The entire NBA, and world for that matter, were shook when the Pau Gasol trade went down. Lakers fans cleaned their ears out to made sure they heard right. Kwame Brown, J-Critt, a few future draft picks for Pau Gasol. Many were shocked, excited and in disbelief.

Maybe the biggest twist however, was that a brother was traded for a brother. The Lakers, ironically, drafted Pau Gasol’s brother Marc in the 2007 NBA Draft. He was also included in the deal for Pau. Now, ESPN projects him as the 4th best rookie for this upcoming season. How good can Marc be?

Here is what ESPN had to say…

ESPN: 4. Marc Gasol, C, Grizzlies: Skilled, experienced and full of confidence. Don’t discount the effect of having his brother, Pau, in his ear all summer, teaching him the nuances of the NBA.

There is no question that the basketball IQ of Marc will be high seeing as Pau is a very intelligent player; he understands the game. Like J-Crit, perhaps the we will one day watch Marc grow into a great player… in fact, maybe an NBA All-Star like our beloved Pau.

Here is a video of Marc Gasol, the ACB 2007-08 MVP:

  • daboss1848

    As stated from the get-go, we’ll soon know if we got the right Gasol . . . Gasolid or Gasoft?

  • Anonymous.

    Lol wow Memphis actually looks pretty promising if Marc Gasol is a solid center. A promising PG in Navarro, Javaris, Conley, Lowry. (Lol) A for sure 2 guard who can do it all in OJ Mayo. A talented small forward in Rudy Gay who has a LOT of athleticism, and a lengthy center in Marc Gasol. All Memphis has to do is trade a guard or two and get a commendable PF and better role players and we could be looking at a very talented team.

  • earl

    I don’t get it, if Marc Gasol is such a stud then why was he drafted in the 2nd round???? I know good players have come out of the 2nd round before but if you’re considered a stud before you play an NBA game usually you’re in the 1st round not second

  • ab4sure

    We probably got the RIGHT NOW Gasol becuase soft laker fans are too impatient wait for something solid. Please no hindsight laker fans who complain about the Kwame trade if it turns out that this is the better Gasol. In fact, lets just call you FAKE LAKER FANS if you complain about that we got screwed. These type of trades with young players have to wait about 2-3 years to judge.

  • LD2k

    [Comment ID #42420 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Well that is the thing… This past year, he was the ACB MVP.

    Last year, they basically called our pick of Marc a “garbage pick” because Marc was seen as an untalented version of Pau. Then he went on to dominate the ACB. Very good player. I added a youtube video of him – def. seems slower than Pau, but much stronger…

    Either way, those same people calling Marc a “garbage pick” are now calling him extremely valuable!

  • Edward

    I think Marc Gasol is a good player, probably almost or the same skill level as Pau, but Pau has proven himself in an American league, and he will be better at the PF position than Marc would be.

  • Banzai

    Well if Marc is has a breakout season I’m sure the LAKERS will keep their eye on him for the future lol….

  • lakersfan17

    Uh, yes hes a stud. he will be a great player if given the minutes. Memphis looks promising now with guys like Gasol, Arthur, Gay, Mayo and Conley. I knew Mitch had to screw something up, damn!

  • daboss1849

    This guy looks like a stud. Mitch still made the right move. It will definetly be fun to watch brother vs. brother and pau better win…

  • mr.laker19

    I hate to say it but… we might of fucced up! If he plays like he did in that high light tape consistently, he will be a top 10 big man in the league. While Pau is declining, Marc could be flying into stardom. And he looks WAY more aggressive and mean then Pau too. This could come back to bite us in the caboost

  • Whatsa

    Where was freakin Marc Gasol on the bench?

  • Lakerfan101

    Pau is a way better scorer than marc!

  • SiKWiDIt

    He plays like Dirk. With the exception that dirk can’t block shots as well as he can, he has a range, and drives in with thte same spin moves. Not to mention the european long hair style :]

  • Shaq786

    LAL/MEM: luke walton and mihm… for marko jaric (who is perfect at the back up sg…. he can shoot, pass, and defend well) and the rights to marc gasol

  • 123KID

    if memphis utilizes him well, i think he can well enough be as good or possibly better than pau. obviously, youtube highlight videos of players dont really tickle my fancy, so i guess well see what happens. but as for the lakers, i do hope they bring in sun yue to see him stand by the name of being the chinese magic johnson!

