Right when I thought blogging would be pretty simple today, we get hit with a complex, monster-discussion. This is based off a huge draft day rumor going around. In the rumor, it breaks down the Lakers DEALING WITH MIAMI for the following:

  • Trading: Lamar Odom & #58 pick
  • Receiving: Haslem, Blount, #2 pick (Beasley)

How do you guys feel about this?

Does this really answer our problem at the SF position? While it seems attractive, there are pros and cons to such a move. Do you really trade Odom off for, essentially, Beasley? Does this help the Lakers more than it hurts them?

While it may appear like there can be a million questions asked, don’t forget this is just one of the many rumors floating around. However, there is a strong history there with Odom, Riley and the Heat, and no doubt this could be a move the Lakers could look at and or be interested in. Sound off.

Also, here is some footage of Michael Beasley:

The original rumor, as reported from ClubLakers

ESPN radio reported that the Lakers and Heat are in talks that would trade Lamar Odom and the #58 pick to Miami. In exchange the Heat would trade to the Lakers Mark Blount, Udonis Haslem and Miami’s coveted #2 pick in the draft. Rumor has it Riley is trying to clear cap space as much as he can, and wants Odom back in the fold.

  • Banzai

    I just do not see how Miami would just give up future talent for Odom…besides…would Haslem really be any better than Odom?

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

    dont think it’s gonna happen

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Miami is in somewhat of a position to save money with Marion.

    I don’t buy it, but then again, stranger things have happened…

    *looks over at Gasol in Lakers uni*

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers

    i dont think pat riley wants to play kevin mc hale this year…

  • lakerschamps08

    umm idk giving odom and not getting marion or artest is hard….. umm blount i dont want and i think he has a long term deal but i not sure… and how will beasley fit in with us… idk but maybe we get #2 pick and get mayo or even better if derrick rose is still there then we get him.. we see wat gonna happen but this sure is excitin…

  • Banzai

    How did Blount play when he was a Laker? I don’t think I watched the 2005 season lol….I think the Lakers should think about PGs…but if they want Beasly over Mayo..I’m cool with that…of course I think this rumor is faker than fake

  • Fantastic5LAL

    I <3 Beasley

  • Rome32

    Beasley looks like a beast in that video…if the Lakers want to continue getting younger and looking to the future this would be an ideal decision for them…i know kobe and d-fish aint gettin any younger…its basically a gamble that the Lakers are playing right now…the question is…if beasley comes how long will it take for him to be an effective role player on this Kobe led team?

  • Fantastic5LAL

    I <3 Beasley and Bayless*

  • Lakerfan101

    Do the trade and pick OJ Mayo!!!


    No trading LO unless for Matrix or Get Luke(Riley REEEEEEALLY LIKES’EM,GIVE’EM LUKE) for Haslem.DAMN,try to get Caron back.

    I hope this a rumor after they said they wasn’t going to trade LO,WHAT THE HELL IS REALLY GOIN’ON,man……GETPIETRUS AND HASLEM!!!

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    No way they do that, dumber than the Pau trade for Miami.


    I hope this happens. And BEASLEY turns out to be real deal. Or that the LAKERS pick up ARTEST. 14 MILLION for LO is too much for what LAKERS get in return.

  • Chimpoo

    If Miami does it, I would take Beasley or Rose…if Rose is taken first, I would take Beasley if he can play small forward well..if not, take Mayo

    Also, get GEORGE HILL IN 2nd ROUND

  • 123KID

    i would think Miami would wanna go in the direction of settin up for the future, and not the past. but i mean anything can happen in the nba. i mean im already surprised by the raptors gettin j.o. and the pistons thinkin if tryna get baron davis for either wallace or billups (what the hell is goin on there!) but i mean you never know! i just think that it is highly unlikely for the lakers to try and give up odom now, when they havent seem him play at possibly the 2/3 position when drew comes back.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    this cant be serious right??
    lamar for beasley??
    what are you talkin about!!
    hell noo!!!!!!



  • Fantastic5LAL

    Beasley will have instant impact in NBA whatever team he goes to

  • kingkb24

    blounts contract is rediculous

  • ehhhh

    high profile rookies won’t fair well with the Lakers…besides we need veterans not more youth

  • e

    odom for beasley isnt a bad idea..honestly, we need a conventional sf..odom is great, i love the guy, but i dont know if he’ll work out as a sf..beasley will, haslem will, and blount? he takes a lot of outside shots, so i dont know..however, i wouldnt really mind this trade

  • beats are us

    doubt it’ll happen but if it does..

    we (lakers fans) will never be able to die down conspiracy theories.. lol..

