Who to blame…? The refs are a popular starting point; we all have our thoughts. Between hearing the complaining on the Lakers fans’ side and ESPN cutting to black (at least on the West coast) as soon as Wilbon said he thought the reffing was “one sided,” there are many indications the refs had a major factor in this game 2.

Before I go on, a few thoughts… There is no question the Celtics were the more aggressive team. However, the myth about the Lakers being a jump-shooting-only team is not true. There was a lot of contact that was not being called. From holds to grabs and shoves, to simply being hit on shots. So, at the end of the day, I’d like to hear YOUR take on this “hot topic.”

Here we go with the numbers:

Lakers – 10 free throws
Celtics – 38 free throws
(19 free throws for the Celts at halftime compared to the Lakers 2)

By the way, Leon Powe went 9-13 himself… Oh this in 14 minutes of play. More than the entire Lakers squad. Phil mentioned in his press conference in all his years of coaching, “[He’d] never seen anything like that.” What are your thoughts? Did the Celtics truly defend us picture perfect, or did the refs factor in maybe too much into this NBA finals game and not let the teams play physical basketball?

By the way, here is what a few Lakers had to say about the fouls:

Sasha: “It was unbelievable.”

Rad: “Definetely. We didn’t have a chance to run out. They shot free throws all game long. It went to their advantage.”

  • pio2u

    Refs & Wilbon are truly terrible (not sure which is worst)! The refs are as bad as they were back in the 60’s & 70’s. I still feel that the Lakers will rally to win in 6 despite horrendous officiating.

  • vintij

    Well phil has been in this game a long time and i feel the exact way he does. I have never seen a crew of refs decide a game so obviously in my entire life. Let alone a FINALS GAME. Why is it that on a big stage, refs feel the game should be about them and not about the players? I admit i am a lakers fan but there were about 10 clear fouls that did not get called against the lakers, and about 5 or six really really really bad calls going the other way, the most obvious example is the offensive foul on bryant in the first quarter with basically zero contact. Why do the refs feel they should take the MVP out of the game during the finals for the most questionable fouls? If they are going to call it why not be consistent? ANd everyone wonders why the nba has been on its way DOWN the last 5 years. Its the refs feeling like they have something to prove. Definitely If i were david stern i would be embarresed.


    LAKERS 10-10 FT’S
    CELTICS 27-38 FT’S

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    If I were a ref, I’d let them play unless they butcher each other. Why were the 80’s so physical – because they mostly let the player play unless it was blatant for the most part… not the same is true with today’s game.

    It’s frustrating, and tonight was horrible. But it was NOT the reason the Lakers lost imo.

  • Big Nick

    We have been playing 1 on 2 out there for the first two games. Hopefully the calls will come our way at home, because it’s hard to play when leon powe is getting more free throws than our whole team!!!! what a joke. David Stern should at least do a better job of hiding the blatant one-sidedness of the referees.

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  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Here is the box score for those who are interested:


  • KING-BQ1981



    LAKERS in 6

  • varsityoptimism

    i gotta say…im usually not the type of dude who blames referees, but when Leon Powe shoots more free throws than the entire Laker team, there is something GLARINGLY wrong.

    eff that.

  • Zackloveslakers


    Danny Crawford has refereed(sp?) a lot of Tim Donaghy games

  • kobe4ever

    its over…f’ing refs

  • gugy

    Sure the refs screwed us.
    BUT the Lakers seem confused and lack of confidence. And I have to say the Celtics deserved the win tonight.
    The Lakers need to show heart and will to win in LA. We must win every home game and try to steal one in Boston.
    Looks scary now. PJ needs to make magic and plant the seed of confidence in this young team.
    I still believe, but man it’s hard.

    F U C K!

  • swcom120

    4th lowest freethrow total by a team in the history of the NBA finals. Against one of the most agressive defensive teams in the league. You gotta be kidding me.

  • Pimpycakes

    The Celtics did shoot a lot more foul shots, but the number of fouls was actually fairly close — 28-21. Not equal by any means, but the simple fact is the Lakers weren’t being aggressive enough and were settling for jump shots. That’s why they weren’t getting to the line.

  • joe

    I have never been a part of or have seen a game so clearly lopsided in regard to officiating and its tuff because I’m starting to believe the consiracy talk… Tom donaughy…didn’t help matters either..!!!

  • i love l.a.

    it’s an unsettling feeling that this feels like the 2004 finals against detroit. the lakers are going to win all 3 at home and come back to boston with all the momentum.

  • Ryan Bowie

    when someone in the bar i was in said the officials would do everything in their power to make sure that this series went 6 or 7 games… i was admittedly skeptical. however, after watching the refs’ performance in game 2, i will stand with the conspiracies theorists.


  • BleedspurpleNgold

    Refs did a horrible JOB!

    But What’s was worst than the refs were the Lakers’ Defense. Celtics were 52% from the field and 64% (I know it was 60%) from 3-point land. You can blame the refs, but it was just the Lakers’ defense.

    Also, they have too many damn Jump Shots. They need to take it hard to the rack and get KG in foul trouble and exploit Pierce on offense (if he’s really hurt).

    Looking for the Lakers to be aggressive on both ends of the court, if not then the finals don’t look too promising.

    Btw.. Whats up with LO?

  • sk

    I dont like blaming the refs but its scolding hot and ice cold discepency. Touch fouls on kobe and others while jordan farmer and kobe get their arms ripped off going to the hoop. NO CALL.


    They dictate every game!

    lakers cannot get transition offense becuase they are letting C’s shoot freethrows.


  • lakersno834

    any video of Wilbon saying “One sided”?

  • kpoabue

    When Radman got the 2 early fouls and i saw Ariza coming for him i just felt so happy that i wanted to kiss Phil. Because when he came in 4 turnovers happened and la went on a 7-0 run. When there was a timeout he put him out for luke and lost the lead.

