Recently, I’m sure you all have heard that Bynum’s agent says that Bynum wants the max contract. Let’s take a look at this from both sides — Andrew Bynum and the Lakers.

First the Lakers. The Lakers would have to be crazy to pay Bynum the max with their current roster. First off, Bynum just came off a major injury where he took longer to heal than expected. Second, the Lakers already have Gasol and aren’t desperate. Third, the Lakers would be financially pressed for the next 5 years, meaning no role players and no way to resign current and upcoming Free Agents. Bye bye, Sasha, Ronny, and Farmar.

Now, Bynum’s side. If the Lakers don’t pay him the max, someone else will. He knows centers are too good to find. He knows he is a great talent. He also knows he might not get a long contract if he gets hurt again next year, so aim for 7 years now. There are teams that will pay the likes of Reggie Evans and Jerome James about 7 million, so Bynum feels he can get double that. For instance, the Hawks have a lot of caproom and would love to get a big man. I can see them throwing money Bynum’s way. The Knicks love to overpay and might work a sign and trade.

Basically, Bynum has nothing to lose in this situation except to look like a greedy player. This is before Arenas took less than the max with the Wizards to give them some cap flexibility. Maybe Bynum will change his mind. LeBron doesn’t even get the max. Paul doesn’t get the max. Should Bynum?

The question I ask all of you is… I think we all agree Bynum isn’t worth the max. However, if we don’t give him the max, I think someone else might. Is it worth it for the Lakers to protect themselves and pay Bynum what he wants to keep him from going to competition? Can you imagine the Kings signing him and then having to play against Bynum in 3 years?

Let’s hear your thoughts, Lakers Nation!

  • The Nugget

    And if some didn’t know, the doctors have cleared Bynum.

  • daboss1849

    Steve, why wouldn’t there be any money left to sign our free agents? We are in the top 3 of the biggest markets in the sports world. Who cares about the luxury tax???? The lakers make Buss a very rich man and he can afford the tax believe me. Even if he doesn’t pay our free agents there are always good vets that will play for the min. if you have a contender. Kobe, pau, bynum equal a contender. we can get 3 or 4 good vets for a million a pop. Give bynum his money…

  • Machinehead18

    I remember him saying he wouldnt care how much he was paid as long as he was “a laker for life.” I honestly don’t believe he is worth the max, but if he has a good 08-9 season, he will certainly get a lot of money.

  • ab4sure

    Damn Interns…… they never care about the boss’s money.

  • daboss1849

    queer4sure… damn f.a.g.s they always suck c.o.c.k

  • Mamba2410

    Guys, don’t worry, I believe Mitch will make the right decisions to make us financially set, he probably already knew something like this would happen, maybe we’re trading Radmanovic for (maybe we should do this trade: , or this trade: an expiring contract, or something! Anyways, like I said, Mitch will probably be able to handle all of this nonsense, don’t worry guys, trust me on this, I just have a feeling! I just do, I know it!

  • ab4sure

    This article is VERY MISLEADING. There is no proof the Bynum’s agent gave an ULTIMATUM. You might as well titled it “Bynum Bytching For Bucks”.

    The agent just said that Bynum is seeking a max contract. Now I am sure you will get comments like “wtf is he doing”… “shyt I can believe that”… “we are screwed”… “he is going back on his word”…. ONE WORD HERE AND IT IS…. NEGOTIATION. It is not Ultimatum.

    This is a process that will play out before the season or next season. More likely before this season becuz Bynum is going to want security and therefore he will take less for that security(without this security Bynum has alot to Lose if he gets injured again). Guaranteed money today is more important than hope for more money tomorrow. Just ask Ben Gordon of the Bulls.

  • ab4sure

    49 i thought u would get a laugh at that.

  • lakerstime

    Bynum is just looking for leverage in the contract negotiations, he will get his money before the start of this season, he wants something secure, when his agent said the max money he was just looking for the lakers to give them a ery good offer, in my point of view, drew and his agent have a certain amount of money which they are targeting which is less than the max, by saying they want the max the lakers could offer them the amount they were looking, the max were just smoke screens

  • dawg09

    lol yea i agree this articles is stupid
    how sure is he that we can’t sign the upcoming free agents?

  • BringDFishBack

    “Third, the Lakers would be financially pressed for the next 5 years, meaning no role players and no way to resign current and upcoming Free Agents. Bye bye, Sasha, Ronny, and Farmar.”

