It’s easy to forget about the Lakers with the intense Olympics taking place right now. However, there are some heavy RUMORS going around right now. Here is the rumor (also being discussed on AM570 radio)…

The report goes that Mourning and Pargo and strongly considering the Lakers. Mouring would get the bi-annual 1.8 million and the Lakers’ would split the MLE to give Pargo 3 million a yrs.

This would be huge. Zo behind Bynum would bring a take-no-(bleep) kind of attitude this team desperately needed in the finals last season. Zo may be a no brainer – or not – but the ONLY concern I have is Pargo. While he may be the better PG now, Jordan Farmar should get the minutes this season to become the Lakers future and starting PG. Stats wise, it makes sense to stick with Farmar…

Farmar: 9.1 ppg, 2.2 rpg, 2.7 apg, 46%, 37%3FG, 20mpg, 22 years old
Pargo: 8.1 ppg, 1.6 rpg, 2.4 apg, 39%, 35%3FG, 19mpg, 29 years old

Another thing these guys are excemptions which would mean no cap hit which is key, or is what a lot of people believe in the numbers game of the salary cap world. If Mitch is reading, “do something and do it now.” What are your thoughts?

  • Thuggishsteer

    alright! i started this conversation in the shout box.

  • lakerschamps09

    ummm i would love mourning.. but pargo not so much… do we have to take both i only want ZO

  • lakrfan4life

    fo’ sho’

  • kingkb24


  • lakersftw

    didnt mourning get a really bad injury recently??



    …and Pargo would be an excellent choice ’cause who knows how long DF can hold up,insurance.

    As far as ZO goes,YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH! PJ would have a field day picking apart teams offensively and defensively,should gho with LO/Pau/ZO, ZO/AB/PAU, LO/ZO/AB,O-M-G,they’d probably give up the Trophy(O’brien) at halftime…..of the 1st game of the season.

  • Ignard

    They both would be HUGE for this team. Pargo is money behind the arc and in the triangle he’d be sweet, much better player than he was when he played for us before and he knows are system. Zo is Zo, would be an excellent back up, much better than either Mihm or Mbenga

  • Michaelmichael

    money plays sg too

    no pargo though but BIG ZO HELL YEAH

  • co-phi

    this is the first i’ve heard of mourning. i hope we sign him.

  • K0be08-09

    Hell yea get ZO man great heart great player, and he can Block andhe hustls i dont know about Pargo but if you can get for cheap do it

  • andrewho

    Zo, even at his age, would be our best big off the bench if hes healthy… but the same was said about Vlade =T I say he’s worth the risk, his presense makes up for anything else…

    But Pargo < Farmar

    If he’s just an insurance then fine, but I dont want him in the rotation…

  • Mr.81

    I like this rumor a lot…I hope it’s true…why? Sun Yue will be used mostly at the SG (that’s when he gets playing time when coming from behind Kobe and Sasha).

    Pargo has always been one of Phil’s favorite players, despite him being a small PG, and I’m actually quite suprised that he hasn’t yet returned to LA, so maybe it will happen. It was good last season to have a point guard to challenge Farmar…he kind of slacked off a little once Javaris was traded. You also then have the luxury of playing one or the other if they’re having an off night…plus, Fish isn’t getting any younger, so we might see some reduced minutes from him this year.

    As for Mourning; what a great pick-up he would be. He’s just the kind of tough, solid veteran this team needs to back up Bynum…kind of like a PJ Brown role for the Celtics, and those kind of role players come up big in the playoffs.

    Overall, one of the better and more realistic rumors; this would strengthen our bench even more (basically Karl for Pargo and Mbenga for Mourning) and give us some experienced players which come in very handy down the stretch.


  • LAKing

    Give me a second to think about this…….. alright I made my decision…HELL YEAH!!!

  • rei24mamba

    this will be a good signing if ever.. but a rumor is only a rumor until it happens

  • E-ROC

    Farmar is only a change of pace point guard. He hasn’t shown anything that suggests he is the point guard of the future.