    I can not stand watching bad calls being called. NBA needs to be looking at this. Remember when Odom got his shot blocked by Perkins that was a foul.

    don’t worry Lakernation we got game 3 i just know it that Sasha would be on fire with Farmar.

    Also when lakers were down after 4:30 in the third quarter i did not watch the game until 7:20 when they started the run. I just knew we will be coming back but unfortunately we lost.

  • Celtics0-4

    yeah if we can play as strong as we played in the last 5 min we can win all 3 games at home and make it a 3-2 series and all we need is 1 win,but i say LAKERS IN 6, SI SE PUEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #38688 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The Lakers looked confused and lacked the confidence because they werent allowed to play the game thats why…. Lets be realistic here the refs will always dictate the way the game is going to go.

    Its fu@king 2004 and 2006 all over again, the only Western Conference team that gets the calls their way is SA.

    The NBA wants their Champ. Fu@k the refs and Boston

  • Dynasty Reborn

    Absoulutly we were scewed in game 1 and now carried over into game 2.itwas so amazing to me how obvious they made it. everytime it seemed the lakers were gonna on a run or make a defensive stop (for example) ronnie turiaf in the 2nd q swatted the sh**out of i beleieve it was powe clean block mind you but they call him for falling on top of him. that was among the many stupid calls that they made against us. from that moment on we could not play lakers basketball. now i dont know if the league wants this series to be a dramatic 7 game series and at all cost make sure that happens or they want the celtics to win becase of the so quote on quote big 3. kobe is getting no damn rspect being called for bull shit calls and that has been tottaly shifting the momentum.

    i hope the leaue and david sterns fat ass sit down and realize that the refs better start calling it both ways or they will be quesioned on if these games are fixed for media and press purposes but as a die hard fan of basketball and the LAKERS you hate to see a game dictated by refs, alot of these calls were not made in the 80’s they let them play and actually let the players got work and play basketball.

  • AndrewT

    Could the Lakers have helped themselves more? Of course. But the poor officiating gave this game away.

    When your guys are in foul trouble, they’re much more hesitant on defense. It also forced Phil Jackson to leave the bench in for longer than he liked.

    On the other end, it allowed the Celtics to have that extra defensive advantage. There should have been about 4-5 trips to the charity stripe from Gasol and Lamar in the 1st half that weren’t called.

    Personally, I don’t believe in conspiracies. But that whole segment on Powe during half-time and the ridiculous amount of foul shots he took can’t just be a coincidence.

    Still, I am glad that the Lakers cut it close in the 4th quarter. Kobe Byrant looked like he was going to cry on the bench. I was wondering then why Phil Jackson put him back in the game. I understand now. Kobe Bryant led the team back from a monstrous deficit and showed a lot of heart. This team has heart. Lakers in 7.

  • andrew

    Crybabies. I can’t stand how the Lakers cheat more than any team but cry the loudest when they lose. When Fisher fouled Barry and no call (the NBA even admitted it was a foul), the Spurs refused to blame the ref. Take your loss like a man. Bottom line, Boston manhandled them and Kobe isn’t used to a team actually guarding him correctly.
    Kobe shot only 11 free throws THE ENTIRE SERIES against the Spurs but you guys didn’t complain because you were winning. Shut up and quit being babies.

  • yash

    I was guessing that the Lakers wud atleast get game 1 or game 2 but none. I dont think the Lakers can win this year but maybe nxt yr. If Kobe and LA play like SH!T then IDK wtf to say.

  • iLLmatic

    The refs took the lakers out of the game..hopefully those calls go in our favor at home

  • lakerschamps08

    ok yea for yall and all people who say were did not go to the basket and were not aggressive u cat go to the bucket when they bumping and holding and grabbing u.. just saying…
    sasha got fouled on the 3point attepted and they say no foul.. and then posey travelled.. sooo just TERRIBLE REFFING.. but we sucked the whole game until 4rt Q… but now we at home at we get bullshitted at home then u know the finals are rigged… until they beat us i believe we can do it…
    go lakers

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Predictions? (*&^%$#@)… How are the Lakers going to win if the refs or the league are truly against them winning the finals this year? … GET REAL! … This is why the Lakers tallied-(not scored)-less points than the Celtics today… In other words; LOST! … And of course, these circumstances would lead you-(The Lakers)-to feel confused, be less aggressive and lack confidence…. It goes with the circumstances… Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus

  • Lorenzo

    Worst officiating I have ever seen in an NBA game. Yes, worse than the 06′ finals and the Wade massacre. It was like Bob Delaney wasn’t even trying to hide it.

  • Josie

    Unfortunately, in the NBA, home court advantage means more calls goin’ your way. The Lakers don’t seem to be phased on the road, but with the Celtics committing fouls and not being punished for them it hurts. The Shamrocks rank 5th in the league in infractions, which means they commit a load of fouls (i.e. 22. 45). The Lakers rank 20th. Obviously, either the Celtics miraculously stopped pushing it on the defensive end or the refs were blindfolded. Even with the refs on the dark side, the green side, we can still win.

    With their backs against the wall, can the Lakers manage to come out alive and win the whole shebang? The answer is yes, but it’s not black and white. I consistently find myself enlightened by the perseverance of the team. Although these first two games have been traumatic and have even made some of you out their weep, I demand that you keep your heads up! The series heads West and the next three games are in LA. If it makes some of you any comfier, that means home court advantage, which translates to more calls for the Lakers. After tonight, there will no longer be three-day recuperation period, which favors the senior Celtics. The more time between games seems insignificant, but is in fact detrimental. The Celtics, whose three out of five starters are over 30, will no longer have ample time to rest. The “old men” can’t keep up with the Lakers. Kobe is passionate and relishes over revenge. Leon Powe is a one-hit wonder and Paul Pierce should win an Oscar for his acting skills. Tuesday expect a great game and expect a win from your future 2008 World Championship Lakers =)

  • gugy


    the refs, David Stern, the NBA and Boston.