    This is completely untrue. Under the current league rules a team can resign a player no matter what their cap is. Even if the Lakers are over the cap, they can still sign their own players to whatever deals they want, they just can’t get free agents from other teams (except using the exceptions). If Buss is willing to spend a ton of money, then why not give the max to Bynum? He’s great for now and for the future, when it looks like him and Farmar could be a great duo. I don’t really think they should give him the max, because I don’t think Buss is willing to spend a whole lot (like 90 mil +). If Buss is willing to do that, then there is really no reason not to give it to him. In today’s game it really has no effect other than the owner paying more money. They can still get a good free agent using the MLE of about 30 mil over 5 yeras. The bottom line is the owner willing to pay, and I don’t think Buss is.

    Coming off a new injury, it’s a difficult situation. On one hand if they sign him now, and he gets hurt its terrible for the Lakers. So from that point of view, you should wait till next summer. However, if he doesn’t sign this summer and gets hurt, that’s terrible for Bynum, so he has some want to get signed this summer as opposed to next. I don’t see him not signing this summer for that reason. I am not entirely sure what the max is for someone his age, but my guess would be somewhere around 9 mil or so the first year but a total of about 69 mil over 6 years (9/10/11/12/13/14), that’s a complete guess though. If that is the case, I think he would sign for about 57 mil (7/8/9/10/11/12). And the 5th year would probably be a player option.

  • lakersbest

    I don’t think we have nothing to worry about. I everybody involed with the team and the lakers fornt office knows how important it is to keep bynum. Even if the lakers had the money to give Bynum they wouldn’t, not based on 20 games. I think 40 or 50 million is what he will get. If he resigns this year. the lakers will have more money next year when Lamars contract is up. thats 14 million coming off the books. And if Sasha and Ronny don’t sign it will be because they get big deals somewhere else and the lakers aren’t willing to match them.

  • Motown

    Bynum knows he won’t get the max, his agent is not stupid enough to think he’ll get the max after a big injury, and he only proved himself to be a good player for a half a season, right now there’s no guarantee he’ll be anything as good when he comes back, so no way can he get the max.

    And to be fair even if he did get the max, it wouldn’t affect us re-signing our own free agents, we already pay luxury tax, even if he stayed on his current salary we’d be over the cap anyway so we’re not signing free agents other than exceptions.

  • awaker85

    ULTIMATUM??? There’s no ultimatum. No need to worry over something that only got posted because Laker’s news has been slow lately and there’s really nothing else to talk about, kind of when you’ve been dating a girl for years and you just talk about whatever just to have something to talk about. There’s absoloutly no way whatsoever Mitch is gonna let Bynum walk, even if he gets injured (think about it, he resigned Chris Mihm, ha). Mitch will sign Bynum before he can become a restricted free agent, cuz yes some other team would offer him a max deal. And if I was Mitch, resigning Bynum is priority number one (I’m talking about you Lamar). But as far as I’m concerned, Buss can suck it up and pay it. I’m telling you guys, in two years Bynum is the best center since Shaq was in his prime, no question. The dude is gonna be putting up like 25 and 14 nightly.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Bynum will not be a restricted free agent until next summer, however, the Lakers could sign him to a long term contract this summer before October 31, 2008. If a deal gets done this summer it probably will not happen until Oct. Even if Bynum and the Lakers do reach an agreement this summer, the Lakers will have the right to match any signed offer sheet next summer. If Bynum had not been injured I believe that the Lakers and Bynum would have worked something out this summer. With the injury the Lakers are more likely to take a wait and see position. If Bynum reports to training camp in great shape and continues right where he left off in Jan.,’08, then something less than a max deal could be worked out. Bynum does not want to re-injure that knee and not have something in the bank, but the Lakers do not want to have money on the books and counting against the cap for a player who can no longer play. Buss is a poker player and he will take a look and see position. Bynum could be confident in his health and wait to next season for his max deal. We, as fans, will wait and see how this situation plays out. If healthy Bynum will be a Laker for a long time to come. A healthy Bynum in a Laker uniform for a LONG time is what I hope will be in the cards.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    In Line 4 of my previous post it should read, “Even If Bynum and the Lakers do NOT reach and agreement. Sorry, I left out the “not”.

  • Lakerboi

    We can low ball him this summer. If he decides to wait, we can alway match next off season. Ball is in our court.

  • LakersFirst

    The Lakers are in no rush, nor do they NEED to extend Bynum’s contract this summer because next summer, the Lakers can extend the qualifying offer to Bynum, making him a RESTRICTED free agent next summer, thus allowing the Lakers to match any offer sheet he signs from another team.