    Alonzo Mourning would be a welcomed addition. Pargo would help, but there aren’t any minutes available for him. I would much rather have Quinton Ross than Pargo.

    Why aren’t the Lakers signing Quinton Ross? Or maybe Josh Powell? Don’t they need defense, especially on the perimeter? Josh Powell could be Brandon Bass; that’s why I suggested him.

  • Michael_23

    Sorry Mihm, looks like you’re the 3rd string center again. haha

    Anyways, I’d love to see Zo here in LA. He brings almost the same heart as Ronny. Every team needs that. And as for Pargo, I wouldn’t mind, but we do have a log jam at PG. So I wouldn’t be in favor for it if it’s serious talk.

  • Mitch4Pres

    im hoping they can get alonzo i dont think we really need pargo. of course i doubt this will happen. whenever a rumore surfaces u can pretty much guss its not gonna happen. real deals r kept super lowkey.

  • LakersFirst

    Is Zo even healthy??? The knee injury he had was pretty vicious looking, not to mention he’s 38 years old (39 next February). If he’s healthy, then Zo could be a contributor, but the keyword there is “IF” he is healthy. Remember, the Lakers weren’t willing to give Chris Webber a year long contract because of his suspect health(they offered him a 10 day contract which Webber said no to).

    As for Pargo, he would create a log-jam at point guard but on the flip side, he would bring insurance in that if Farmar isn’t playing well, then Pargo would be the backup. However, numbers don’t lie, Farmar had a more productive regular season than Pargo but Pargo did have a better playoffs.

    I find the Pargo rumor hard to believe. Phil doesn’t like small point guards. Why would the Lakers want to bring in another small point guard (Pargo is 6’1, Farmar is 6’2 and Fisher is 6’1)?

  • willow

    Pargo I would like coz he’s another threat off the bench like he did with NO but I just don’t see Alonzo EVER!!! leaving Miami. The guy will refuse to leave Miami to play in Europe if they offered him $90 mil for 2 yrs. I just don’t see that happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for office. Hell, he’s in the perfect state already for retired senior citizens lol.

  • KuyaJL

    I don’t like Pargo because sometimes he just shoots horrible shots when he hasn’t shot in a while. I’d much rather have Farmar then him. As for Zo, he’d probably be a pretty good pickup since the Lakers are lacking big men. That is, if he’s still in good condition to play and he can play small minutes to buy Bynum of Gasol resting time.

  • willow

    This is classic summer rumors regarding the Lakers (happens every year). Players have used us for contract leverages for years and this is no different. Teams are careful of losing major impacting players to the Lakers for fear of the obvious…World Domination!!!

    So this is just probably the agent’s plan to get the best money for his client. “You don’t sign my client we’re going to the Lakers for free.”

  • yellowpurplefever

    I love this rumor. Zo is the “MAN”, he can take care of Shaq, dirty Brown, and Duncan with one kidney. The guy is a “Warrior” period. Pargo a good maybe, who are we gonna dump? (hint, Vlady,Fluke). I also like his shooting and defense for a small guard. Do it Mitch figure out how to dump useless players.

  • Rage

    we need more bigs on this team…too many guards already. Get ZO….The Lake Show should be a pretty strong team this upcomin’ season. priority #1…stay HEALTHY & avoid injuries.

  • Cheryle

    Get Zo!

  • six45ci

    Bring Zo. leave pargo out, he annoys me. I disliked him when he was in LA, and i hate him even more now. Farmar has similar numbers, without the mid level exep.

  • do_it_mitch

    HELLLLLLLLLA YEA DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jki

    i am sorry but this is all BULL……until he actually wears d uniform don’t believe anything


    if we make no more trades we should consider these two. we get a banger in mourning. and can teach bynum some stuff. if mourning dont play in games at least he can go hard at bynum. this will just improve AB. pargo i way better than what he showed us the 1st time. he is quick. i think he has more speed then farmar. plus we will have 2 vets and he knows how the hornets run their team so that will help us. cuz the threats are rockets and hornets and blazers.

