In a recent interview (video below), Tracy McGrady discusses his 1st round woes and potentially joining Kobe “Jellybean” Bryant and his Lakers after his reign with the Rockets is over.

Would you accept an “injury prone” T-Mac to the Purple and Gold? Would you trade Odom/anyone for T-Mac (Oh no! Not another Odom trade post!)?

Either way, the future is bright in Lakerland.

  • Mitch4Pres

    wow t mac for odom would neverrrrrr happen so its pointless to even comment on that.

  • Jim Murdoc

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    But it sure is fun to discuss. ;)

  • Lakers 24 7

    T-Mac is a straight up baller when he’s not injured. He could have been so much more better and had a better career if he wasn’t injury prone.

    T-Mac comin’ off the bench?


  • daniel

    Well…T-Mac never refers to Kobe by his first or last name. Only Jellybean. Who knows if someone else is nicknamed Jellybean. Obviously he’s referring to Bryant, but not right out saying his name is curious.

    2. Won’t happen through trade. Maybe through FA, but that’s a 0.01% chance of that.

  • lakerschamps09

    umm prolly wont happen but but yea he could be startin sf or 6th man when he becomes FA.. but idkk

  • Paul

    It sounds good to bring an all-star to the Laker team, but I’m not sure mannnnnnnnn.

    I say we discuss this in February.

  • MILO


  • e

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    ur reading too far into it..kobe is the only one known as jellybean..except for maybe his father joe bryant..but i agree with u it wont happen

  • kb24

    WHY YALL SAYING IT WONT HAPPEN IF WE CAN TRADE KWAMIE BROWN 4 POU WE CAN TRADE LO 4 T MAC wats wrong wid u people anything iz POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Left

    No. No. No. No, no, no, no. NO!

  • Lakers4Life

    he said he would join after he wins a championship. good luck with that one.

  • Nick Lachey USA


  • Elvis

    I think January we will ship out Odom………. Getting T mac is a long shot but lets see if Mitch can pull it off………. Anything is possible after getting Gasol for Kwambo……. remember???

  • Joey


  • Freshh

    Fucc that

  • jason420_7

    if we trade odom we need a power forward or another big man in return not another small forward/shooting guard..odom gives us size and lengh off the bench that we dont have without him

  • KONG!

    McGrady would be great on this team because then (like Odom) he would be able to relax and not be pressured with being the main option. IMO, McGrady is soft and would work best as a second option behind JELLa’BEAN


    It doesnt make sence to get another scorer lie T-Mac! Kobe & T-Mac = NEVER

  • kobe

    thats a sick ass trade t-mac wif kobe thats ill they will kill it fuck odom t-macs a straight up g

  • kobe

    thats ill

  • Anonymous.

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    Lol. You’re kidding.

    T-mac can easily replace Vladrad and LO.

  • kb24_1OVERJORDAN

    i dont know….

  • Jean Muffdiver

    If T-Mac won’t mind coming off the bench then yeah its fine

  • mo

    lol are u kidding me, odom for t-mac ? i’d do it in a heartbeat, although if u really think about it, odom is a better fit for the lakers than T-Mac, as odom is a bterr rebounder and defender but certianily having t-mac wouldn’t hurt

  • kb24thebestever

    were good enough and i think it would mess up our chemistry and odom knows the triangle offense really well already and t-mac would have to learn it.

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Ah his current state, I’d go with Lamar over T-Mac ANYDAY!. LO as Lakers 4 Life!

  • Billy Kupchak

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    ~lol~ such negative talk Freshh :cool:

  • Billy Kupchak

    after T~Mac wins a championship via Rockets, he will join Jellybean!

  • Michael_23

    If Lamar average 10 7 and 4 every night, I wouldn’t take T-Mac’s 20+ pts and 4 asts.

    Lamar has versatility and can run the show of the bench mob easily. He’s learning more and more every night of how to run things. It looks clear now that Lamar plays better when the game is a bit more uptempo.

