Texas_Pete on the LG.net forums wrote up a great post comparing the stats of Pau Gasol and Kevin Garnett. Interestingly enough, both players are VERY similar.

Before I post them, however, remember that the Lakers are 17-3 With Gasol in the Lineup (85% win percentage). All 20 of those games our without two of our better defensive players in Ariza and Bynum.

LakersGround: In a head to head comparison, Pau is playing like KG this year.

Teams are terrified by Kobe’s greatness.

Next to Kobe, his impact will be felt even more because of LO’s improved play and our X-factor: Big Drew.

People are all gaga over KG, when our very own Pau is putting up similar numbers: PPG – a wash . RPG – KG by 1.0 rpg. BPG – Pau! FG% – KG. FT% – Pau! APG – a wash.

They play about the same amount of mpg. So I would say that Pau has had just as much impact on the Lakers as KG has for the Celtics.

By The Numbers -

Pau Gasol
PPG 18.9
RPG 8.4
APG 3.2
SPG 0.5
BPG 1.5
FG% 0.524
FT% 0.809
3P% 0.250
MPG 35.8

Kevin Garnett
PPG 18.9
RPG 9.4
APG 3.5
SPG 1.4
BPG 1.3
FG% 0.536
FT% 0.801
3P% 0.000
MPG 33.5

And then there is this little gem on YouTube to remind people of what Pau used to do to KG.

  • LAL20TCU

    Yeah, i think hes just as big to us as garnett to boston. if that team had pierce, allen, and pau, they woulda got the same fanfare

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    yes, they have the same numbers
    with a “little” difference
    KG is one of the best defender in the league, POW i FAR from it… and does not bring for sure the same energy, so KG impact in my opinion is much more important

  • Sako

    Pau’s stats have gone up a bit since the trade, his shooting % went up. Kobe made Pau better, & Pau made Lamar better.

  • xtro

    I’d take Pau. KG chokes in the playoffs.

  • Joey

    Although I am a Laker fan, it is ridiculous to imply that Pau has had the same impact as KG. Garnett is one of the best defenders in the league, whereas Pau plays little to no defense.

  • magicbalala245

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    k man I am a lakers fan but come on PAU didnt even get out the 1st round and KG has so dont talk that stuff unless u watch the NBA KG single handley change beantown culture and Celtics to a defensive team. Let’s make it straight right now if Boston never ever gotten KG pierce and Allen will be looking at the playoffs from the outside instead of looking from the inside at the number 1 seed

  • http://samsina.com Sina

    Don’t forget, Pau is 28 years old & Garnett is 32.

  • lakerz

    i’ll take a younger Pau over an aging Garnett.

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak


    All 20 of those games *ARE* without two of our better defensive players in Ariza and Bynum.


  • Jimmy

    Now if you asked which trade was better… Pau was a better fit for us since we didn’t lose Odom or Bynum.

  • Keep Odom

    We are talking about which player had the best impact not which player is better. Lets not confuse things. So, as far as their impact, Pau’s was much greater for reasons that have been metioned. For starters, he allows our team to be better because it allows Odom to play his natural position. He takes pressure off of Kobe and KG doesn’t take pressure off of anyone except for Ray A. But, the biggest diference is that his height has improved our interior all around. Odom, Bynum, Gasol are going to be something to wrecken with for Years!. The same cannot be said about the celtics. Also, with KG the Celtics mortaged their future and because of Pau’s age he only secured ours. Even after Kobe is gone. Who do the Celtics have once KG is gone? So who had the biggest impact? Pau without a doubt. Just think if we would of had to of given up (Lamar, Farmar and Bynum) to get KG! Hell no!. I’ll take the Spaniard!

  • Agreed

    Well written Keep Odom. Good points.

  • MILO

    NO the impact Gasol had on the Lakers is a lot grater, even before he played with the team you could already see how motivated and how great the team started to play.I only wish we would have gotten Gasol before that boston game where we were completely embarrased!!!


    It won’t happen again MILO.

  • lafanfromindiana

    The Gasol trade was definetly a better deal but who made a bigger impact? I don’t think its even that fair to compare the two impacts because Gasol’s trade was made in the middle of the season or later as KG has been with the Celtics all season. If Bynum wouldn’t have been injured, we would have been fine without Gasol because Bynum was becoming a beast. Its not like Gasol is saving the Lakers franchise as Garnett is saving the Celtics. I love Gasol and I’m a diehard Lakers fan but the answer to this question isn’t even close.

    By the way …..Kobe won’t be MVP unless we get the top spot and its still going to be close. Can someone who is one technical away from being suspended really be an mvp and who also throws out “f” bombs everygame? Everyone here thinks its so funny and cool while I think it shows no class. I thought that stuff was funny in the 4th grade. Kobe is my favorite athlete of all time and I love the way he isn’t crying for a foul everytime he shoots like he use too. I think its definetly making his performance better and will be a shame if he starts back up again in the playoffs once his techs. are erased.

  • varsityoptimism

    You know, the impact is not even comparable.

    The Celtics had been mediocre at best, aside from that run to the East Finals in 2002, aside from that, they had been marred by Eric Montross’ and Ed Pinckney’s and pre-Detroit Chauncey Billups’. KG changed the culture of the Boston Celtics. He made them relevant again.

    The Lakers were in first place when Pau arrived. The culture of winning and championships over the last decade or so had been well established. What Pau did was he fortified the ambitions of the team. Everyone knew this year’s Laker squad was good. Pau made them great.

    Now if the question is “Which trade had the most impact league wide?” One could argue that Pau to the Lakers would not have happened if not for KG to Boston, but the league would not have gone into a tizzy midseason if not for the shrewdness of Mitch Kupchak and the Laker Front Office.

  • http://bestplayerontheplanet.com chase

    Wow! Pau’s #’s are right there with KG and people are still talking about KG as the MVP over Kobe? What’s that all about?

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  • dezmond

    Plus Pau’s been playen in a tuffer western conferance with tougher match-ups for him…..and hes been basically our center while KG has had the luxury of playing his true posistion, Power Foward.

  • http://getgasol.com getgasol

    I have a feeling it’s going to come down to LA vs Boston in the finals this year. This question will answer itself.

  • cneo

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    This is the biggest reason why Pau’s impact is greater than KG to Boston. You can say it’s not a direct effect (and it isn’t) but it’s definitely an added benefit that comes with Pau.

  • n9

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    I don’t think they get erased brother.