    If next summer he gets a max contract from another team, the Lakers could match the offer, or even offer more because Bynum would be their free agent. If Bynum proves that he can go a full season without injury and demonstrates his value on the court, then yea the Lakers should extend the qualifying offer and then give him the max contract (other teams will do so anyway if Bynum has a great year).

    It’s just a wait and see game.

  • daboss1849

    THis is going to be the lakers year. What we don’t want to have happen is go into the season with players angry at their contract. Give Bynum whatever will make him happy. Also please don’t sign Kwame even if it is for the min. The man with girl hands brings laziness and it could be contagious. We got rid of the laziness (kwame) no talent (cook) and outright the worse player in the league (smush). Let’s not go back to laughing stock of the league Mitch…

  • Whatsa

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    And hopefully we can sign Bynum for the max.. but compromise with how much money he’ll get. How about not as much so we can sign the free agents or expiring contracts or whatever it is.

  • Steve Avery

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    I may have been a tad vague. What I meant is that if the Lakers have Pau, Kobe, Gasol, and Lamar all over 10 mil, the salary will near 100 million. I cant see mitch signing role players to bring it even higher…i mean we arent the clippers, but we also arent the knicks…

  • Steve Avery

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    Agree…i actually didnt come up with the title, but the article is a bit misleading…bynum didnt demand it, but he could…

    what do you think is a fair salary?

  • The Nugget

    Bah! I just thought the title sounded cool, I didn’t mean for it to be misleading. :(

    Sorry, folks.

  • Steve Avery

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    dont worry bout it…not your fault, i blame kwame

  • 123KID

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    why would anything, but the first thing you said happen. bynum and his agent know that the lakers arent worried about contract issues. the F.O. has priorities first of signing sasha and turiaf first and they need to know first how well bynum is gonna contribute. if he comes in and locks down the championship with the rest of the team, then they’ll pay him. 2nd, ya theres talks about signin kwame again, but i highly doubt it when when the lakers dont really need his position anymore. but it would only happen if they had no more back up centers. and how will we be the laughin stock of the league, when teams are already seeing us as a legitimate contender. i bet with bynum in the middle and a possibly signing of 2 out of the 3 in turiaf, sasha, and posey, we are set to be in the championship next june.

  • getgasol

    Pay the man. We didn’t get it done last year without him. We were good, but not good enough.

    Great guards and great forwards are a dime a dozen. Great centers are VERY few and far between. Bynum will be one of the best centers in this league if he is not already.

    And as someone else said, there are plenty of vets who will play for the minimum just to play for a contender.

    Besides, do we want to have to play AGAINST Bynum? I don’t. That’s all we need is someone putting Bynum together with Lebron or someone and then we have another contender we have to battle.

    Screw that.

  • ab4sure

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    Wow.. such honesty.. How refreshing… Actually your title will get more hits although it is a bit misleading, so your just as good as Espn writers… Is that a put down or complement…

    Avery, I think no player should make more than 10 million, but market forces up the salaries… and average fans have to pay high prices for tickets, jersey’s… etc.. given the current salaries i think bynum will get close to 5yr./70 mill.

  • Motown

    This contract shouldn’t be a max, it should be a long term extension worth a reasonable figure of say 40-50m, and if over the next few years he proves himself worthy of max money then when he is up for a new contract next time around he can get big money then.

  • BringDFishBack

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    First of all, Pau and Gasol are the same person :). Second, Odom’s contract will most likely be gone. You gotta figure Kobe around 23 mil, Pau 16, Vladi 6, Fish 5, Luke 5, and Farmar 2. This is the 09/10 season btw. That’s 57 right there. Now you gotta figure in Sasha or someone comparable at about 5 mil, Ronny at 3, and Ariza at 6. Thats 71. Sign Bynum for probably 8 mil, up to 79. The key factor is will Odom be back, and I don’t think he will. But lets say he is for 10 mil, which is more than he probably would get. Thats 87. The seasona after that Kobe, Pau, Vladi, Bynum, and maybe Ariza’s contract would go up about 1 mil. But you lose Fish’s contract which is 5 mil and he will probably retire. So you’re still at about 87, but you gotta sign Farmar. He will probably get a 5 mil raise which puts them at 92. It seems high, but the salary cap that season should be about 65. So while it’s 92, it’s really the same as 85 or so today. It’s high, but for a winning team, not that bad. Especially when you’re set up to have Kobe, Pau, and Vladi come off the books at the end of the season. That’s 48 mil right there. I don’t see Kobe getting 24 mil again, Pau won’t get 17 mil, and Vladi will certainly not get 7 mil. If you figure 17 for Kobe, 14 for Pau, and no Vladi, that puts you at 75, which will be less than 10 mil over the cap.