  • varsityoptimism

    too much for too little.

  • mr.laker19

    I would do this in a heartbeat. Haslem is similar to Turiaf in play but with less athleticism but better jumper. On top of that we get in my opinion a future all star at the small that will put us in title contention for years to come.

  • laker fans are myopic

    i guess you myopic faker fans have not yet recovered from the 39 pt beating .. its affecting your thinking .. YOU LAKER FANS are always thinking that you are entitled to the 1st pick every year no matter what place you came in .. every team must deal their best player for your trash . laker fan = ahhh yeah i think we can get lebron for walton and lamar because lebron wants to win a title and cleveland needs players .. their is your avg laker call ..

  • banuelos_714

    doubt its gonna happen but ill do it future talent for odom its a win win for both teams

  • laker fans are myopic

    and to add more insult . you faker fans are always thinking the trade from the faker side . not once do you think why would the other team want your trash . just like when kg didnt come here . you where insulted and angry . how dare k g wont come here , he got the last laugh haaa. on the rip off of the gasol trade . .you got him because the gm of the lakers jerry west .. thats right the gm of the lakers works for another team .. nba should have steeped in and said no way this smells way to funny ..

  • kPoAbUe

    It is a very good deal. DIDNT u guys say we needed a SF how can shoot from the outside go to the post score grab some boards yes i know all of u said that well MICHEAL BEASLEY DOES EVRYTHING AND HE IS VERY GOOD AT IT!


  • lakerfan81

    Thats not going to happen. Riley would have to be a moron to do that trade.

  • yellowpurplefever

    This sounds very appealing. I would do it for a good change, we had Lamar for 4 yrs of underachievement. Haslem play good D, consitent jumpers and rebounds. Beasley can rebound/score at SF and who cares about Blount. Great rumors, keep them coming!

  • Ryan Bowie

    “lakers fans are myopic”

    question #1: why are you writing on a LAKERS fan site? Get a life.
    question #2: do you know who the timberwolves GM is? could it be KEVIN MCHALE!?
    question #3: are you from boston, or retarded?

  • Mitch Kupchak

    I love it, i love it , i love it!!! i think we need a change in the lineup, and i definetley LOVE ITTT!!!!

  • kPoAbUe

    laker fans are myopic

    do i smell jealousy?

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Damn man!

    I hope Mitch Kupchack makes the decision for the future of the Lakers..

    Man this is crazy. I want to keep Odom.. like I said for Artest also.. but I’d also like this #2 pick.

    ugh man I don’t even know.

  • Thuggishdeer

    Fu$$ off. we have to see the big 3 (bynum odom gasol) in action first. if ur going to trade someone trade luke or mihm for blount and haslem luke doesnt do anything kobe hates him. odom did alot and luke did nothing now is that fair to let luke get away with that?

  • lalaland

    hell yeah make that trade right now. haslem and blount are horrible contracts but worth it to get rose or beasley. i doubt this will happen but beasley is the inside scorer and great rebounder that will give us the rebounding and scoring we need. the bug knock on beasley though is he sucks on d and that might be a problem but you never know. if beasley goes to chicago and we get rose WOW that would be amazing. get fish to tutor him for a year trade farmer for another bench shooter and we will be even better.

  • justin

    What if the lakers get Beasley to trade for artest?

  • Short Diezel

    bye bye ODOM

  • Thuggishdeer

    get james jones

  • lalaland

    [Comment ID #42178 Will Be Quoted Here]
    itd not fair to keep luke but with that horrible contract you cant move him anywhere.

  • NoParadeonFig

    Ryan Bowie,

    I come to this site to see what kind of idiots live in my community so I can warn my children not to go outside and play and not to talk to anyone wearing Kobe jersey or driving around with a Laker flag on their vehicle.

    “Myopic” nailed it on the head whether he is retarded or from Boston. You people have such unrealistic views of the world it’s not even funny.

  • NoParadeonFig


    What is there to be jealous of? Losing by 39 and blowing a 24 point lead?

  • Michael_23

    I hated the part where we got Brian Grant’s nasty contract in the Shaq trade.

  • yellowpurplefever

    youre right on. get Jame Jones and trade Vlady or Fluke this summer.

