ok, im going for seconds, COMING LEBRON!!

  • T-Dub

    the truth is they have no one other than Kobe who can get to rim, break down the defense, and either score of create for everyone else. Kobe doesn’t even do it anymore..though I can’t blame him after doing it for 13 years. If they they can’t score with their bigs in the paint, evident against the Cavs, they become a mediocre jump shooting team. They need a point guard like Devin Harris, or Nate Robinson who can breakdown the defense and open it up for eveyone else.

    • daboss1848

      they have that guy – his name is jordan farmar. Unfortunately that’s not the game plan – the game plan for the PG is to cross half court, give to KB and park on a wing and wait for a shot. If you recalll what made the bench mob so effective was that they were allowed to steer away from the triangle and just create havoc with speed and penetration – PJ cut that.

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  • http://nb.comlakers Robert

    Yes, the Lakers have lowered their standard of play and has accepted mediocre and sub par basketball. The bench has not provide any lift and energy to give the starters any relief. Phil Jackson has not demonstrated any cofidence in his bench or role players. This is unacceptable and this team has not gotten it because last years success has come and gone. The past is gone. Now,2010-2011 season is here more teams have increased their standards and the Lakers have not. What is the solution? Phil, Mitch and Jerry and the Lakers