    I still believe on my guys. Lakers in 7.
    3 wins in LA and victory at game 7!


  • Odom the worst player

    I’m glad the lakers rallied to make it interesting, but I still wish Kobe would drive to the basket. He did it in the last min of the game, but the whole game he kept taking jump shots. One more thing when the lakers cut the lead to 9, can somebody tell me why then would you start trying to run your offense through Radman. I just don’t understand.

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  • Tim Donaghy

    The reason for the biased officiating isn’t too hard to see. Did anyone notice the odds on the Celtics to win the series? Bet on the Celtics, call the game so the Celtics win, and make a LOT of money. Tim Donaghy confessed that he wasn’t the only official betting on games he’s officiating. Clearly, the refs locked in their bets and are now set to make a windfall.

    If anyone questions them, they can just say the Celtics were the better team. It is the perfect situation – the team with the best record in the NBA as the underdog?

    Today they could have gotten caught with their hand in the cookie jar but everyone seems to have forgotten about the betting scandal.

  • KB24MVP

    You would think that when the NBA Finals start the refs would stay out of the way and let the players decide the Championship. Leon Powe had 13 free throws, The entire Laker team had 10 free throws, this is completely ridiculous and the explanation given was that the Lakers weren’t aggressive enough going to the basket THAT IS BULL if you look at the shot chart the Lakers had 23 official shot attempts in the paint and Boston only had 18 attempts . The refs are calling two different games, they let Boston be ultra aggressive on D letting them grab, hold,and pull and the if the Lakers get any contact on Defense it’s a foul. I cant believe it we only had 3 shooting fouls in the entire game I can only hope that game 3,4,5 will be called fair because we all know that the Lakers are the only Team in the NBA that doesn’t get Home court advantage calls.. BOOM OUTTA HERE

  • Big Nick

    [Comment ID #38713 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Josie is awesome. great comment!

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Man, Kobe was clearly, blatantly and openly GRABBED by Pierce, while driving for a lay-up, near the end of the game, right after Pierce made a driving lay-up of his own…. AMAZING, when you consider the whole world easily sees it, BUT NO CALL! … Are the Celtics proud of themselves by winning this way? … Hell, I as fan, would be somewhat shamed and embarrassed to see my team win this way.

  • andrew

    Idiots. You are the same people who were screaming at the refs when Detroit manhandled you for the first 4 games (you stole game to on a great Kobe 3) before you finally realized Detroit was the better team and they won the finals. (the Malone/Payton year.)
    What about 2002 game 6 when Lakers shot 27 free throws in the 4th quarter alone then Bibby gets a foul called on him for hitting Kobe’s elbow with his nose with 12 seconds to go? Or Fisher rising and hitting a turnaround in only 0.4 seconds against the Spurs?
    Just shut up and play. Obviously the Celtics are playing more aggressively and that is rewarded. After surviving the physical tough Pistons and the resilient Cavs, playing a “finesse” team like the Lakers is like playing the Sparks.
    Get tough or the series ends in L.A.

    And no, I’m not a Celtics fan but blaming the refs is pathetic. Get some freaking rebounds and go to the hole.

  • Odom the worst player

    Big nick thanks, your comments really makes me feel better.

  • Odom the worst player

    Stupid Andrew no one on this site cares to hear what you have to say, and yes you are a celtic fan. Moron the refs made bad calls all night and just because you don’t agree doesn’t make your comments true. Why don’t you go to a celtic site or to hell, or somewhere we don’t have to hear from you

  • two0one7

    Take this into account, we actually outscored them 40-34 in the paint (we had 41fgs in the paint compared to their 23), yet still only got 10 freethrows compared to their 38. We were the aggressor. Unbelievable.

    Charlie Rosen pretty much sums it up:

    “A pair of phantom fouls on Kobe ruined the Lakers’ first-half rotation, and at the intermission Boston had attempted 19 free throws to L.A.’s two (one of these being a technical foul on KG). After three quarters the margin was 26-to-4, and the final total was 38-to-10.

    This disparity was even more puzzling since the Lakers’ game-plan called for them to constantly drive the ball to the hole. And several replays showed exactly how biased and inconsistent the refs’ decisions truly were.

    No surprise, then, that the Lakers were distracted, annoyed, and even outraged all game long. And rightly so.

  • http://losangelessource.com/lakers/ Lane

    Agreed, nice comments Big Nick


  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    During halftime, in a different article, I posted the following: The Refs can control how the game’s momentum and outlook will ultimately be. … They will give the doomed team a few insignificant calls from time to time to try and mask their intention. … But I think it is obvious to most, they have over done it this time, at least for the first half, and that usually can be enough to sway the outcome to their intention. … They can go back to normal for the second half. … If the Lakers manage to come back in the second half, they will subtlety revert back to what is needed to complete the job. … This is exactly what happed today…. I wish I could be more optimistic, but that takes faith in the system, which I sorely lack at this time… I hope for the Lakers sake, that I am wrong. KEEP IT GOING LAKERS!

  • andrew

    Actually I’m a Bulls fan from Chicago and don’t care who wins the Finals. But I’ve lived in L.A. and for some reason in that city they always blame the refs for their losses EVERY SINGLE TIME! It’s amazing that you don’t focus on what you did wrong and try to improve it. Fact is Odom played weak, nobody rebounds, Garnett had his open jumper any time he wanted, Kobe was ice cold on all those jumpers he usually hits….oh but it’s the refs fault!

