It’s funny, we lose our first game in five games on our seven game road trip and the chicken little’s run out from every which way. However, here is something a lot of fans are asking themselves – should Phil rest the starters?

To start out with, Pau and Kobe, who stemming back from last year’s finals to the Olympics and right back into this season, have played an incredible amount of basketball. And in Kobe’s recent shooting slump, he is shooting a 52-139 over last 7 games… Could it be that Kobe is tired and needs some rest, or is this another simple slump he is in. Here are the numbers, what do you guys think?

Kobe over last seven games:

Hawks – 7-19
Nets 5-19
Detroit 10-18
OKC 6-18
Bulls 10-25
GSW 9-25
Sixers 5-15

I want more post entry passes to Gasol to start off with…

  • Erik

    I agree Phil should rest them, because I don’t see us catching Cleveland.

  • k1on

    honestly, at this point theres no reason to pursue home court advantage considering we’re 2 games behind cleveland and they have an easier schedule. I would rather see Kobe stay out of games until his ankle has completely healed and Pau play a max of 30 mins a game or if its possible do what Popovich does by simply listing certain starters as inactive for some games so they can rest up. Also by limiting the starters minutes, it’ll force the bench to figure out how to play decent basketball again and we’ll get to see what Shannon Brown and AMMO have to offer in terms of offense.

  • as1084

    since we lost today and have very little chance of catching the cavs, there is no reason why phil shouldnt rest kobe and pau.

  • lafanfromindiana

    I’m not sure why you guys keep bringing up the Cavs. They are not a lock to come out of the East. We need to make sure that we have a better record than whoever comes out of the East which could be Boston. We just need to start playing better basketball and finish teams in 3 quarters so our starters can get some rest in the 4th. We need to put fear in teams that play us instead of everyone thinking they can beat us. Teams have confidence in stealing a game in our place come playoffs cuz our crowd just sits there like they are watching a movie or something. These playoffs can turn into a total disaster and I can see Kobe opting out afterwards to play for the Bulls.

  • deafdefiant

    I too would like to see them rested but really is it wise right now? Its a given the Cavs got HCA locked throughout but its not a given that they will come out of the East therefore giving up games (and we will if the bench keeps playing the way they are as of late) to rest Kobe and Pau may let the Magic or the Celtics over take us and take away our advantage should the Celtics or the Magic pull out an upset. Seriously I don’t think we can rest on the assumption that the Cavs will come out of East. We need to keep our eye on the prize and that’s the RING. HCA against the Celtics and the Magic will be key should one of them pull it out. Once we have second best record locked then I would scream rest them with all of you. Until then we need to get W’s.

  • Fred A.

    How does this sound: :)

    Powell/Odom(probly 25min a game)
    DJ/Odom (probly 25min a game)


  • k1on

    [Comment ID #66103 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Seriously, the arrogance some of the dallas players showed after their latest loss to the lakers pissed me off. I would like to see jason terry and that newb ryan hollins eat one of andrew bynum’s hard fouls when he come back

  • iamthetie

    They’d be getting rest if our team was playing good basketball for 48 minutes. The bench mob is forcing the starters to play heavy minutes and rescue games that they should lock down easily. Until they get back on track, I don’t expect Phil to give the stars rest any time soon

  • Kobe8

    rest the team phil!!! kobe looks tired

  • Babak

    fred how about ariza?

  • bassti

    I think now would be the time to rest the starters. Catching the Cavs is almost impossible and the Spurs catching the Lakers is more than almost impossible. The only thing I’m afraid of is the Cavs losing again, and the Lakers missed the possibility of taking over the lead. But that’s not gonna happen…

  • Jason

    Ya Phil needs to start resting the starters a lot more, maybe even give Pau and kobes a game off here and their. Pau def looks tired out their…

  • ceballos_neverforget

    The boys will get rest when they sweep the first round and wait for the others to duke out 6 or 7 games.

  • golakers75

    the starters could use a break, maybe give some of them the 2nd night of a back to back off. but the person that really needs a break is Farmar, phil should send him home and tell him never to come back. Farmar suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

  • green_apple

    rest the starters, there is no way we can catch up to the cavs,
    them playing almost all their games at home and us at road. it will be impossible to catch up.
    we just need to protect homecourt against the rest of the team in the standing. that is all we can do.
    and hope for the best when we meet the cavs at the finals.

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