Nation Discussion: Will the Jazz fans boo Hot Rod?

We all know that the Jazz fans have made a name for themselves for showing no heart towards former players (ala Fisher), so I pose this question to you – do you think the Jazz fans will boo “Hot Rod” Hundley? He is filling in for Stu Lantz on the Lakers broadcast after Lantz’s wife is undergoing surgery in which he is aiding her.

Here is what Hot Rod said about going into Utah, tonight:

L.A.Times: “I’m kind of nervous about it,” he said of working Friday night’s game. “I haven’t done a lot of homework on this year’s team. Plus, we’ve got to go to Utah tomorrow. I’m going to go in with a coat over my face.”

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  • lakerman1

    Who cares. The guy sucks.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    That would be a low class act from the Fans if they do

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    If they boo’ed Fisher, they’ll boo ‘Hot Rod’.

  • Justin M.

    Do we really expect more from a bunch of Mcain/Palin supporting white hicks?

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    racist much?….suck this white dick punk.