    “Phantom fouls?” Yeah, an elbow to the throat is a phantom foul. What about when Kobe ran into Garnett on that screen and Garnet got called for it? Or the Vlad took 4 steps on that dunk and no call?

    “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say” or nobody wants to hear the truth? Sure the home team gets more calls: they always do and so will L.A. at home. But that’s NOT why they lost tonight. Pierce couldn’t miss and let’s face it: Powe had the game of his life.

  • Thomas

    I was looking for the Lakers to win the Finals in 6 or so games but I’m really thinking that David Stern will pull all the strings possible to make the Finals go 7 games. When it gets to Game 7, he might get even refs but who knows. He may want the Celtics to get one this year because Bynum is coming back next year and they all know the Lakers will be unstoppable. Anyway, yeah the refs were horrible and we shouldn’t become Sac fans where everything was the refs fault…bullsh*t game AND we still almost won!

  • Sako

    Leon Powe alone had 13 FT attempts. The Lakers as a team had 10. If that ain’t rigged, than I don’t know what is.

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Andrew you idiot, Refs have to make a few insignificant calls against the doomed team to make it believable, only today, they over did it, on one side of the toilet… If you’re in the con business then you must con… Meaning shit on, FOOL!

  • Thuggishdeer

    the officiating was bull shiit. the fact is, when the refs swallowed their whistles in the 4th quarter we showed the world how good this team is when the refs dont interfere, we scored 41pts straight in one quarter alone, while the celtics scored like 20. imagine if the game was like the 4th all game long?

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog/2008/06/08/nation-discussion-refs-the-blame-game/ NBA Finals is Fixed!!

    I am supposed to be studying for a final but I cant get over what happened today. From the first quarter to the 4th quarter it was an absolutely ridiculously reffed game. People complain that Kobe complains too much about being fouled but the as the replayed showed Pierce completely intended to slap the ball out and missed and slapped his arm. The very next possession Pierce comes down and jacks up a forced lay-up resulting in a bail-out foul. Why do the refs have to swing towards one way or the other. I admit as an NBA fan that the Lakers got a lot of calls against the Nuggets and Utah, but never this extreme to the point where even Michael Wilbon and many others can just tell by watching this game that the refs were very biased. I hope Boston is happy that they got a gift from the refs and did not truly earn this win.

  • nick van exel

    dwyane wade. that’s all i gotta say.


    andrew—- shut the F U C K up you stupid F U C K… yes its true we can’t blame everything on the refs… and yes the laker’s need to rebound better… D up more aggressively… but if you look at the numbers the lakers had more points in the paint 40 to the celtics 34… don’t believe me check it on nba.com… how is it that the team that scores the most points in the paint gets the least number of Free throw attempts? you have got to be dumb or a celtic fan to be so blind to the fact that the officiating sucked garnette’s nuts… ohh and you lived in L.A. and we blame everything on bad reffing??? way to generalize dumb S H I T. even real celtic fans don’t talk as much S H I T as you. go get some real facts before you come onto a laker fan site and start talking your S H I T you blind mother F U C K E R… refs sucked… you suck… check the numbers… david stern can go to hell… LAKERS in 7… go suck on one andrew


    andrew… i almost forgot….garnett shot 7-19 and kobe shot 11-23… garnett’s FG% was 37% and kobe’s was 48%….. so shut the F U C K up…. learn to back up what you say dumb S H I T…

  • Jason

    [Comment ID #38703 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re right, we weren’t being as vocal about the discrepancy since we were winning, but we still thought it was unusual nonetheless. SA pulls away from the defender at the last second sometimes, often giving them the benefit of the doubt during the game. The Celtics do not. When Leon Powe gets more free throws in 14 minutes than the other team, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out something was going on.

    the Refs prevented us from matching the Celtics aggressive defense. People are gonna complain about the Lakers not driving to the hole enough, but you’re less apt to go to the hole if you can’t get a whistle from a ref. You drive, get fouled, but don’t get a whistle. What can you do about that?

  • Remy

    hey andrew, are we the spurs??…uh no if you didn’t know that…

    and you say take it like a man?…for your information, the refs were never one sided in that series

    so just shut up

  • Jason

    I can’t think of a single NBA fan base that would NOT complain about the refs if they were in our position tonight (even the Spurs fan would have to holler a little). You can’t let only one team play physical, you just can’t. Yes, Lamar had a bad game, and we were outplayed for most of the night, but imagine what would have happened had 2 or 3 bad calls not been made. We might all be humming a different tune.

    In general it’s just absurd how much influence a referee has the outcome of a game. Someone suggested we impose fines or suspensions to refs for games like this, and I like the idea. Home fans make you more likely to blow the whistle, but you can’t allow one side to get away with murder and not the other. I just want a fair and consistently called game. Give me that, and the Lakers will prove they are no defensive slouch and can handle Boston’s defense with ease.

  • Rinnegato

    Refs suck and played a huge part in the break down of the Lakers, I know it, you know it, the refs know it. It wasn’t the main cause, but played a pretty huge part when its 38-10 difference at the line.

  • Showtime

    I agree with most people here. Even though I’ve watched the NBA for so many years now the only worse (if possible) was during the Heat/Mavericks finals. This is just too much for anyone to take. The refs were clearly wetting their pants every time the crowd screamed. And for those who are blaming the Lakers for poor playing, what do you expect from a team that every time drives to the basket and gets nothing but a turnover (or hit with a T) to keep on playing in such a horrendous place called Boston. That is just not basketball.

    I swear I have never been disgusted like this before about a basketball game (did the refs know that it was a sports game?!). Not to mention that fag Pierce with his little school play (for the record, even Bird questioned it) and the refs. The calls better be on our side in Staples otherwise this is not but a Hollywood movie (if the Cs end up with a 3-0 or 3-1 lead look for another meeting between the two times next year (and possibly more to come) with the Lakers holding home court advantage and winning the title.

