For the past 2 years the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown has been labeled as the search for the “best amateur dunkers” in the country but it always turns out to be an exhibition for the best “contest/freestyle dunkers” in the world. The contest begins each year by hosting a local dunk contest in 8 cities where NBA legends like Dominique Wilkens & special guests judge amateur dunkers. The 8 event winners and 2 winners from an online submission contest go to the semi-finals where it’s 100% up to online fans to decide which 4 will compete in the finals for $10k. The finals has taken place the last 2 years at NBA All-star weekend with LeBron James as the one of the judges.

The contest is in the middle of the Semi-finals right now and we are asking the Laker Nation to spread the word about these dunkers so they can win $10k and the title of “Best Dunker in the World”

More information can be found on the official website including L.A.’s representative, Kenny Dobbs, who took the crown at the Sprite Slamd Dunk Showdown stop in L.A. You can check out Kenny’s amazing jams in the video after the break!