Spike Lee is a pretty funny dude. Check out the reveal promo for NBA2k10 (which Kobe will be on the cover of!)…

  • barcalakerfan4life

    spike is a trip!

  • kb24

    they should of had kobe in ah ROADjearsey

  • Dwight Howard

    I’ll be on the cover for 2010! Also, stay tuned… Nike’s making a new puppet commercial with me and the black mamba (now that LaBron’s been eliminated). Keep your eyes out for it. Go Magics!

  • Lakers 24 7

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    lmao “GO MAGICS”…I love it when people say “Magics” instead of “Magic”

  • kevin

    Jack in the box has much better commercials! However it wasnt as bad as the shamwow commercial!! oh I hate that guy!!

  • The Glen Mamba

    WOW!…I can’t wait for NBA 2K10 man…I wanna pre-order dat game dawg, if ya know what I’m sayun! :p