EDIT: Prince speaks about the flagrant:

Yahoo: Price, who finished with four points, two assists and a block in Utah’s 123-115 overtime victory, said he didn’t think Turiaf was trying to hurt him. “Those kind of plays happen in the playoffs,” said Price, who needed four stitches to close the cut.

Well this is a great time to discuss it. Price comes flying it – “out of control” as Phil put it. What are your thoughts on the play? Turiaf in my opinion was playing the ball. Good hard foul. In the showtime era, that would’ve been what? A ‘2’ on a 1-10 scale?

  • maccassedy

    that was bs good foul wat posey did 2 lebron was a flag2 it was like wat raja did 2 kobe..ronny pissed off

  • David

    It was real bullsh*t he clearly went for the ball. It was a flagrant 1. Here’s the problem with the NBA. Ref’s make flagrant calls depending on how hurt the player looks and not on the intention of the player who is committing the foul like they are supposed to. If you gently push someone and they fall and split their face open it’s an automatic ejection.

  • lakerz

    i honestly thought it was just a personal foul. but my friend (who is also a laker fan) thought it was the right call. well people see differently.

  • alex

    flagrant but no ejection

  • http://nbafan24.webs.com kbfan24

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  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    BS foul…it’s hard to give a flagrant 1 for that…it looked worse than it was.

  • drew

    It was a weird situation because if anyone noticed in all that chaos the ref blew the whistle and called a foul on Sasha and then Price continued to go to the basket, so he must not of heard the whistle and for sure Turiaf did not hear the whistle because he would not have went all out for the block.

    I think a flagrant 1 should have been the call because there was no intention of hurting Price. In the Wizards and Cavs series there was intention on most of the big hits because it was talked about before the games were played and there was less done in that series. Also when the refs broke the players up a second time Price was just going over to Turiaf to shake his hand so they knew they were cool and it was nothing, but the refs take see the players talking and automatically think its something bad.

    Bad Call, and Turiaf really could have helped us in that game with his energy on the court and on the bench.

  • bryanmn1

    I’m not surprised that the refs made such a quick call on Turiaf. They wanted to have control over the physical play within the series.

    There were a few factors that made me believe it didn’t warrant an ejection:

    1. Price was out of control.
    2. Turiaf did not go for the head. He tried for the ball but he was a split second too late and got Price’s arms hard.
    3. Harpering should be shot for being an idiot (Running to the ref making it seem like he was going to kick someone’s ass).

    Anyways, my main gripe with this entire issue is way the refs threw Turiaf out of the game. Those who watched probably remember that Phil asked Ronnie what happened as he left the court and just said the ref threw me out. After that, they showed the refs going to the scorer’s table to review the play. I mean, if you are going to review the play, don’t throw the player out until after you have all the information to make the right call.

    Because we all know… if the refs said it was a flagrant 1 after the call was made, the Utah fans would have entered the courts and ripped of the refs’ heads.

  • KONG!

    Ronny is a {Profanity isn’t allowed on theLakersNation.com — Please go back and edit your comment. Thank you.}ing BEAST! Good job Turiaf!

    Nowadays, defenders cant make a play on the ball because they call BS like this…

    And when defenders try to avoid hitting the offensive player with a hard foul, they have a chance of getting a 3-point play! What is a defender to do???!?!? Pure BS call

  • lalball81

    Ronny Price could have gotten seriously hurt in the fall, and the refs want to keep that out of the game. The foul may not have warranted an ejection, but the officials are looking out for the players which is a good thing. It was definetly a hard foul, mostly because Ronny hit him with his body in the air, then followed down with his arm, essentially looking like he “pushed” Price to the floor.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter what we think, it was called a flagrant two and that’s that. I think it’s safe to say that the referees have much more knowledge about this sort of thing, have a better vantage point, and make correct calls most of the time.


    The refs were on crack on this play. I agree a Flagrant 1, but no way in f’ucking hell is this a flagrant 2. Oh and meanwhile, those utah fans are some of the biggest b1tches ever. It was so f’ucking annoying when they continuously kept chanting “LAKERS SUCK” when they know the refs were on their side and we were injured. LOL if kobe didnt get hurt on his back, instead of 1-9 he would have went like 5-9 or 6-9 in the 4th

  • einyo

    anyone notice farmar just stands there while all the other lakers run to ronny’s side, go watch eit again

  • daboss1848

    No Flagrant – not 1 and 2. This was called b/c of his fall not b/c of the foul.

    LOL when Price jumped and pretended to go do something only to see Turiaf not care less about him.

  • Rizzo

    it looked to me that he went for he ball and it was a good hard foul, i can even swallow the flagrant foul but the ejection part of it was BS…..Ronny is not a dirty player and its playoof time so the foul severity is always going to increase. He wasnt trying to hurt price or whatever his name is. question should Price have gotten a T for his reaction and jumping up towards Ronny? Once he saw Ronny with his acceptance of the foul and not a stare down he backed off but still his reaction could have got his lip busted as well…..lol


    HELL NO!He should’ve never been thrown out the game which really sealed the deal.

    …and Price needs to learn some basketball history or better yet ask A.I.(Iverson)why he never complains when he gets tossed to the floor EVERY YEAR,same goes for Wade.Learn to take a hard hit and GET A HEART,Isaiah(Thomas)is another guy who used to get abused by R.Parrish,Kareem and Laimbeer in practice,now that’s tough.

  • i love l.a.

    terrible call. this was just a solid playoff foul. no points in the paint, no easy ones. he clearly went for the ball. maybe flagrant, but definitely not an ejection. better not be a suspension… lakers in 6

  • Michael_23

    That was a good 1980’s playoff foul call. I loved the 80’s foul calls. Remember when one of the Celtics players pushed Kurt Rambis and Kurt was playing beat up and bloody. They should unleash the animal within these players.

    I’m not talking about not having a brawl or anything, but let these players go at it like Jordan, Bird, and Magic did.

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/?page_id=2373 Jonny

    the weirdest thing watching it live was that play had already stopped because of that foul on sasha. . but then price kept going. . to a certain extent it was his own fault, but i can see how it would look like a flagrant foul . . .not an ejection though

    raja bell was an ejection

  • bigL

    That is basically why they created a flagrant 1 and 2. Flagrant 1 for these types of dangerous fouls, and flagrant 2’s for raja bell clotheline type of fouls. It’s like refs are too eager to eject people, just look at when that Songaila guy on the wiz accidentally slapped lebron. This seemed like a textbook flagrant 1. Price was even giving ronie a five so they knew they were cool (but then of course the refs separated them). I find it hard to believe they will suspend him, but you never know cuz of that songaila suspension. They better not.