This one is simple. Sound off…

  • Should the Lakers make a trade?
  • Should they pursue Bosh (Bynum would likely go out)
  • Should they pursue Hinrich (Ammo+filler(s))

  • thanhttrinh

    obviously, this trade is no guarantee for the Lakers, but if that happens, i would get Kirk by letting Ammo + money, I’d rather keep Farmar and sasha till the end of this season to make a correct decision

    • lex

      your right we don’t need Kirk at this time Farmer is quick he knows the triangle plus he can score, Sasha does’nt play much but he’s money if he’s open trade him why sasha’s a better shooter than Kirk at this present time. every time i watch a game and he gets a change he does’nt miss to often so i’m confused why they want to trade him.

  • lakers2000

    No. We just need to heal. We will be fine at 100%. I think we will roll after the all star break. Believe that! Go Lakers!!!

    • ilikebasketball

      if kobe rests.

      i’m sure artest will during the all star break.

      i think kobe will try to prove he is still better than lebron. which is a waste of tiem at the all star game.

  • Luke G

    i’ll do the trade for hinrich if we give up a package around farmar and morrison. that sounds realistic and will help tremendously. i don’t think ammo alone can bate chicago.

    hinrich is a drastic improvement for the bench and will play the bulk of fish’s minutes. he aslo is a go-to kind of guy we need when kobe’s not feeling it.

    bosh for bynum is stupid on all levels. bynum=stud

  • thanhttrinh

    U just dont try to fix something is not broken ! we had the same group and guys like last yr, dont fix this team !! We dont need Bosh, dont need Kirk……GO LAKE SHOW

    • Jonathan

      why sign ron?

      • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

        Cause Ariza decided to get greedy and take advantage of the already over the salary cap Lakers by wanting $7 million for one good year he had out of the 2-3 years with the Lakers.

        • rudy t.

          i STILL get peeved whenever i hear “ariza got greedy/jealous”. it really wasn’t his fault he got let go. Ariza’s agent should get the bulk of the blame more than anybody. REALLY, i genuinely feel ariza’s agent is out there trying to rob everyone, including his clients. ugh… i can’t wait til trevor comes back. eventually. trust me. just like d-fish, he’s meant for purple and gold.

          • No

            Oh come on! Yes the agent makes the moves but there has to be some influence from the player aka Traitor Ariza

          • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

            The guy said that he was he was disrespected by LA and that he felt like he was slapped in the face. Would an LA lover really say that? Plus, all players have the option to agree or disagree on contracts (except trades). Ariza had the choice to tell his agent to shut up and that he wanted to stay in LA but he didnt. Then goes to the Rockets to talk about the Lakers…
            /id love for him to come back though, but after what he done, its hard for me to look at him the same, but I love his game in LA.

        • roscoe

          Whatever, it’s a business and you have to get as much money as possible

  • jg

    Lets get Kirk! Dude plays tough D, and I we might finally get a PG that can finish around the rim! If I see Derek Fisher have a clear look at another layup but throw up a horrible brick or botch the dish…my eyes are going to bleed! Farmar has been ballin as of late… and I like how he’s not deferring his offense when his only options are Lamar Odom, a tired Kobe that Phil keeps in the game at the start of the 2nd quarter, and Shannon who has been hitting his shot recently but is just as streaky. I think he upped his trade value that might land a Hinrich because the Bulls already have LOTS of people that need touches. I say give Farmar + Ammo for Hinrich and call it a done deal! However, I just tried the trade in the Trade Machine, and it says we still come up 400K short because we are over the cap!

  • Jonathan

    Heinrich is overrated

  • Brad

    Bulls fan here. Kirk Hinrich would be perfect for you guys. He’s playing really well and is a solid vet. He can play really good defense as well. Phil Jackson would like him.

  • Drake Ramoray

    I rather get Devin Harris if he’s available. I say wait til the deadline to see if the Nets don’t take the bait. If they don’t, we make the Hinrich trade. I’m sure he’ll still be available cause Chicago can’t find anyone to take him.

    • Sako

      You for got to add the doctor, Dr. Drake Ramoray.

