So this series just turned into an intense rivalry. Blood, tech’s, ejections and flagrant fouls might do that for you. So let’s get it all out. We know what happened and I want to ask you guys about two different plays.

  • Fisher’s thrusted shoulder into Scola
  • Kobe’s alleged “elbow” on Artest

Do these cases warrant suspensions? Let’s remember Rondo’s two plays – slap to the head of Miller & the tossing of Hinrich into the sideline table. That being said, here are some videos and reactions from Fisher and Artest on both plays.

Here is the video of Fisher’s thoughts:

Here is the video of Artest’s thoughts:

  • as1084

    no suspensions…this is the playoffs! nice hit fish! scola is a little b*tch!

  • Sopi

    yes on fish, no on kb

  • Chris Manning

    Yes on Fish? How does that constitute a suspension?

    And Rondo’s antics don’t constitute fines? Come on.

  • Eidraq

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    i agree with you on that chris…however fisher and kb are on the lakers, the most hated franchise in the nba (what other team has beat so and so chant strictly for them?)..i dont think its likely, but it wouldnt surprise me if they suspended both

  • Chris Manning

    Fisher MIGHT.

    Kobe won’t be. Artest is hanging all over him and after further review by our own RealDeal, Kobe never connected with his neck lol:

  • Chris Manning

    Kobe didn’t even connect with Ron’s neck lol:

  • sketch

    Oh hell no! Stu Jackson, you better not even come down with anything “FISHY” (pun intended)! Rondo did some bull$h!t on back to back and you said that it was fine… all Fish did was to thrust into Scola (who flopped and faked a nose injury when he hit the ground by the way).
    Kobe’s elbow was no more than to clear a little room and could be interpreted was an incidental elbow also. He wasn’t even called for a foul on that play, there’s no way that that should warrant a suspension!
    If the refs had just called the foul on Artest for riding Kobe just a moment earlier, then the elbow wouldn’t have been in poor Ron Ron’s throat!
    Ron Ron knew that his team weren’t gonna win tonight so he just added some of his theatrics for some self righteousness drama! He’s an IDIOT and always will be!

    LAKERS IN 5!


    Ron Artest: How was this guy ever able to graduate from any school, let alone college?

  • Eidraq

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    holy crap…if the nba suspends kb, all hell will break loose

  • Max

    wow thanks LD2k that clears up a lot of the controversy about kobe being suspended

    i was scared kobe would get suspended
    now we know he shouldnt!

  • Sara Chen

    They both should not get suspended. I believe Fish’s explanation, and Scola’s a flopping B!tch.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    instead of chanting MVP LIKE A BUNCH OF MENTAL MIDGETS…Its the most DIRTY PLAYER..KOBE IS THE KING OF CHEAP-SHOTS..Artest needs to knock a couple of his teeth out next game…lets hope!

  • Rich

    Neither one needs to be suspended. Fisher was thrown out, that is enough. They will get fined though.

  • Comedy Joe

    Everyone seems to forget the play that started it all….Scola smacked L.O across the forehead, and tried to drag him down by the Jersey….three technicals, and during the free throw, Scola kept taunting L.O (ok, Lamar wan’t quiet Fish was talking to the team and I could swear I read his lips saying “I got this” (I was only 20 rows away)

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    i think artest wants to toss kobe`s salad!!

  • 123kid

    i think phil jackson is right on the type of reffing being done throughout the series. It’s been an inconsistent throughout every series right now. #1 Boston vs. Chicago (Rondo got a slap in the wrist for physically throwing someone against the scorers table) #2 Boston vs. Orlando (Alston is probably going to get suspended, but just for a little slap on the head), #3 Orlando vs. 76ers (Howard supended 1 game for his elbow). #4 Lakers vs. Jazz (Williams bumping bynum). And the list goes on! I think the nba needs to do a better job of treating every team in the playofffs evenly. If your gonna get toss for slapping a guy in the head and get fined for throwing someone against the scorers table, then I guess it should be fair game that if your gonna be physical, toss someone against the scorers table! am i right? I question the refs, the league, and stu jackson on a horrible job they do! To be fair, I would suspend fish because many say there was a purpose, but to just fine Rondo thats ridiculous.

  • xtro

    the lakers will not be pushed around anymore unlike last season.

  • JohnJOhn

    Houston we have a problem we have a bunch of b*tch*s.

  • gugy

    I think Fisher will be suspended. Unfortunately that fu-cker stu jackson won’t let this pass.

    I am just happy Fisher kick that fuc-kin Argentine ass.

  • WifelovesLuke

    I think everyone in here is losing site of a big concern I have. By getting physical with the Rockets, the Lakers are playing right into their hands. They want a slow, physical game. Get back to Laker basketball like what they did in the first quarter last night. Up and down, ball and player movement. Don’t get into a street fight with these pitbulls (Kenny Smith quote) but keep control of the pace.

    Playoff basketball is finally back!

  • gugy

    I agreed with you but the Lakers will have to eventually get on that mode, like last night. Houston was bullying with us and the Lakers respond kicking their asses.

    Unfortunately, this will be part of the next games, like it or not. This series is going to be a WAR. If we prevail, our guys will grow up a lot for the next rounds.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    we could’ve used this series last year before we met Boston.


    [Comment ID #70213 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If the Rockets are Pitbulls, then the Lakers are Michael Vick because we laid them out last night! hahahahah

  • kb24mvpsquared

    Dude weather or not the Fish gets suspended I really like that foul, actually statement! The only thing is that the smallest player had to do it! Scola has been fouling like crazy and the refs arnt calling jack! He is always reaching over the back, always pushing to get the board and no calls have been made against him! Someone had to go out there and show him that he ain’t going to be doing that not in our house!

    As for RON RON, man Kobe put it best, if your gonna play physical than take what gets thrown at you! plus he was hanging all over kobe putting his elbow in kobe’s throat as well. As for the lakers falling into their game, not really, because to me I simply saw this as a statement..

    I think Kobe or Pau need to watch out in games 3 and 4 because after this it wouldnt surprise me if Rick sends one of his bench players to go out and hits either one of them, I’ll be laughing if they used Brian Cook, LOL….

    For those who have been talking smack abt certain players, it is the wrong time to talk smack, if they are going through rough times then they need to be backed up and we need to support them great work on trades right now come on be smart dude seriously… until everything is set and done then we talk abt who we wish to get rid off until chill!

  • lakerman1

    Fisher will probably be suspended but not Kobe, he & Artest were just jockeying for position. Great Acting job by D Fish tho with the where did this scar on my head come
    from acting job.

  • PauLAsol

    theres no way fisher gets suspended unless lakers hate come to hand but if he gets suspended (knocking on wood) we will see a lakers team after fisher retirement…. scary thought

  • JohnJOhn

    The league is a all screwed up. All I can say is those moments made me proud to be a LAKER. Not just a fan but a Freakin LAKER. That is what they are capable of doing now this year rather than lacking in balls like last year.