    That’s assuming a lot of things happen, including a lot of players resigning. But if it were to happen, it gives them one bad season salary wise but still puts a winning team on the floor that also has a great future. So if Buss is willing to pay up for that one season, they would be fine even if Bynum gets 8 mil, which should be somwhere around the max for him.

  • Thomas

    Didn’t Andrew just say that he wanted only a certain amount of money from the Lakers, something like 2 million or something. Either he or his agent or both are stupid. He’s right. Andrew is just coming off a big injury, sure he had a break out season but he was only averaging 13 and 10 so its not like he was putting up Shaq or Dwight Howard numbers of 20 and 12+, also the Lakers already have sufficent big men in Pau; Chris Mihm, DJ Mbenga(if they resign him)and Ronny Turiaf(only a matter of time). Sure I think we all would like to have him back for the next five or so years but he’s no a nessicity. Plus if worst comes to worst we could always draft a big next year and be set. Just take what the Lakers give you but remember that they got to the Finals w/o him and can probably do it again and come home with a championship.

  • sclakerfan

    The Lakers should just keep a roster of 10-11 players. Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Farmar, Fisher, Walton, Vlade, Sasha, Turiaf, Mimh. (Mimh, Vlade, and Walton because they have to anyway because they’ve already paid them.) If Crawford looks good, give him the minimum only. That way, even if they only pay the minimum for 3-4 guys, they can save about $3 million in salary and another $3 million in luxury tax for a total of $6 million a year.

  • TheOracle
  • BringDFishBack

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    Please, learn what the rules are before telling the Lakers what they should do.

  • JC
  • JC

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  • candace parker

    the smell-dicks are nevr going to make a trade with us

  • Shaq786


    Trade 1: Lamar Odom and Luke Walton… for Marion (EXPIRING CONTRACT)
    – we get a slasher, who can shoot 3’s decently, and most importantly we get big time DEFENSE! We also cut $758,596 immediately and more than 18 million off of our books next year
    – Trade Machine I.D. :

    Trade 2: Vladimir Radmanovic, Chris Mihm, ’09 second round pick and Jordan Farmar … for Mehmet Okur and ’09 first round pick.
    – we get a PF/C who can rebound and shoot 3’s well and this will help spread the floor immensely. His contract expires in 2 years which means more than 9 million off our books then, and $629,400 cut now.
    – Trade Machine I.D. :

    -Let Sasha Vujacic walk and Re-sign Ronny Turiaf for 10 million dollar contract for 3 years.
    -Ronny is a great asset to this team on and off the court. He has heart and mental toughness. He brings effort and defense.

    -Sign James Posey (for 8 million for 2 years) and Kwame Brown (for what ever is left in the M.L.E.)
    – Posey and Kwame bring so much defense that we might just become the best defensive team, with kobe, marion, ariza, turiaf, bynum and gasol.

    -Sign Marbury for the L.L.E. (after he is bought out from NYK)
    – Although he has off court issues, he still has a lot of love for the game. He can shoot the ball well, has good court vision, and will work well with Kobe and Phil Jackson. People tend to forget that he has averaged 20pt/8 assist through out his career. His defense is also above average and will help us guard elite PGs.

    -Give Sun Yue a contract
    – This guy has a lot of talent and can learn a lot from Derek fisher, Kobe, and Marbury. He is 6’9 PG, with crazy passing ability. Let’s see what the “Chinese Magic” is made of!

    Line Up:


    The Lakers’ Total Salary will be aproximiately 82 million dollars this year (which could have been worse without the trades) and approximately 59 million at the start of ‘09/’10 season (marion, ariza, coby, kwame, and marbury all expiring)… which will give us enough to pay Bynum his extension. At the start of ‘10/’11 we will be at 46 million (with fisher, posey, and okur expiring). This means we have 10 million/ year to offer Lebron (if he opts out of his contract) which is not enough… we better hope he doesn’t opt out until his contract ends because we can offer more money than anyone!

    Mods, feel free to make this article on its own… :)


    Shaun Livingston?What do y’all think and I feel,tomorrow,Posey is a Laker.

  • J

    he only had a great first half in his career and then he got injured we should wait for this coming season and see if it wasnt just a flc..


    Shaun Livingston could add some more size to our small Pg position.

  • tradingtrainer options trading

    Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info