  • ryanz

    i love the Lakers and all, but i do not think they can win this series. its just hard to watch and impossible to play 5 vs 8 everytime they’re on the court. it was soooooooooo freaking blatant who the refs wanted to win this game, and oh i wonder why? the name Tim Donaghy comes to mind when i think about why. im not sure if others pointed this out cause i didnt bother reading the other thousands of posts before me. but this is my opinion and only that. people say refs are as fair as they can be, it was obviously not true in Sundays game. the most obvious one was were Farmar drove-in and got raked across his arms as he was trying to shoot. it was like in the first half, forgot when. but yeah, it was sooo totally obvious since that point on. after that i just turned off the tv and i knew what the outcome already was going to be. i didnt even have to watch. but the blame cannot be put all on the refs. the Lakers have to do some fine tuning, or else just hand the Celts the trophy already. just my 2cents.

  • andrew

    Ouch! Looks like I hurt some feelings on some sensitive Laker fans out there. Nothing like stirring the pot.

  • andrew

    28 fouls were called on the Lakers.
    21 fouls were called on the Celtics.

    Wow, 7 more fouls were called on the visiting team. You’d think it was the JFK assassination the way Laker fans are crying bloody murder. Sorry, you got beat down and can’t take it.

  • Showtime

    We are talking about Free Throws but I think that is too much for you to understand (and thinking that the Cs won the game not because of the refs does not help your hopeless case either).

    If you are so into reality, pretend to be so damn realistic and fool yourself thinking that the Cs have won fair then could you explain how an amateur named Powe can get to the line more than an entire team in just 14 minutes. While Gasol, Bryant, and Odom were driving to the bucket the entire first half (at the very least) and only being awarded one FT? very deserving on the Boston side. They know how to play no-call defense. Maybe Bruce Bowen was a guest lecturer before the finals.

    One more thing, shut the hell up and take your BS somewhere else.


    To everyone who´s saying we laker fans are crybabies pls. watch ESPN, watch Kcal9 and watch Worthy go crazy. 38 to 10 FT attempts says the game thats all i could say. This series is not over LAKERS are mad right now and will come alive in the home games and beat the actor and rest of his team . LET`S GO LAKERS!!!!!!!
    BEAT THE CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHAMPIONSHIP 08 will be ours!!!!!!

  • http://deleted berks24

    yes the celts can win this series wth the help of the refs n stern and they must do it now coz this will be the last time lakers will lost.wth bynum back next season lakers will win 75 reg season games and a playoff sweep to the finals.09 champions…. kobe mvp…


    NBA refs are the most inconsistant anyway. It’s not just the fact that they called it one-sided. They were making calls at cruisial points of the game. When we cut the lead to two points, they immediately called a foul on Pierce where he drained the two free throws, and we all know the rest. They took Kobe, Lamar, and Fish out of the game by getting them in foul trouble. Fouls that did not even exist. Man this is the NBA Finals for crying out loud, let them play. They were hacking left and right and there were no calls. At this point, the NBA will do everything possible to send the series to 7, or make the poster franchise, the Celtics, to win the title. Return to tradition right? It all reminds me the eighties games all over man. They are getting a special treatment for some reason. At this point, all I have to say is: “Thank God for the NY Giants”, because the Boston teams are getting that special treatment lately and I don’t know why? All and all though, we need to be more aggressive and not let these guys take us out of the offense. Game 2, look the refs to call the game a little bit different. Hopefully.

  • xtro

    Fire the veteran refs and hire new fresh blood!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    Notice, the stupid foul calls that were made in the 1st half. This never enabled the Lakers to make it a close game. But when the the Celts started leading over 20+ the refs said, okay its garbage time now. “Let’s not call fouls and go home” And because of that the Lakers were able to play more physical defense that made the Celts turnover the ball a lot.

    I cannot believe it and I knew it would be the refs that caused us to lose the game. I was nervous when Vlad Rad stole had that open dunk. I was worried the refs would call traveling cause the refs played a huge part in the Lakers lost, especially in the first half.

    However, I did notice that the Lakers are not executing their usual offense. I wonder if it’s cause the Celtics are playing good D or the Lakers aren’t used to playing there yet. Let’s hope for 3 straight wins and close one of the games back at Boston. This is what many of the analyst are predicting Lakers in 6 or 7. Lakers should be a little bit more comfortable playing against them now.

  • celticsin5

    Lakers fans are the biggest cry babies ever… Your team played no defense and it was all the celtics toughness that one this game.. The Lakers had the celtics in the penalty half way through the third quarter and failed to take advantage settling for jump shots instead of getting to the rim and drawing fouls to get to the line.. Quit Crying your team got out played

    Love LEON POWE!!!!

  • laker-nate

    wow laker fans lets be real…refs arent the reason we lost this game…our defense is the reason we F’n lost…ya they shot 28 more free throws than us, but they were more agressive and taking the ball 2 the rim…we were settling 4 stupid jump shots!…there were 28 fouls called against us and 27 called against the celtics so the foul differintial wasnt that bad, they were just more agressive…dont get me wrong either, im a die hard laker fan and i hate the C’s but we gotta step our game up and not let scrubs like powe get to the rim that ez…btw, wtf did vlad rad pass the ball 2 sasha 4 at the end? he had kobe to his right open…

  • http://myspace! claudiu phillipe

    Yeah, the reffing sucked, but the only guy that really pulled a “TIM DONAGHY” was BOB DELANEY! the one that stands out the most from the 5 or 6 he screwed us over on, was the one where Ronny Turiaf blocked that shot. THE REF RIGHT UNDER THE BASKET DIDN’T MAKE A CALL BUT HE MADE IT FROM HALF COURT! BS