  • leo

    trade for devin harris > hinrich anyday of the week but hinrich for ammo and farmar is no brainer too, definite upgrade also can start in future for fish………bosh for bynum makes perfect sense… is like tradin ur beemer or mercedes for a lambo….bynum is too injury prone n inconsistent…he may be young but we aint waitin for him to bloom…lakers ride n die with kobe…adding bosh = dynasty….though we can still win regardless…

  • Day

    I would rather have Hinrich start than Fish. Or at least only start Fish for the first like 2-4 minutes lol

  • Day

    But if we could somehow keep Farmar and Brown that would be ideal. Hinrich / Fisher / Farmar is hot. I wish we could do like Ammo / Machine for Hinrich ><

  • Juffy

    getting bosh is like making that “” fantasy real. I say we trade big boy Bynum for the KG anti-pope Bosh. Bosh + Gasol = “ala-1990’s Chicago Bulls” Lakeshow

    • ilikebasketball

      yeah, and where would be now if we got garnett?

      a broken ass leader.

      that’s the big shame of this website is that it started with gettin garnett.
      he got a fluke championship cause he had two other all stars on his team. one other hall of famer.

  • Marco Jose Manipon

    How about that Devin Harris buzz?

  • Sako

    If we can get Kirk Hinrich for AMMO+Sasha, go for it 1000%. But i think they’d probably want Farmar.

  • Rich K

    If it can be made, trading Bynum for Bosh would allow the Lakers some flexibilty on defense. Bynum is still much too slow to react to give and go, plus his desire to rebound and play focused seems to be not evident. Sure he has his good games, but there’s no consistency. Maybe as he matures he might gain it, but who knows when that will come. Hinrich is a questionable story. He seems to be hurt every year. If the Bulls are willing to give him up for Ammo and Farmar, I think it’s a good deal. Otherwise leave things as they are and make the best of it.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    No! Maybe trade Ammo’s expiring contract for a SF but I like what Farmar and Shannan can do. Other than the shots they pull up too quick into the shot clock, they are capable of performing.

    • keepon_keepinon18

      And no Andrew trade! Too much potential, the guy is only going to get better and he isn’t hurting us right now.

  • KindSir

    I think that trading for Hinrich would be a no-brainer. It would be nice to have a PG who can defend for once, and I would love to see him start over fish.

  • lex

    Trade Bynum for Bosh that’s the only deal that needs to get done. We would see better on the ball defense if we got Bosh, more shot blocking better defense tenacity and quicker rotation. Bymun wants to score 20 every game instead of cleaning up the boards and making players that drive to the lane change there shot, we should be blowing people out by 30 every game we have the best player in the game in Kobe. Pau is a very good PF but he to soft on the defensive of end same goes for Lamar Odom.

  • Lateshow

    I would trade Bynum for Bosh, he is a beast. It seems that Bynum gets lazy most times and fails on the defensive side. Anything to help the LAKERS WIN another championship… Hinrich or even Salmons for Sasha and Morrison would be an upgrade to the bench.

  • Anthony

    Let’s also not forget Hinrich’s already a hater of the green and white squad from across the country. Him and Rondo going at it. Lakers v Celtics 2010 hell yeah!

  • xtro

    do it mitch! defense is offense! cap’n kirk plays D! Farmar does not!



    • ilikebasketball

      do we need another point guard?

      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        duhh we need a we have dead weight…

  • gus26

    this is the deal…

    its farmar, morrison and josh powell
    hinrich and james johnson.. (johnson will be aquired via trade exemption) jj will also be the shannon brown, trevor ariza of this trade.. true fans know what i mean..

    next year IF bynum under performs in the playoffs we will complete a sign and trade with toronto.. we will get bosh for bynum and sasha (sasha will be an expiring contract next year)..

    • Bob Smith

      the famar, morrison, josh powell for hinrich and james johnson makes the most sense. Bulls get the expiring contracts, and Lakers don’t end up with 9 point guards.

      I don’t want to give up Bynum, though.