  • NoParadeonFig

    Why don’t you just get Lebron and Chris Paul?

    What makes you think that other teams are willing to trade quality for Laker garbage?

    That’s right the Pau Gasol trade.



  • LakersFirst

    If the Lakers were to do this trade, this would clearly indicate that they are building around Bynum and not so much Kobe. I say this because Bynum is only 20 and Beasely is 19. To be honest, I think this trade would piss off Kobe.

  • NoParadeonFig

    Wow! If Yi turns out to be the player some think he will be, this is a great trade for NJ.

  • are you serious?!

    this won’t happen. too ridiculous.

  • HereWeGo

    makes me laugh how non laker fans come on this website and post comments. dumb as$es. its like me going and chatting on the celtics website. y the f*cK would i do that. to all those non laker fans on this website, get a life pals. go suck eachother up fcking faggots. lakers 09 champs.

  • mplakers

    guys guys, let’s not forget the return of the coveted one. probably 1 or 2 million a year…that’s right mr. kwame “doo doo” brown himself. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • hows this

    hey how about tyrus thomas, ben gordon and drew gooden for the #2 pick. and then chicago can trade the #1 and #2 pick with us for kobe. and then we can get rose and mayo!!!

    08-09 roster:

  • justin

    The Lakers should go after JR Smith that guy can score the ball even if we lose sasha for him

  • Ryan Bowie


    seriously what are you doing with your life? why dont you spend your time on a boston fan site. i know as a laker fan i would never log on to another team’s fan site just to talk s h i t. seriously, its enough that the celtics won. i was responding to someone else’s comment. now please, do yourself and everyone else that reads this site a favor and f uck off!

  • Justin

    The lakers should try to trade odom and luke for marion juts because we get luke of the books, then your line up could look like this
    Kobe/Jr Smith
    Marion/Ariza/Vlad Rad


    Pietrus and Haslem is all we need,’cause these other trades….let’s just say I don’t know what to believe.

  • NoParadeonFig

    HereWeGo and Ryan Bowie,

    Thanks for demostrating what a bunch of dumb a$$es you Laker fans can be.

    I find reading what you people have to write a comic relief to the stresses of my everyday life and the work that I do.

    You people really need to get a life and not take the Lakers so seriously. They won’t help you pay to get your house out of foreclosure or bail you out when you surely end up in jail.

  • dub824

    i’d take that trade in a heartbeat but its unlikely that rumor is true.. unless riley is tryin to be mchale and help his former team. but it does seem like riley doesnt like beasley (not sure if hes just tryin to shake things up) cuz he did workout mayo and bayless. if the rumor is true we would probably have to offer 1 or 2 more players. beasley would set us up for the future with bynum.. and we would still be good to win now. we could also trade that pick for somethin else

  • alphalakeshow

    Not going to happen.

  • laker fans are myopic

    laker fan trade rumors ahhh lebron for walton . cris paul for fisher . duncan for cris mihn then pur team would look like this next year .. YOU GUYS ARE ALL ON CRACK .. OHH AND THOSE TEAMS WILL ALSO GIVE THEIR number 1 pick to the lakers as compensation ..

  • gus26

    thats coo!!!… then do a sign and trade with ronny for dirk.. and sign agent zero.. plus miami shud jus give us the number 2 pick for that asian guy we drafted and cash.. so we can draft b-easy
    our line up would look like this

    cp3/ fisher/ j farmar
    kobe/ arenas
    lebron/ b-easy/ ariza
    Duncun/ bynum

    or shud we all just take a sh*t on the morons who come into our house to try to get attention?..
    sound off!.. hahahahaha

  • Freshh

    If artest opted out and signed MLE here.

    yes id definitely do it

  • vintij

    [Comment ID #42213 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree here. Beasly is a pipe dream. He has kevin durant numbers and would seatle even think of trading durant for odom? NO. so why would miami even consider beasly for odom? First of all, high draft picks are like the holy grail of the NBA, we would have a better chance of trading gasol for beasly. That is how coveted the top picks are. Beasly has a chance to not only be an all star, but a future franchise guy, and you people are thinking miami will give up the future franchise guy for lamar odom? Please dont embarrass yourselves. Odom right now, prolly could not put up the numbers that beasly is expected to put up his first year. Stop making everyone think we are stupid people. Use your heads for once. Odom to miami will never happen, not in a million years.