  • Priceless

    i like pargo, but do we really NEED him? we need another big dude but i thought ZO is gon retire…. =/

  • o

    bring in zo, he’ll be a great fit but not pargo we don’t need him, we got fish n our future PG, jordan

  • Paul

    Uhh how big is our roster ALREADY?

    This is CRAZY.

  • wiley

    I think the clippers roster is more dangerous

  • carlo

    bring them in.. dont sign karl and mitchell…

  • Gus

    Replace Ira Newble or Chris Mihm with Zo, keep Mbenga.
    And Pargo can replace Coby Karl??
    I would keep looking, and Q Ross sounds like a better choice.

  • b0it0i

    definately get zo if available…

    no need for pargo

    save money for someone else

  • Salty

    I thought we were over 15 players already?

  • xxv112002

    Whoah, this news just gave me a stiffy! =) DO IT MITCH!!!

  • xxv112002

    You don’t mess with the Zo Man!

  • lakerschamps09

    we have 1 or 2 more roster spots i believe.. and yes zo would be great dont really care for pargo

  • Diehardfan

    Zo would be a good gamble. In my opinion it was his play not Shaq’s that got the Heat a championship. When you seen Zo come off the bench and play the way that he did it kind of makes you wonder who should of really came off the bench? lets just hope that he at least has one more good year left in him.

  • xtro

    Dooo iitttttt!!!!!!!!

  • goodfella

    Brin the Zo Man

  • Michael_23

    Well, first thing is first. Zo says if his heart is into he’ll come back. Obviously, I think he’s physically healthy right now, but if he thinks his heart is not the game, he will retire and I respect that out of him.

    But if his heart is really into it, would he consider coming into a very young Miami team? Dwayne Wade is probably the only veteran there and if Zo comes back to Miami he would be their full-time center. I don’t think he handle that since Miami has no PG and no C.

    It would surprise me if he did come back to Miami and play for them. I would surprise me if came to the Lakers, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’d retire. If he does come back to any ball club, I hope he comes in the start of the season and doesn’t pull a Chris Webber on us and come in mid-way and be seldom or not used at all due to health. And please don’t have him go to Boston. He can have a lot more charity events in L.A. = )

  • fabz24lakers

    Zo would be a great addition,he can show bynum how to step his d up…pargo,might light a fire under jordan…so i say lets do it!!!please make it happen Mitch,do it for the Nation!!!!

  • tradekwame11

    Our roster

    Starters=(PG) Fisher, (SG) Kobe, (SF) Odom, (PF) Gasol, (C) Bynum

    Bench= (PG) Farmar, Pargo, (SG) Sasha, Sun Yue, (SF) Ariza, Luke, (PF) Radman, (C) Alonzo,

    Inactive List= Mihm

    D-League= Crawford, Coby

    Don’t Sign= Mbenga, Newble

  • Paul

    [Comment ID #48646 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dude, that sounds freakin good. But what about Mitchell? D-League also?

  • BringDFishBack

    Ehh…idk. My first thought was cool, both are good players, could help the team. But thinking into it, it doesn’t seem as good. I love Pargo, but he just doesn’t fit in. He’s a great spark off the bench, but the Lakers already have Farmar and Sasha. And it’s not like you can play all 3 of them, because then are you going to sit 2 of Ariza/Walton/Vladi? Mourning fits better, but still not so much. 3 Centers (well 4 w/ Mihm, but I don’t count him) doesn’t really do a whole lot for you. I think they need to go more in the direction of playing the 3 bigs (Bynum, Pau, Odom) in a rotation. So maybe Odom/Pau for the first 8, then Bynum/Pau for the next 8, then Bynum/Odom for the next 8, or something like that. Mourning doesn’t fit anywhere in there, so unless you are planning on sitting 2 of those 3 together on a nightly basis, Mourning doesn’t fit either. I say work on the players they already have. By that I mean get one of Luke/Ariza/Vladi used to playing PF incase they are needed, getting Fish and Kobe healthy,

  • BringDFishBack

    continuing from above post as it posted before i was finished…

    getting Fish and Kobe healthy, working with younger players like Coby Karl, and looking into extensions for Bynum and Ariza (and possibly Farmar).

