Andrew Bynum was ejected from the game Friday night for his flagrant 2 foul on Beasley.

There is a lot of talk about whether or not he should be suspended. The league, by rule, automatically reviews every flagrant 2 foul. What do you guys think – “good hard foul” as some analysts or saying or something else? Here is the footage of the foul. Sound off.


  • JohnB

    He’s gonna get at least one game, he didn’t go for the ball at all. If Beasley didn’t land on his arm, he really would of gotten hurt.

  • bbz62

    tho it’s dirty… sometimes you gotta put something out there that makes people think twice about going inside.

  • mel

    that was not a good hard foul. i love the lakers, but bynum deserves a game suspension for that.


    just a good hard foul, he will probably get a 1 or 2 game suspension, most likely 1. he doesn’t even go in the with the elbow, its a forearm to the chest and the follow thru was the elbow. if it was an elbow, beasley would have been down and out.
    i thought garnetts crotch hit on channing frye was dirtier than this

  • marcus

    That was a dumb ass file and I think he should have been suspended just to teach him a lesson about dumb stuff like that. That could have potentially been a career ender for Beasley. Andrew was trippin’ man.

  • 123kid

    as much as i would like for him to play, i think he deserves a 1 game suspension. it would only be fair. plus if he just got a slam on the wrist, then i think other players would be furious about that (i.e. dwight).

  • Coach Brian Shaw

    he deserves at least a 1 game suspension for that. Made no play on the ball at all. Looked to me more like lazy defense than head hunting or something. Didnt bother to put his hands up, just tried to shove Beasley out of the paint and stuck the elbow out. Thats a no-no.

    Drew should know better after the incident with Wallace a couple years ago.


    Very dangerous to slam someone once they have left their feet. Results can be broken bones, paralysis and can end someone’s career. The league has been trying to clean up this rough stuff.

    If you want to tell someone don’t attack the paint or I will attack you, that means there is no accident when you do–that’s flagrant.

    The trash talking is done by those who are bullies. Flagrant fouls, on purpose, are criminal.

    I vote 5 games suspension!

    • rokon

      uh…no, flagrant fouls are NOT criminal. How many other sports have you watched? Pro sports are TOUGH, not for lil girls and boys. He deserves at MOST 2, not a ridiculous, hyperbolic, 5

      • DavidRossiter99

        yeah pro sports are tough and physical but its supposed to be about skill you dont see kobe acting like a thug idiot … you dont see lebron taking cheap shots, how many times did jordan get tossed for fouls like that, uhhhh never. put Bynum and Artest in a cage and let them club the hell out of eachother. I say toss him for good, If your a lakers fan do you really want your team built around trash like that ?

  • WoW

    Suspend him for the rest of the year.. hahahaha. JK Its a good foul, next time Beasly sees Bynum in the paint, he’ll think twice before going in there. 1 game suspension so the other players wont get mad. GO LAKERS

  • Tyler

    Can they suspend him after Portland ???

    But ya, that foul was stupid and it could have been dangerous for beasly. One game is sufficient. Still, I wish it was not this game….

    • fingerpointin

      lol,no they’ll get him before,nice try.

  • Dragon

    HAHAHA what did he got in it with Odom when it should have been Bynum that foul him he was like in Odom’s face ahaha. Then Barnes want some of that action and got into it too hehehe…

  • fingerpointin

    Andrew,was getting tired,they were holding ,slapping on him on one end,without giving him calls,and calling fouls on him on defensive end……..he was tired,mad and beasley was mouthing the whole game…I agree he’s getting suspension plus fine,five game?no way,he’s doesn’t have the rep to deserve that.

    • rondo

      Beasley is a young punk who talks a lot of bullshit. The players want his ass hurt.

  • ezed

    suspended for two games that about right

  • 242LakerFan

    Dirty play Andrew..
    I know the bad offensive foul call on one end led to the frustration foul at the other end.. but nevertheless it was a bad foul , could have ended the Beasleys season.. so i think it deserves 2 game suspension..

    I will defer to my favorite reporter Anna on the final verdict.

  • Wick

    Andrew Bynum wasn’t like : ” Yeah I foul you , so what the F**K do you want ?” .. No he was like : ” What’s happening guys ? I just stop him from making a dunk….So I don’t think it is that bad but he shouldn’t do that with the elbow..In conclusion just for a little mistake he doesn’t deserve to be suspended .

  • No Longer a Laker Fan

    His actions were premeditated. He could have eded another player’s career. He should be denied the balance of his career in the NBA. This isn’t the NHL or the NFL. The guy is a thug!

  • Aschallop