  • Edward

    Lakers haters need not come here, myopic, I’ve never heard of those ridiculous trades, and I wouldn’t expect any two superstars to play on the same team. Pardeon, I don’t know how you are justifying how Lakers fans are going to end up in jail. Either way don’t generalize Lakers fans as unintelligent dreamers. Some of us are realistic. There are unrealistic fans everywhere, so lets just keep to ourselves, not try to create conflict, and enjoy the game. Personally, I think that’s what it’s all about, enjoying the game whether you watch it or play it.

  • BringDFishBack

    GIVE IT UP. The Lakers are not making any big trades. Odom is not going anywhere. Could Mitch have been any more clear than saying Odom is not going anywhere? What does he have to say?

  • NoParadeonFig


    Stoooopid people usually end up in jail. Aren’t you Laker fans just Raider fans on parole?

    We have to come here to remind us that the world is not safe from myopia and insanity.

    But I agree the games should be fun. Too bad all the shaved head bangers in Kobe jersey’s won’t allow them to be.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Just heard on AM 570 about he Clippers and Miami rumor. Eldon Brand for Marion and #2 pick. Riley loves EB so we gonna miss out a chance at Beasley

  • Mitch Kupchak



  • laker fans are myopic

    how stupid are laker fans look at all your post talking like you guys got the 2 pick .. ahhh shucks were not gonna get beasley . how sad . you guys sound like the head cheer leader who gose by the name FEELING YOU ”’ who kisses the aspen ass grabbers BUTT.

  • NoParadeonFig

    What are all you geniuses doing on this site? Why aren’t you in the “war room” with Mitch?

  • banuelos_714

    [Comment ID #42194 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wrong topic buddy

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #42234 Will Be Quoted Here]

    go eat an ass

  • newtdog10

    I just read on ESPN that rumors of Gerald Wallace and #9 pick for Odom. If this has legs…I think this would be the perfect fit


    I like Gerald but it would feel odd without LO,I hope it’s not true but if is,OMG,KB/GW?!?All they need now is Gerald Green.

  • http://windowslive.com lakersfan576

    get gerald green hes a perfect fit at the three with laker, hes a slasher hes a way better shooter then lamar odom

  • domz

    [Comment ID #42147 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That was Corie Blount..not Mark..

    For me, Im gonna go for this one. But this is kinda unrealistic, but let’s see…

  • Rinnegato

    [Comment ID #42144 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hmm, yeah so true lol :)

  • Kelly


  • Anonymous.

    I’d love Beasley in a Laker uniform. It’s sort of weird though. Beasley to me looks like a replicate of Lamar’s style of play but with much more athleticism. Beasley around 2 inches shorter than Odom, being both tall and versatile. Crazy wing span, can shoot jumpers, and both leftys.


    Let create a scenario….hmmm….Gerald Wallace and Gerald Green,OMG!I can see it now,Kobe on a fastbreak and all of a sudden G.Green flies by him,Kobe eyes light up knowin’ what’s about to happen 2 on …..wait….all of sudden G.Wallace,Kobe has both on each side….which one should I….lobs it to Wallace,Wallace tosses it unexpectedly to Green for THE BIRTHDAY SLAM AS THE LAKERS WILL GO ON TO WIN………..THEIR 16 CHAMPIONSHIP AS THEY BECOME NBA 2009 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daboss1848

    is there any indication in ur dream that Green is dunking/shooting at the correct basket? (he is touted by far as the lowest iq’d player in the league)

  • Martin

    Amazing idea.

    That’d never happen. The trade is ridiculous. If Miami wants to move Beasley, they’re gonna get a hell of a lot more than Lamar Odom back in return. Besides, that deal would stick Miami with Odom and Marion, who basically have the same skill set and create the same mismatch.

    Odom for Marion would actually make sense. Do we want Matrix? No.



    daboss1848(are you the REAL daboss,there seems to be 2 of you,anyway….),Luke is known to have one the biggest IQ’s in the game….but in my dream he’s actually dunking on Pierce saying “your really going to need a wheelchair after I BREAK ‘DEM ANKLES,B%$^&”!

    Nuthin’ serious, I’m just makin’ a suggestion but IAM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY,TRADE VLAD GET PIETRUS….. and you haven’t answered my question about Pietrus.

  • friendly

    The only comments people should’ve left regarding that rumor should be along the lines of “wtf?” or “Miami would be f’in retarded.”