  • orlando

    this rumor would work,make the lakers tough but lets get rid of the special olympics star..luke walton,mihm,vlad..what a ambarresment they are

  • tradekwame11

    [Comment ID #48649 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes. I forgot about him and my name is Paul also. :)

  • kPoAbUe

    we have to dump dwyane mitchell

    lets say we sign these two

    our roster



    farmar/sun yue
    mouring/ sign dj mbenga

    trade vlad and luke mihm and coby for a 25 28 pick first round or 31 or 32 pick in the draft cuz they need to go.

    thats our 12.


    Hello my LOYAL LAKER FANS,since I was asked this mornin,on another Laker site why I come up with outrageous trade demands but good ones (they gave me props ’cause they got picked up),I told’em,”It’s simple,just watch the player from another team that stands out,he doesn’t have to be THE best player on the team,just CONTRIBUTE”!

    One name in particular was TYRUS THOMAS.He’s goin’ to be my Pietrus ALL SEASON LONG,so that means LAKERFIRST and AB4sure…haha,your gonna have to hear this name ALL SEASON LONG!!!

    I’m not really a numbers guy so I leave that to the ‘experts'(that get paid)to critique but one thing I do know is talent and so do ALOT of guys on this site.I have NO time to diss what another persons opinion is regarding personnel for The Lakers,ALL THE NAMES from Childress,J-Smoov and yes…Pietrus..hell,GIVE ME ARTEST(let me put my drink down).It’s time to stop takin’ EVERY COMMENT SOOOOOO serious,alot of times these rumors are FAKE but HOMIES THEY SURE ARE FUN TO TALK ABOUT…..PARGO AND ZO,GET’EM MITCH!!!

    Next season though,

  • alan

    keep mbenga, kick luke or mihm

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Mourning would bring a great work ethic and he would be great in the locker room. Certainly, no one would question his toughness under the basket. I think he would have a great influence on Bynum. With Zo on the Lakers they would no longer be “soft”.

  • rondo

    mourning is injured isnt he? plus pargo isnt that good. we already have the best guard in the world

  • dfish24

    mourning is injured isnt he? plus pargo isnt that good. we already have the best guard in the world

  • Adamas

    i would love to have zo back. up bynum. i don’t know about pargo though. i don’t want him taking the machine’s minutes at the sg spot and i also think that farmar is better than him. farmar has better stats AND is younger.

  • Moses

    No disrespect to Big Zo, because he’s a legend in his own right, but does anyone seriously think he’s got anything left? How many people have said that injury has finished him? I hope it ain’t true because i like Zo, and if he’s still got something he’d be a great and welcome addition, but for real i don’t think he’s got anything left.

    Pargo? Hmm yeah i guess, not overly exciting but i guess he was ok for New Orleans.

  • LakersNo1

    I’ll take Zo over mmmmmbenga/newble/mihm. As for pargo, don’t we have like 10 guards already? Are we collecting guards? whatever happens to Fs & PFs, mitch?

  • gspence001

    ZO would be a great addition especially since we just lost turiaf.. but yeah we really dont need pargo

  • MITy


    Odom(biggest guard in the leauge)/sasha/yue




    who care players:Dwayne mtchell,chris mihm

  • sketch

    ZO! ZO! ZO! ZO!

  • lskerfan567

    get ZO, a great defensive center, and another mentor to Bynum, i always loved pargos game, i wished they released payton instead of him


    Ickerfan,I don’t know if you said this guy but if you didn’t,what do you say about this guy,DUDE IS INSANE AROUND THE BASKET…this is just apart of my TRADEVLAD SERIES,hahaha….

  • ab4sure

    Aug 12th, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Hello my LOYAL LAKER FANS,since I was asked this mornin,on another Laker site why I come up with outrageous trade demands but good ones (they gave me props ’cause they got picked up),I told’em,”It’s simple,just watch the player from another team that stands out,he doesn’t have to be THE best player on the team,just CONTRIBUTE”!