  • T-Dub

    If you can get Bosh ( proven stud) for Bynum, cut your losses and do it! Face it, after 5 or six years in the league, Bynum is what he is. He dominates agaist smaller weaker players, and dissappears against bigger stronger players. It won’t get any better. Everyone keeps saying when he developes, when this , when that….It ain’t happening! A true stud will show it in the first year or two.


      T-Dub you were the one who wanted Arenas. Still want him. Plus you were the biggest basher of the FO on this site than anyone. You got Pwned.

    • roscoe


    • LakersFirst

      T-Dub – please stay quiet with regards to trades. You bashed the Lakers FO for years.

  • daboss1848

    Not sure y anyone would trade for a softer less skilled version of Pau, especially after watching him play.

    Latest version on Hnrich is Ammo and Sasha – that I would do. Ammo and Farmar or Brown – no.

  • Fanzus

    If they can get Hinrich for Ammo and Sasha, that is a no brainer. There is much debate about Bynum for Bosh. Bosh would play MUCH better with Gasol and is a better defender and rebounder than Bynum. But then there is the issue of Bynum’s “potential”. But keep in mind… Once Kobe retires, do you think we’re going to be racking up championships then? My guess is no. So I would focus on getting as many as we can NOW. Just my opinion. Besides, we all love Kobe and want to see him expand his legacy. And who wouldn’t want to see him rack up more championships than even Jordan had?

  • ilikebasketball

    no for bosh. how can he fit?

    and get heinrich only if it’s for sasha and adam.

    but we have three point guards already.

    though brown can play the two spot, right?

  • Lakers 24 7


  • ricky

    I would gladly trade Adam and Sasha for Kirk. I know we go smaller, but we definitely get better. I think with the addition of Kirk, we can really let Kobe get some more rest during the quarters and we can really give Derek perhaps even more rest and save him for the stretch run. We can go with a rotation of Derek and Kobe to start, then interchange Jordan and Kirk at PG or Kirk and Shannon behind Kobe. It would give us more off the bench by adding Kirk and I think his style can really fit in well with the triangle. The only thing that needs to be committed to is the contract that he’s gonna carry with him cause he’s definitely not cheap. I like Dr. Buss’ quote that “If it helps to win titles, he’s gonna sign the big checks to do it”. or something along those lines.

    If we’re serious about winning and being the best, I say do it Mitch and Buss should just go for it. You not only win now, but you really set this team up for a good long run as top contenders for at least the next 3-5 years.

  • kisofdeath

    i think bynums good for now. if he doesnt stay consistent at end of season and bosh is a FA then maybe a sign-and-trade with toronto

    hinrich im on the fence on. i like him as a player but if the deal doesnt include farmar and brown (both whom i dont want to go) i dont know how the rotation would work out. if i had to give up one of those players it would be farmar tho.

  • manu

    what i don´t get. if we trade ammo+ sasha for kirk, we would have 4 pg!! fish, farmar, brwon und hinrich….

    • ricky

      We can start Fisher but the bulk of his minutes would go to Kirk so we can allow Derek to rest more. Behind Kirk is Jordan and Shannon can play behind Kobe, so the rotation, if we sacrifice some of Derek’s playing time (he is the oldest on the team and rightfully deserves more rest), then the rotation can work out fine. We can keep Derek fresher as we hit home stretch and with Kirk, Jordan, and Shannon picking up the slack, we have a very nasty back court and that’s not even including Kobe.

      • ricky

        Oh yeah, at times, Kirk could play some 2 guard behind Kobe as well and I think that would work out okay.

  • letherebelight

    i think ammo/sasha 4 hinrich is great. Dont touch any other players. or maybe mbenga n luke for a solid big man. Luke is gabage. if artest can rest, we gonna be aight. The shoes Artest wears are like cinder-blocks. damn he needs to wear them KOBE’S

  • lkr08

    lakers should keep bynum at least till the end of the season. If he doesnt show up in the playoffs (again) then we package him to toronto for bosh. If bynum would commit his game to the defensive end more and challenge shots like howard, we wouldnt lose but he is and does look like many pl on here have said-LAZY.