  • Ubershorty

    If the Lakers had Kobe and T-Mac then no one would be able to guard the Lakers. How would Boston shut down T-Mac, Kobe, Bynum, and Pau? It would be impossible. And T-Mac could start at SF. Josh Powell is pretty good and Mihm and Vladi can play PF so they would take up the backup PF minutes. It would never happen though since the Rockets think they can win a championship with T-Mac, Ron Ron, and Yao. We can dream though…

  • lainok

    you know, it hasn’t even been five years since we traded away dfi, foxy, horry and everyone else that made us a dynasty to get our hands on the “superstar” power of payton and malone. and look at what that turned out to be. Just because you have a team of superstars doesn’t mean you automatically win the title. Boston was good, but lucky. You don’t go 7 seven games in the first two rounds after going 66 wins in the season. If boston were as good as their superstar lineup, they would have swept atlanta. We also had to wait 8 years for Kobe to finally get onto an Olympic team until we could win gold because the “superstar/dreamteam” blew it. everyone just be happy with the great young team we have now. They are all going to be around for a while. Our team is finally in it’s rightfull position up on top, don’t mess with it by trading for another superstar. The team is great the way it is. Except Vad Rad. Damn him.

  • Banzai

    jellybean…J e l l y..bean..rofl

  • 123kid

    when t-mac doesnt wanna suffer no longer from those 1st round exits, then holler at chha boy kobe! he’ll lead you pass the 1st round, 2nd, 3rd, and get you that ring!

  • mihaithemiraculous

    everyone trashes radmonovic, do you forget that just the other night he went 5/5 from downtown? hes had a slow start to the season, but shooters always come out of it. Odom is not taking a pay cut after this season, hes going to want 14+ mill a year which is what we cant afford, trade him for someone cheaper so we can keep gasol bynum kobe and the gang together for a while and win some ships

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    i dont even want him

  • ricky

    i like the sound of this! it will only happen if mcgrady is a free agent and is willing to sign for $8-10 million per year cause with kobe, gasol, and now bynum’s big upcoming contract (not to talk about the pay increase that should be coming for ariza and jordan) it would be too much salary.

    i would not trade for mcgrady, it’s not worth it in my opinion unless they take back either/both vlad’s and/or luke’s contract. no on odom for t-mac, we need his size, rebounds and versatility. LO is too valuable on the boards for us.

    i think, if t-mac doesn’t get past the first round this season or fails on the path to the finals, i think he would really consider joining an already established team because for 7 straight seasons early playoff exits will mount to lots of frustration and this time around it may blow over. t-mac has just 2 years remaining on his contract.

    can you imagine if this team stays intact for a few more years and t-mac joins the party…uh oh watch out!

    C bynum
    F gasol
    F vlad
    G kobe
    G farmar

    C mihm (resign)
    F powell
    F odom (resign)
    F ariza
    F/G mcgrady
    F walton
    G vujacic
    G yue
    G fisher

  • Nick Lachey USA

    T-mac is injured too often. I wouldn’t consider him until he can prove that he’s 100% healthy. Right now, LO > T-Mac!


    For sure a lot of stars will accept MLE from winning teams if Tmac accepts MLE contract that would be WOW

  • arthurlaker13

    i would definitely do it man.. cuz it would give up lamars desire to play with ron artest… and t-mac would be able to get a ring.. can you imagine… fish/farmar/, kobe, T-Mac, Gasol, and bynum… DAYUUMMM.. lol.. it would be nice though.. but my friend would totally love the lakers cu his fav player is t-mac and thats why he likes the rockets…. so if he cam to la he would get all wet,,, lol

  • VIVA

    Lamar Odom is a better fit for the Lakers. T-mac is good, but Lamar is right!!! =)

  • Nick Lachey USA

    I would be LO’s biggest fan if he took the MLE next summer.

  • Andrew Rafner


  • e

    trade odom and vlad rad for tmac?? in a heartbeat..BUT IT WONT HAPPEN…imagine if it did tho…

    fisher, kobe, tmac, gasol, bynum…yeah….

  • Micah

    I wouldn’t trade Odom for T-mac. Yeah he’s one hell of a scorer, bet that’s what Kobe’s for. Odom can play the 3 and 4 and is a great rebounder that is needed for this team. Maybe once his contract is up and he’s willing to take a pay cut I definitely would want him on our team, but Odom for t-mac ain’t happening. Plus there is a salarcy discrepency.

  • the ape

    i don’t think we’d have enough ball to go around if we had t-mac. same reason why i’m not into the Matrix bandwagon either. team chemistry is more important and right now looks like we’ve got it good.

    but trading luke wouldn’t hurt

  • isaiahpcruz

    lol @ the JELLYbean.. he said he’d come AFTER he wins the championship. which i don’t think will happen anytime soon.

  • lakerfan81

    Why would you trade Odom for T-mac? Right now the Lakers the best front court in the NBA with the 3 man rotation of Bynum, Pau and Odom. So you are going to mess that up by trading you back up PF (who is getting as many minutes as your starter and has been finishing games for you) for another SF to go with our 6 other SF. Yeah that makes perfect sense.