    Please DCLaker. You don’t know what your talking about. Lakers are over the cap. If they were to get Pietrus, they would have to pay double…. so they would have had to sign him for 10 million a yr… Not worth it. Again you wanted Childress who signed for 7 million a yr. If the lakers signed someone for 7 mill.. that would cost them 14 million a yr… Again DCLAKER YOU MAY PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK WITH COMPLIMENTS BUT YOU HAVE A KNIFE IN YOUR HAND THAT IS KILLING YOUR “GREAT SIGNINGS” OR “GREAT TRADES”.

  • ab4sure

    DCLAKER, Have you stopped taking the meds your doctor prescribed for you???


    Dude…Dude…DUDE! Why when I ask a question,in this case to ICKERFAN,like right on ‘Q’,you always HATIN’,damn go play MADDEN 09 at BESTBUY or somethin’,go feed your dog,hell,take his no-bitin’A%% for a walk…matter of fact,TAKE OFF THAT R.KELLY MASK WHILE SITTIN’AT THE COMPUTER YOU FREAK…

    …but all BERNIE MAC(RIP)dedications aside,I told you ONLY VLAD gets talked about in MY SUPERIOR TRADE TALKS,YES superior because EVERY name I say from here on out will be a WAAAAAAY BETTER CHOICE than VLAD the VANGUARD(coming STRAIGHT TO VHS).

    Oh by the way,……HE WILL BE TRADED!!!


    Ab4sure,My doctors takes the meds instead…right after I walk out,hahaha.

    You know you admire my style ’cause it gives you somethin’ to critique….AND I WILL GET’CHA ON THE TYRUS FOR VLAD will submit,

  • T-Mack

    If it is at all possible bring in Alonzo Mourning to back up Andrew Bynum immediately. If the Lakers can get a defensive minded center like Zo to come in off the bench behind Drew and shot block and do all the intangibles then trust me this time next year we’ll be talking about repeating instead of watching any other team hoisting up OUR CHAMPIONSHIP!

  • ab4sure

    Mar 1st, 2008 at 4:52 pm
    Maggette wants a RING NOT MONEY and LA would be perfect fit.Since where playing miniature ‘GM’ these days(I’ll speak for myself,I AM)
    Here’s a few names:
    Mickael Pietrus
    Gerald Green
    Jamrio Moon
    Corey Maggette(Might be the biggest name to get under 15 mins.,it’s stretch though)
    JO(yes ,him and he’s willing to come off the bench)
    Jason Williams(he’s 32 and will come to win another ‘SHIP)
    There’s some more names but these are off the top of my head so I suggest y’all go to ESPN and type in ‘free agents ‘08′ and see which free agents will fit.

    I suggest you stop taking drugs. And the next time you suggest a trade make a real point. Ask yourself a few questions..

    1. Can the lakers get them??? (what do they have to trade, how much will it cost?, is it good for the other team?? etc…

    2. Will they fit in the Lakers system??? tri… etc…

    3. Are they a head case???

    Next time think before you make a trade or a signing. IF you past the test I will invite you to my gm school. If not try baseball.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #48693 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL, you forgot his short lived crush on Keyon Dooling

  • ab4sure

    Ok DClaker, come up with a trade and why you think it will be a good trade. I will review all of your trades, but first put down that pot. Please no vids are necessary. Remember to match salaries.

  • lskerfan567

    a why you hatin on my homeboy, jealousy iz a stong a thing ya, just cause you cant come up with the dope ass ideas like him

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #48696 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No he is just in school just like you homey…. look at this..

    i think we should sign stephon marbury

    What idiot thought we should get this guy????

    You…. That’s who..
    Jul 16th, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    i think we should sign stephon marbury

    Now go back and make some good trades. If they are acceptable I might enroll you in the gm school. If not you can try baseball.

  • Kb_24mvp

    yo guys check out this video, its kinda old and probaly half of you guys have watched it already but it brings tears to my eyes everytime i watch it!!!

  • Fred A.
  • laker-nate

    off the subject, but….we shud have an article about how pau dominated yao the other day!! this is LakersNation, not KobeNation…GREAT JOB PAU!!!