  • BringDFishBack

    While the refs were terrible, the blame really goes to the Lakers defense. If they played a lick of D they would have won. I mean seriously letting Powe go the entire court for a wide open dunk right out of a timeout? Com’on.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #38809 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s not all one way or the other. Lakers do need to be tougher but that doesn’t mean they didn’t get screwed somewhat last night. Many of the fouls called on the lakers were shooting fouls for the celtics. Most of the fouls called against the celtics were outside the key and had no bearing on ft’s. Refs did give an advantage to the c’s in the paint and to not believe that makes you look ignorant. I hope i didn’t touch a nerve because I realize you are a sensitive guy kinda like LO.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #38825 Will Be Quoted Here]

    But we all know that if the Lakers had a free throw advantage of 38-10, like the Celtics had yesterday, that the Boston f*aggot fans would be crying too.

    If you think about, the fact that the Lakers came back from 24 down and cut the lead to 2 points and lost only by 6, the free throws are even a bigger issue as the Celtics went 27 for 38 from the free throw line (that’s 27 points from the FT line), where the Lakers went 10 for 10. That’s a 17 point margin from the free throw line.

    No one likes to cry about poor officiating, but the fact the Lakers went to FT line only 10 times is laughable (I mean Leon Powe went to the FT line 14 times!!!). I’m not saying the Lakers should have been given 38 free throws like the Celtics, but there should have been at least another 10 free throw attempts, as there were obvious calls against the Celtics that were not called.

  • vintij

    The lakers were aggresive, they had more points in the paint than boston, the only difference is nobody called the fouls. 28-21 does not look like alot but maybe next time you pull that stat out, why dont you show how many of those fouls were shooting fouls. Think about it, 20 of those fouls absolutely HAD to be shooting fouls to equal the amount of free throws shot. That leaves 8 fouls that were non shooting, give or take a few. Now look at the lakers stats, 5 of those 21 fouls absolutely HAD to be shooting fouls based on the 10 free throws. So give or take a few, at a bare minimum the lakers got 5 shooting fouls called while the celtics got at least 20. Thats 15 calls difference. On average to make it look realistic it would be 4 more shooting foul calls per quarter, except the refs didnt even make it look realistic they called all the fouls in the first half. Its disgracefull and hard to watch the NBA now adays.


    Yes,Lakers could’ve played better in 1st half but they made up for it that 4th quarter,THAT’S I’M STILL PROUD OF MY TEAM ‘CAUSE THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP! Can we blame the refs for how the game?I say how can you not,38-10,c’mon people,Boston is not that good.I give them credit for defense but they know they’re the DARLINGS OF THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW and Stern is making sure of that.

    We as fans have to understand that alot of money is involved in these games so expect the refs to call the games a certain way so saying that I say Joey Crawford should be either fined or…..FIRED!

  • ValleyBoy1

    some of the people on here are so retarded by saying the Lakers defense was the reason and this and that, if yall didnt realize the Lakers came out physical and intense then u got problems…..the problem is you cant play defense scarred, you cant play defense when sombody wont let u and u cant defend a guy that gets free-throws. this was clearly in the celtics favor and im never ever one to blame refs but they sucked the life right out of our guys, it sucks when there starters get a chance to play while ours are on the bench with 3 fouls.

  • gus26

    hey andrew.. YOU ARE A BULLS FAN!!!!…go look up a draft forum and post there.. our team is playing in june and your team last played in april.. in other words no playoffs.. i rather have the problem of blaming refs everytime my team loses.. complaining about every player we have and wanting to trade a player every time he has a bad game.. then watching my team’s front office mess up 2 opportunities to sign good coaches.. daydreaming bout the 90s and knowing that even after all the hard work by mr.23 he is simply known as the greatest player.. and you are watching the 2 greatest franchises.. after this series we’ll still be the favorites to win it all next year and for years to come.. meanwhile your team hasn’t recovered since mike retired.. haha.. BULLS FAN!?!?

  • daboss1848

    Get a Grip Lakers fans . .

    Who cares if it was one-sided . . . there are no asterisks next to Championships or on banners or on rings . . . so get over it!!!

    Players need to play through it and coaches need to coach through it . . . It was nice to see KB stick up for the squad by getting a T, but I would’ve loved to see the coach get one as well and make a statement during the game, rather than whining about it afterwards and riling up the players and fans.

    Now we seem like a bunch of whiny crybabies – the same whiny crybabies we were accusing SA of being on the Fisher foul and the Utah fans when we shot 43 FTs to their 16

  • Thuggishdeer

    is it just me or are celtic fans getting on peoples nerves because the way they brag and talk shiit is worse than any others in the world. they make more excuses to why lakers win than we do. kobe being selfish, kobe is a rapist, lakers are soft, gasol sucks, etc… so many excuses that are just meant to get on peoples nerves i bet they are not even real fans just haters who have been waiting so long to see the lakers losing coming out for the first time in months.

  • jd

    Does anyone know David Stern’s office phone number? How can we get an investigation done on the NBA and the Refs? This is serious, the Lakers should forfeit the finals!

  • lalball81

    It should be said that the whining isn’t so much about the number of fouls called, but WHEN they were called. For example, Kobe’s two quick fouls in the first quarter really took him out of the game (both literally and figuratively).

  • Smush Walton

    I think stats should be published on refs so they are held accountable for blown calls and obvious errors.

    Another way for refs to be held accountable would be for each team to identify maybe three refs that under no circumstances would they be permitted to work any of their games. If the same names appear on everyone’s list then maybe the league can start weeded out the garbage.

  • http://Thelakersnation.com lak4lif

    what is this, the 2006 finals all over again

  • http://thelakersnation.com/blog PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    I dont know if you guys saw this yesterday…but Kobe’s first 2 fouls were light contact fouls. You could even hear the commentators saying “I dont like that kind of foul…this is the NBA Finals!”

