2k Sports has long dominated the basketball world in its basketball games for years. This year, with NBA 2k10, not only will our NBA champion Kobe Bryant be on the cover, but he’ll be reverse pivoting around fools ala 61 in New York. Check out this exclusive NBA 2k10 Kobe Bryant trailer. Lookin’ good 2k!

  • lebrick

    it should have been the fake, pivot, bounce through the backboard, catch and layup shot that kobe made during the playoffs.

  • desecrator93

    pretty sick. ima definetely get this one, i just wish i had HD on my TV.

  • pricelesst

    thats crazy they actually put that move in the game

  • http://www.michaelserna23.com Michael_23

    Only if the graphics were really like that throughout the whole entire gameplay …

    That’s what I thought was gonna happen with the 360 and PS3 came out. I guess I’m still in another generation.

  • D-Fish4Governor

    great. but im still an NBA Live fan.

  • P

    Too bad NBA Live 10 will be better this year.

  • Salty

    It really makes me wonder if most Live fans have ever played 2K? They don’t know what they’re missing out on each year!

  • lakers4life24

    NBA Live = Over rated (gets worse and worse each year as a new one comes out being the exact same thing…)
    NBA 2K = much better gameplay and overall game (plus it has kobe for the cover!)

    NBA 2K>>>NBA Live
    -Can’t wait to get it for 360!

  • vic888

    overrated? nba 2k is overrated. nba 2k9 sucks a lot. i dont know 2k10. player’s faces look like mongoloids. very much artificial looking even on HD. besides, since when did 2k sports get in? EA sports has been dominating for decades. And EA is the official partner of NBA. 2k sports is just riding the wave. 2k9 was too good to be just look at the faces. i dont know where the hell did they get those facial features. 2k9=corny The Real one is NBA Live. to the game!!!!

  • Mitch4Pres

    consider this copped

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    I love how grown a$$ men argue about games. Im gettin this for PS3

  • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

    fuck nba live 10 nigga

  • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

    fuck nba live 10

  • lebrick

    nba live is too arcady. 2k is the closest thing to nba basketball. been playin nba live until nba 2k came. once you go 2k, you never go back.

    • http://s1.zetaboards.com/2Kstaplecenter/msg/?c=1&folder=-1&id=583753 Omamba

      Agreed. I thought that the gameplay was pretty much the same last year compared to NBA 2K8, but the franchise mode and the graphics were greatly improved. This game looks so good…with all of the many, MANY great features the game has. It’s too long to wait until October 6th, I wanna get it now! Why does the NBA 2K10 Draft Combine demo have to come out later than XBOX 360’s does (comes out September 3rd)?! Not fair!

      • lakerschamps-09

        i got a 360 n i have da 2k combine thing already

  • Patrick Chewing

    is that dahntay jones on the cover??

  • lakerfan106

    KAJIN 106 GM TAGG 2K10 FTW

  • celticpride

    Who cares about 2k10. All I care about is another Celtic Title. Go GREEN!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

      You don’t care about 2K10 because your boi’s not on it no more

      • PTG23

        Yeah right, illegal copy. Yall was playing 2k9. Thats the reason it looks the same.

  • Kamar

    2k10 is alreasy out my friend has a illegal copy of the game. Its a burnt game for the 360. I was playing it with him at his house we do not go online or play with a profile on it. The graphics are a little better but the gameplay is greatly improved. Its sucks to say but its not much of a difference really from 2k9. I am a 2k fanboy but I might have to go with Nba Live this year. 2k9 was the best basketball simulation game ever.

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      How did he get it

    • The Cookie Monster

      This is impossible for your friend to have it. If he does have it, he has a test copy and has been gipped for however much money he bought it for. 2K sports has only released pilot copies and the big wigs of websites such as Gamestop and IGN have played them and say it is just as good. I feel sorry for your friend if this really is true.

  • lakerschamps-09

    this is a great lil preview but we all know wats wrong it.. wen kobe does that move he banks it off da glass not jus a nothin but net!!!!! lol