  • xxv112002

    To end this topic.

    The Zo-Man is a good pickup only IF he is healthy enough to play the whole season. He would be a great backup to either Pau at PF or Bynum at C. Why PF? Think of the matchup of big, slow power forwards of the NBA; Elton Brand, Tim Duncan etc. The Zo-man can be put to match the strength of those types. Especially when Pau & Odom have off nights defensively. And at the C position? Well, you all know what he can do. He would be a great pickup to replace what we lost in Turiaf.

    Pargo is also a good pickup. I remember he played for the Lakers and he did well. He has good defense and work ethic. He is also a streak shooter. Knows the triangle is a bonus. I remember reading Phil Jackson’s book “The Last Season” and he talked about Pargo. Everyone on the team loved this guy but unfortunately, the Lakers had to cut him. He had a one on one discussion with Phil and it ended in tears. Phil didn’t want to cut him cos he saw how good this guy can be. What I’m suspecting is, the reason why the Lakers might be looking for this guy is because Fisher is getting old. I remember last season, there were games when Fish had to play hurt. There were no one else capable of backing up him and Farmar. Maybe they want Pargo so in the meantime, he can backup either Fish or Farmar (when he has an off night or when he plays the Jazz get what I’m saying?) One day, Fish will be gone. Lakers know it and they want to be ready for it. I also believe Fisher will one day become one of Phil’s assistants like Brian Shaw. Why you may ask? Well, last season Brian Shaw was looking elswhere for a head coaching position. So were Jim Cleamons & Kurt Rambis. So when one of them leave, Fish is the best man to replace one of them.

    Sun Yue agrees to sign two year deal with Lakers. But don’t get your hopes up. I too want to see Sun play. But to be realistic, Lakers will wait and see how he develops. Unless he can pull the Coby Carl of last year and ends up in the rotation. But my best guess is Sun will be assigned to the D-fenders this year to develop, work on strength and speed. The best chance of making the roster again is Coby Carl. He has one year advantage of knowing the triangle, his dad & Mitch is best friends and Phil likes white guys. Haha.

    So my projected roster this coming season only when we get those top two:

    PG Fish/Farmar/Pargo
    SG Bryant/Vujacic/Carl/Ariza
    SF Odom/Walton/Ariza/Bryant/Radmanovic
    PF Gasol/Odom/Mourning/Mihm/Radmanovic
    C Bynum/Gasol/Mourning/Mihm

    This lineup is versatile & good enough to win 3-4 Championships. Do it Mitch! GO LAKERS!

  • Banzai

    I thought Mourning messed his knee up to the point where his career was done…or was it only his season?

  • MILO

    If Lakers are interested in Pargo, does this back up my saying that farmar does not cut it???YES!!!

  • iskerfan567

    [Comment ID #48697 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that was sarasm,i said that in refrence of ron artest

  • ek

    I think you meant to say “Sarcasm” Pronunciation:


    “HATERZ CAN’T BAN THE DC LAKER”…AH YES!I wake up in the and cut on my computer and what do I see…MORE HATERZ!

    The Usual Suspects..Ab4sure/Lakerfirst,LAKERNATION PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1 & 2,AGAIN! Y’all just don’t know how much y’all make my day…I’m laughing at how far y’all go to try to expose me,I WAS EXPOSE THE 1ST TIME I CAME ON THIS SITE…and by the way… WHUT UP ICKERFAN,BILLY KUPCHAK,RICKY,MILO,etc.

    As we know when it comes to blogs,people like myself make OUTRAGEOUS comments,it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH but I’m tryin’ to be respectful to all that come on to the site and read’em.I give credit where credit is due,Ab and Laker1st,you know salary caps and luxury taxes and all that stuff that alot of us think is for those that get PAID to know,in other words it’s not my job to know numbers…I just know players that would fit PERFECT with this Laker Franchise,THAT I DO KNOW.

    So all the names,Pietrus,Maggette,ALL OF’EM on that list are on good teams or CONTENDERS,right or wrong? Now to my favorite subject…TRADES! Vlad for ….TYRUS THOMAS,all year long….YOU CAN HATE NOW!!!