    David Stern wants a seven game series so he could get more money and the TV ratings will soar…so most likely the fairest officiating will happen in game 7 itself.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #38854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I absolutely agree with you, they talk about our defense how we didnt play any defense, how the hell you supposed to play any D when they dont let you.

    For all these non Laker fans (read the website) Get the F U C K out of here you we dont care to read your stupid posts f#$kin idiots!!!!

  • maccassedy



    Let me explain why these games or playoffs aren’t like they were back in the day,very simple,MONEY.Players get TOO MUCH of it and they’re expected to play at a high level but the flip side to that is The Refs have the advantage of seeing how the game should go instead monitoring how it should go.

    Back when I was coming up in the 70’s and 80’s you could damn near Brock Lesnar clothesline a guy and the would throw their whistles in their pockets and let’em play.Now because players complain about calls so much,I mean you get slapped on the hand and players are cryin’ like they’ve just got shot,I feel MJ started that after he won his 1st Championship and league saw fit that no one touches MJ even breathing on him would justify a technical foul,as Patrick Ewing would say.

  • maccassedy


  • xtro

    David Stern needs to go.


    [Comment ID #38855 Will Be Quoted Here]
    hey andrew.. YOU ARE A BULLS FAN!!!!…go look up a draft forum and post there.. our team is playing in june and your team last played in april.. in other words no playoffs.. i rather have the problem of blaming refs everytime my team loses.. complaining about every player we have and wanting to trade a player every time he has a bad game.. then watching my team’s front office mess up 2 opportunities to sign good coaches.. daydreaming bout the 90s and knowing that even after all the hard work by mr.23 he is simply known as the greatest player.. and you are watching the 2 greatest franchises.. after this series we’ll still be the favorites to win it all next year and for years to come.. meanwhile your team hasn’t recovered since mike retired.. haha.. BULLS FAN!?!?


  • http://andrewbynum.com Russel Westbrook

    radmanvic needs to use his speed and size on pierce

  • YoLakers

    Good officiating or bad officiating, it’s part of the game. The Celtics continue to be more aggressive and that’s what made the difference. Unfortunately, that’s also what will win them the title if the Lakers continue with their current play. Take a look at the Spurs’ series and the way they responded after the non-call – stop complaining about the officiating and just play ball, the better team will win.


    [Comment ID #38703 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i smell a leprachaun in the fucking building. Get lost you fool


    [Comment ID #38735 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Andrew, please shut up, we dont give a fuck about the shit you say. We all know your just a chump ass celtics fan who’s trying to get some attention. Even you have to fucking admit that game was rigged. How the fuck does an entire team shoot 10 fts?

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    From JoeBlow over at Clublakers.com:

    “Laker haters and ref defenders want to say that the Celtics got the free throws by being more aggressive in Game 2. Wrong! The Lakers were just as aggressive and received almost 75% less FTs to show for it:

    45 perimeter shots
    23 shots in the key
    38 free throws

    42 perimeter shots
    41 shots in the key
    10 free throws”

  • andrew

    What crybabies! Typical Lakers/Raiders type of fans. You have to use profanity to make your point because you’re not smart enough to make a valid comeback. No, I’m not a Celtics fan, but it appears as though I’ve ruffled a few feathers in this post, simply by stating what is the truth: Boston beat the Lakers down! Look at the court diagram of Kobe’s shot selection: he took ALL but 4 shots outside of the paint. All jumpers! Boston knows how to prevent the penetration, hence, very few drives.
    Unbelievable how ignorant and one sided you Laker fans are. Didn’t you shoot like 43 free throws to Utah’s 16 one game earlier in the playoffs? When they complained, you didn’t want to listen either.
    Don’t worry, you’ll get the calls in L.A. But if you don’t start playing aggressive and physical, you will lose in 5. Of course, whiners are saying “we did try to play physical, the refs wouldn’t let us.” Bull…the other team was quicker to the spot all night. A lot of your fouls came after a dumb pass or missed rebound or a reach in. Even Phil said they could not have played any worse a few times there. Even Phil said the Lakers were not aggressive and it created fouls.
    Phil did say it was “ridiculous” that Powe had more free throws than the whole Lakers team in only 15 minutes. Well…yes! Powe also went to the rach more times in 15 minutes than the Lakers did all game! Lakers had no answer for him and had to foul him. Nobody mentioned that Powe also had 4 fould CALLED ON HIM in those 15 minutes. That’s a guy who was extremely active while he was in there. Not like Walton who looked scared to death again.
    Deja Vu…we heard this same crying again Detroit in the Finals. For 4 games, posts and Laker radio were all about how the refs were cheating. Then when it ended, your eyes were opened and you realized how much better Detroit played as a team.
    Save yourself the pity party, just handle your business on your court and see how it plays out.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #38932 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You know what mother f u c ker what the hell are you doing here in the first place if your a Bull fan, dont have anything better to do maybe you should go jerk yourself off that way you can stay off this site.

    Your one of those little punk a s s b i t c hes that likes to stir up some s hit.

    Read the site you freakin moron get the hell off here.

  • andrew

    Boy you’re stupid. I’ve never seen so much anger about a basketball game commentary. I’ll post whatever I want. I grew up a Bulls fan and remained one BEFORE and after MJ. But I lived in L.A. for over 16 years and most of my friends are Lakers fans. So I talk the same way to them and at least they can respond with a good argument. I guess it’s just the hurt of realizing that “it ain’t gonna happen this year” for you….
    ……Just like last time they got booted from the playoffs: all those Laker flags on the cars (which didn’t get put on until Gasol joined) will go back in the attic and you won’t see a single #24 jersey (must be laundry day in L.A. the day after they get eliminated.)

