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With all the drama and negativity regarding the NBA lockout any small step towards a resolution has to be considered big news.

According to the New York Times, negotiators for the league and players spent five and a half hours in bargaining talks in Manhattan on Wednesday, which followed a six-hour session last week.

No proposal has been put on the table, but both sides agree that they will keep the details of their proposals private. Unfortunately, it will be hard for anyone to know where they stand without any updates. However, the NFL agreed to the same silence, and it led them to a deal eventually that saved the entire season.

“All I can tell you is that we’re negotiating,” Billy Hunter, the executive director of the players union, said Wednesday afternoon.

Current Laker and Players Association President Derek Fisher did not say much. But, at the very least it seems that the two sides are working towards an agreement:

Derek Fisher, the president of the players union, said that no new proposals were on the table, but that “there are a lot of ideas flying around the room.”

According to the AP, The sides resumed talks Thursday for another 5.5 hours. League and union leaders plan to inform their constituencies next Thursday of how talks are progressing, leaving about two weeks to achieve a deal to conduct next month’s run-up to the season as scheduled.

According to the New York Times, the reason for the sudden sense of urgency is training camps are scheduled to open on Oct. 3, with preseason games starting the next week. Commissioner David Stern reiterated that there was ample time to avoid postponing camps or canceling games.

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    They better look today NFL already has there opening day i hope the NBA get ours.