  • Corey Bynum

    phil jackson doesn’t like undersized players and zo is an undersized center


    Ab and Laker1st,add DESMOND MASON TO THE LIST TO…OKLAHOMA CITY HERE HE COMES(back where he started..sorta)!!

  • Billy Kupchak

    I will be mourning for Mourning every morning if father doesn’t get this done! :cool:

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #48751 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Get back on the meds man. I think you need it.

    Don’t forget, when you make ridiculous trade demands, you make all Laker fans look dumb to the outside world. Please, act like a knowledable basketball fan, and represent yourself as a knowledgable Laker fan.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #48745 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i mock you not hate… your jolly little nucklehead that gives me laughs. Kind of like the little brother who doesn’t know much but he tags along anyways. You have Freedom of Speech i just wish you wouldn’t use stupid speech, but then your like alittle brother who doesn’t know any better…

    I get what your saying. You don’t abide by any rules and you wish just to get good players. I will do what you do.. eg..

    If Mitch has the grapefruits to do this he should get Lebron James for Vlad, Luke, and Mihm. See… i know how to do trades.. get players..

    Keep living in a fantasy world and you can’t propose getting players without saying who you would give up. Your not choosing candy.


    HAHAHAHA!Y’all just can’t get enough of “The King”(I’ma Leo so that gives me leverage to say that).TYRUS THOMAS(or Stromile Swift) is all I’m sayin’ from here on out…BY CHRISTMAS SO HE CAN DO THIS…

  • lskerfan567

    sorry, but stromile is a burnout, but hopefully mitch would bribe john paxon with woman, in order of him to trade us tyrus thomas


    hahaha,Yeah!Ya’know Dr.Buss likes them young gals…BIG PIMPIN’ ,SPENDIN’ G’S!!!

  • awesomerob24

    sounds like a damn good idea
    i still say keep lamar

  • dub824

    ab4sure is right.. DCLAKER comes up with the dumbest trades i have ever seen


    Stay off my Jock by not commenting…and why are ALL my RIDICULOUS picks being scoop up by other teams,well let me explain.

    1st thing,WHY IN THE HELL CAN YOU TRADE CARON BUTLER FOR KWAME…that’s STUPID…but I say PIETRUS,OMFG,here come the haterz.

    2nd,dub WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Knowone cares…KNOWONE!

    3RD,WE ALL MAKE STUPID,OUTRAGEUOS,IDIOTIC but alot of them are fantasy picks or who we as individuals would like to see as Lakers,OVERSTAND,no…God bless you.

    4th,I,like many other will NEVER come make stupid remarks about ‘THE GREATEST BASKEBALL PLAYER AT THIS PRESENT TIME,Kobe “The Mamba” ‘like many on this site who D’RIDE OTHER PLAYERS LIKE “LBJ” who many would trade for Kobe for in a heartbeat if they had the chance…THAT’S STUPID!!!

    5TH (and last,thank god),AUGUST 18 IS THE KING’S B-DAY AND NUTHIN’ WOULD MAKE ME HAPPIER THAN TYRU…siiiiike,though he is my next pick but…BRING THAT ‘CHIP BACK TO LA.

    I won’t stop no matter how y’all hate,!!!

  • ab4sure

    DCLaker, Mitch, Jerry Buss, Phil Jackson, would trade kobe for Lebron… in a heartbeat. No wonder you need my gm class. Keep writing… you make a perfect eg. of what not to do as a gm.

  • dub824

    DCLAKER, shut up, you sound like the TLN idiot. who the hell am i? who the hell are you? you seriously can’t spell a two-letter word and you want everybody to listen to your ridiculous picks. yeah we all make fantasy trades but we at least want players that can help, you want tyrus thomas who is barely a poor mans version of the old kenyon martin. if mitch made all the moves you wanted we’d end up bein worse than the knicks. stop spamming the site with your stupid trades that you came up with from scouting players on youtube

    since you do this homo crap all the time… “”