Photo by Patrick McDermott | Getty Images

Attorneys from the NBA and the Players are now talking.

According to Howard Beck of the New York Times, the talks include the primary lawyers on both sides, because of the pending litigation.

The talks began in earnest on Tuesday and are expected to continue on Friday, after a break for Thanksgiving, according to two people informed of the talks. If a resolution is reached this weekend, it would give the league the approximate four-week window needed to prepare for the season.

The Dec. 25 target is enticing to everyone involved, allowing the league to take advantage of the holiday setting and a captive television audience that, they hope, might be in a forgiving mood. Christmas is also the traditional kickoff for the N.B.A.’s national television schedule.

A handshake deal in the next few days would allow a 66 game season starting on Christmas day.

It seems like the sense of urgency to get a deal done is now at an all time high. Christmas is the day when the NBA shines on its own. (Much like the NFL does on Thanksgiving Day).

Many people have said in the past that the NBA season doesn’t “start” or is not noticed by the casual fan until Christmas Day.

With the above being said, in order to try and clean up the bad P.R. the NBA has gained in the last few months, having the season start on Christmas Day would be the leagues best bet to get out of this ugly lockout with any kind of positive.

However, it is obvious that logic has not been used throughout these negotiations.