    It must hurt to go through life and be that stupid.

  • jd

    This is David Sterns way of getting ratings up on the East Coast. The NBA East sucks right now, what better way to give the east conference a boost, then to allow trades to the celtics (garnett, allen). This happend with dallas vs miami 2006, ie (shaq, wade). David Stern’s trying to create rivalries out of these teams. The NBA is curupt and they know it, thats why they push “NBA CARES” so much. The league doesnt want the US congress knocking on the doors of NBA players asking them about steriods like they do baseball players. Just look at the size of labrons arms, how old is he again??

    Back to the playoff games, I agree we got calls going our way that the spurs didn’t get, but now that David Stern set up the finals that he wanted, he needs to leave the finals alone and not dictate the winner…

  • haters

    lakers suck

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #38943 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Better not let me find out who you are cuz I’ll show you who’s stupid!!!! You’ll wish you never made any comments B I T C H!!

    Take your Bull lovin A S S out of here!!!!!

  • andrew

    “Better not let me find out who you are cuz I’ll show you who’s stupid!!!!”……
    ummmmm…….I already know: it’s you Laker fans. Why would you reiterate that, dummy?

    Anyway, Kobe’s a pathetic egomaniac who’s not interested in making his teammates better. That’s why even Gasol was yelling back at him. Kobe’s always been about Kobe. Read this excerpt from a courtside observer at game 2:

    Here’s a selection of Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who was seated front and center for Game 2. An excerpt from his blog:

    “This one stunned me a little bit. Who doesn’t know Kobe Bryant right? I only know what I have heard, starting awhile back with the entire Shaq debacle. I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other on or about him other than to know that people feel he might be one of the 4-5 greatest players to ever lace it up. What I do know is what I got to see up close and hear, was unexpected. From the first tip until about 4 minutes left in the game I saw and heard this guy bitch at his teammates. Every TO he came to the bench pissed, and a few of them he went to other guys and yelled about something they weren’t doing, or something they did wrong. No dialog about “hey let’s go, let’s get after it” or whatever. He spent the better part of 3.5 quarters pissed off and ranting at the non-execution or lack of, of his team.

    “…as a fan I was watching the whole thing, Kobe, his teammates and then the after-effects of conversations. He’d yell at someone, make a point, or send a message, turn and walk away, and more than once the person on the other end would roll eyes or give a ‘whatever dude’ look.”

    Nothing new there.

  • jd

    Kobe’s just frustrated, some of the players don’t seem as motivated as he is, anyone in their right mind that puts the kind of work and determination as kobe does, would feel that way. He needs to realize, even having the best team you can’t win when you don’t have the refs on your side. That’s why the NBA’s corrupt. The NBA needs a new commisioner and refs, they’ve all been there too long and they’ve built a corrupt system. That’s why you see players now a days don’t give a s— because they know it’s corrupt. They just put up there 20 pts 3 asst and acouple rebounds, and take their paycheck.


    JD,I read your 1st comment about how the league is tryin’ to clean it’s image,very brilliant comments.Do think Stern has a grudge against Kobe for what he did last summer?

  • BBallerInLA

    To quote a post from another web site:

    I still haven’t heard any Laker fans who blindly throw out the 38-10 number as proof of evil from the refs answer for the 43-16 difference in their own favor in G2 against Utah.

    Here are some comments in this very site from Laker fans after that game…


    “I think there were a few fouls that could have been called on the Lakers that weren’t but I’m not sure it would have done a ton to close down the 27 free throw differential”

    “…, the whole idea that the Jazz are getting screwed by the referees is simply comical. They play a hard style and foul often because of it.”

    “Add me to the list of people sick of Sloan, Boozer, Jazz fans, etc whining about the foul trouble.”

    “As far as refereeing is concerned, there are 10% of calls that was wrong and against your team, 80% that was fair and right, and 10% of call that was wrong and was in favor of your team. I’m sure there has to be at least +/- 10% on each of the categories. (There’s no mathematical/statistical data to support this. I’m just estimating to make my point.) However, the fans of each side will remember the 10% that went against their team more than the rest.”

    “I’m sure officials have blown few calls here and there, but there’s no way the officials helped DFish knock down 4/5 3 pointers [Note from me: Pierce was 4/4 3 pointers by the way] or allowed Pau to get easy looks inside [Note from me: How many dunks did Powe have?] or made Kobe’s acrobatics shots easier [Note from me: But it surely would make Rondo’s acrobatic passes easier, right?].”

    “My main point is that number of free throws do not always reflect impartial officiating as some Jazz fans claim.”

  • BBallerInLA

    Above post by Costa quoted from:


    P.S. I also did NOT hear any Laker fan complain about the FOUL on Barry that was NOT CALLED on Fisher during the last second of the SPur vs Laker game. Shall we also blame the refs on the Laker victory?

  • PatelPlaya

    the refs were working for Boston. Never in my life have i seen a basketball game called so poorly. Those refs need to go get some new glasses and some more alot more training because they are obviously not seeing the fouls that the lakers were hit with. One sided game by far. I mean come on i wonder what the refs have to say about calling a game so stupidly. Oh well boston is in L.A. for the next few games. Sorry boston fans u guys cant win without refs who know how to call a game correctly.

  • jd

    Bballer, of course lakers got calls going their way in the playoffs, its all apart of the David Sterns system to get the lakers and celtics to the finals (revenue,ratings). The NBA needs to have a 2-3 year turnover of refs and the commisioner, otherwise it becomes corrupt, like it is now. Just like we elect a president every 4 years.
    DCLaker, I don’t think Stern has anything against kobe, Stern’s all about getting better ratings for league and more revenues for playoffs and finals, so he uses his veteran refs to get what he wants…