    Besides it not being a good trade (why try to fix something thats not broke), it won’t happen. We got pau because Memphis wanted to cut salary, Houston doesn’t want to cut salary they want to win.

  • lakers2000

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What the hell? We have plenty right now. We do not need too many stars. Remember 2003 with Malone, Payton, ect.. We have chemistry and we need to keep it that way. We need experience. Mac has experience in first round exits. We do not need this. Go Lakers!!!!

  • Nabil

    Yo that was 2004 (2003-2004). A nice analogy, though. 4 hall of famers- no ring. Chemistry is important. Anyways, this trade idea is a moot point because they would get strung up in Houstin for trading T-mac away and bringing in Odom. But yeah, of course it would be cool to get him in free agency on the cheep.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #55358 Will Be Quoted Here]

    1 word.. that’s all we needed, huh? :cool:

  • Dan Andreas

    Some of these people saying “No, this would not work! Remember 2004 with Malone and Payton?” need to remember what happened to us LAST YEAR. Boston had KG, Ray Ray, and Paul Pierce, how’d that work out? Payton and Malone didn’t work because that would be like trading for J Kidd and Shaquille in their careers right now. And we STILL made the Finals.

    And I can’t believe people are saying that if T-Mac DID join us as a FA, he’d be on the bench. Really? VladRad over an All-Star? That’s hilarious. Radman would be dead to us if we had McGrady, we’d probably trade him for a Happy Meal.

    Having said all this, I agree with those who said if McGrady wants to join when he’s a FA, that would be great. I’m kind of anticipating LO will leave for a lucrative contract and a starting PF position, and if that’s the case, T-Mac replacing Radman as starting SF and Radman moving to bench PF (Yes, they are very versatile players and have played these positions before) would be ideal. T-Mac is closer to a Pippen type than LO (who always seemed more like a Kukoc to me. That’s how I knew Phil would bring him off the bench. He saw the 6’10” LO bring it coast-to-coast with that LEFT HAND and the NUMBER 7 on his chest and had flashbacks).

  • LAKing

    Kobe and T-Mac on the same team? HELL YEAH!!! That would be a dream come true. Kobe is my favorite player in the league and T-Mac is my 2nd favorite and to have both on the same team would be absolutely incredible. T-Mac if you want a ring, come to the city of champions, Los Angeles.

  • PAtrick Bateman

    Kobe and T-mac together would be awesome
    but wont happen until they both out of their prime or If Tracy and Lakers come into an agreement for either trade or signing which would look less likely (when the Lakers are winning)

    If i had it my way id Trade Vlade Odom and Mihm for Tracy

    but, like Mac said, when he “WINS” the championship

    he’ll join kobe, knowing he and kobe complete each other!

    Pau Gasol for Kwame

  • aggressive expansion

    i rather see lebron here, jellybean retires and leaves the throne to lebron james. forget this tmac nonsense, ariza is like a young tmac anyways

  • Moses

    If he stayed healthy, then come on, T-Nac and KB24?? That has championship 08/09 written all over it.

    No way does Houston trade him this year though unless something goes majorly wrong

  • IrieVibes

    This is not happening, BUT T-Mac is better than Odom, simple. It would be a good trade for us. Fish, Kobe, McGrady, Pau, Bynum. Are u fkn kiddin me?

  • Garbage time baller

    The team is set. If it isn’t broke. Why fix it? LO is a big part of the “bench mob.” So a trade for T-Mac would miss up chemistry and take time to adjust a different player. If anything, we could use another big man up front. It is great to have a healthy Bynum back. Cause he changes the dynamic of the game. But it would be cool to have another banger and rebounder coming from the bench. T-Mac can stay in Houston

  • Justin M.

    Okay, i know this is off topic but i would really like your guys input on my fantasy team. So far my record is 3-1. That lose was before i had dirk.

    Brad Miller

    Thats my team. Any input would be appreciated

  • Justin M.

    oh yea, i have Tmac to

  • VIVA

    Lamar Odom should be a Laker until he retires with 3 more rings. Kobe is shooting for 4 more rings. LOL.. Let’s go.

  • jason420_7

    so anonymous..what your sayin is bring vlad rad off the bench to play power forward..or who chris mihm?..if we loose odom off the bench for t-mac we loose much needed length and size that we CANNOT replace…if bynum or gasol got in foul trouble then what?..mihm and trade wouldnt make no sense cause we dont need scoring from a washed up injury prone player like mcgrady..bad trade dont need him..period!!!!

  • dub824

    i’d take tmac in a heart beat. I’ve always wanted a kobe and tmac together but its not happening

  • sketch

    Viva, 3 more rings for LO? Are you talking about wedding rings? cause the last time i checked…homie da clown gots NONE!!! All, this talk about T-Mac…ain’t gonna happen. You guys hear the end of the interview? “Yeah, after i win the championship…I might take you up on that Jellybean”! And we all know he ain’t gonna win one without Jellybean!!!!

    Daniel, you have some listening comprehension problems man! LOL! Were you even paying attention to the interview? Stephen A Smith asks T-Mac who the one player he’d want to play with; response Jellybean. Stephen then elaborates(for people like you who needs to have it spelled out) do you think he’s the best player in the league? T-Mac’s response…oh, hands down. Then Stephen says if Kobe asks you to come to play with him in Los Angeles, time’s running out, would you make a run at it. All of that should have been plenty enough to let you know for certain that they’re both talkin about Kobe “Jellybean” Bryant!!!

    I mean, the people that come on here to leave comments…wow…LOL!!! Help me understand DC!!! LOL!!!

  • Gus

    this stupid article is one of the things that bugs me about this otherwise great site. first of all, if u listen to the video they didnt say anything about mcgrady coming to la this year. they explicitly said if this was your last hurrah, meaning when his and kobes careers are dwindling down, if he would join forces with kobe. but the way the article was worded everybody wants to ship odom out for tmac right now. yet some people on here dont bother to look at the team we are trading with. people say this can be done since we got pau for kwame. yet nobody understands that the grizz were in a different situation. they were a team that was going to win 20 games with pau and decided to get value for him. the grizz got salary cap relief, picks and a solid young man in marc gasol. now why would the rockets ever trade their leader, to the best team in their conference, for lamar odom? some comments on here make me laugh so hard knowing that people actually believe the things they type.

  • VIVA



    I cant wait to see him in purple and gold…

  • GT

    yeah, TMac joining the Lakers for the minimum, he gets his ring and Lakers get another star, win-win situation.



    Knowone in the WORLD OF BASKETBALL could withstand that slaughter…DO IT MITCH (in 2010..not right now)!!

    LAKERNATION this is for…US,

  • k


  • xtro

    i’d rather have L.O…for now.


    Keep LO…but NOW that The Gizzards..I mean WIZZ-,my fault THE Wi…The team from DC that IS SO STUPID BY GIVIN’ GIL’ ALL THAT MO$#@#^%$#IN’ MONEY AND NOW THEY FIRE EDD….STUPID SOB’s!!!!

    LAKERNATION HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP….(girl massaging my shoulders)I’m calm now ,thank you (taps her on the rear,SMACK).,Wizards are a ORGANIZATION…forget everybody else,BRING CARON BACK MITCH!!!

  • chorped

    does anybody know when Tmac becomes a free agent? Maybe we can sign him after he becomes a free agent and we can dump luke and vlad to create some room for him


    Sketch,I’m going to change your mind about T-Mac…would you rather see Vlad at the start or T-Mac/Kobe combo…I’ll wait for the answer….and remember,he’s not talkin’ right now,in 2010 (maybe next season)but either way LA WANTS A DYNASTY,not just one ring…George W. Bush is a ‘greedy’ man,LAKERNATION SHOULD BE TOO!!!

    …and he torched us (The Wizards) Sat.,he’s not the best defensive minded player but Kobe would teach’em but you gotta admit Vlad is NOT T-MAC EITHER!

  • Jack Nicholson

    NO MORE SUPERSTARS! (see: Payton, Malone, 2004, Pistons)

  • Sniper007

    The Lakers already got the most appropriate players for the 2, 3, 4, 5 position. What they need to have is a great point guard which is not Fisher, Vujajic or Farmar. They have to get great play makers / ball handlers. They do not need T-mac because they already got Bryant. Those two would probably have a “clash” because they are both hot-headed, and of course, this will not work for the lakers :)

  • Sniper007

    For the past seasons, Lakers did experience to have great rosters on all the positions EXCEPT for the point guard. Have you not noticed that? THEY NEED A LEGITIMATE POINT GUARD WHO HAS GREAT POTENTIALS. This maybe Bobby Jackson, Rafer Alston, Chucky Atkins, Jason Williams, Rajon Rondo, ETC. Pointguards who are not superstars but can be considered as a key player for their position. I believe that if this will happen, no team would beat LA. Trust me. :)

  • gus26

    its funny to read all these old comments now…