  • SEAN

    not impressed lets see if he plays like that against dominate NBA centers not some euro trash centers

  • Fantastic5LAL

    me too, Im not impressed

    More athletic/strong bigs will jump all over him. I don’t see him being better than Pau, maybe as good as Pau, but not better

  • dan

    Man, I knew one of the two prospects we gave to memphis was going to bite us. I didn’t want to give up j critt, but it looks like Im ok with that now, as he seems to not be that good. I hated the fact we gave up marc gasol, because I read that memphis insisted he be included in the deal and that just gave me a sinking feeling that they knew something about his talent. Why doesn’t Pau tell him to stay a little longer until his rights to memphis expire and come back to the lakers.
    Although this is a trade that we made for the near future, if gasol turns out to be like someone else says here and the same impression I got when I saw the Utube video as a dirk notvitzky type, the trade wasn’t a steal after all.

  • yellowpurplefever

    This year w/o Pau we would not be in the Finals. Great if his bro plays well, it will take him a few years to be productive anyway. Lakers want to win NOW with Kobe still in his prime.
    Shaq 786,
    Jaric for Fluke and Mihn great idea. I love it, ship him out and dont forget Vlady too. He could be like Ron Harper. YEAH!

  • dub824

    his bro looks like hes too slow

  • Kobeyashi

    Has anybody seen Marc during an entire season in Europe. It is easy to say he is getter than Pau if you just lok at a highlight reel.

    Also, let’s see how good Pau is when he is playing power forward and not center.

    I still believe that the Lakers did the right thing in getting Pau.

    Don’t suffer “buyer’s remorse just because what some people say at ESPIN.

  • Kobeyashi

    Also, just remember how a lot of “experts” thought Darko Milicic was going to be stud.

  • BEC

    Not to knock on marc gasol or anything but if he was really a “stud” hed be playing in the nba right now and not developing in another league. Theres a reason why he was picked 48th in the draft and his brother pau got picked 3rd. Not to say that he cant be a stud but watching videos of him playing against people who are not even close to even making in the nba means nothing. You got to wait till he actually plays with the “big boys” before we judge but based on that he was picked 48th and still in euro somewhere its likely he wont be a stud and will be a solid center at best.

  • Jkwo

    Seriously, guys, get a grip.. no scouts expect him to be anything more than a half decent starter.. he has none of his brother’s speed or atheticism.

  • as1084

    what u guys dont realize is that the clip are all highlight plays of his…who the hell knows how he plays over 48 minutes in an 82 game season! off course he looks good on the clip…they are all highlights!!!

  • Kobeyashi

    Just to add…I hope Marc does turn out to be a solid player. I just still believe that the Lakers made the right decision. I don’t like to look back when the deal has already been made.

    Plus, I don’t like it when so many Lakers “fans” turned against Pau. He is still an All-Star caliper player and what happened to him in the playoffs will make him stronger if he comes back with a little bit of a mean streak. The logic of turning against Pau is just like the fans that wanted to trade Bynum for Kidd. Both moves would be knee-jerk reactions that would cost us down the road.

  • 2inthepink1inthestink

    gasol is the man. can’t wait to see him play.

  • lakers4lyfe

    some of you guys need to be grateful that we got pau. stop with the MITCH Fuked up crap.

  • jack

    ehe. i liked the car next to the hoop. jeez/

    marc should be all right.

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    The Pau Gasol trade was possibly the best thing that happened to us since the Kobe Bryant/Vlade Divac trade, k? I don’t care if it’s in hindsight or at the moment, but giving up Kwame Brown (Marc Gasol, Critter, McKie and a few draft picks) were WORTH IT.

    The Lakers went on a 10 game winning streak, without Bynum in the lineup but Pau taking over duties as the center. Then he was twisted his ankle, Laker fans waited in eager anticipation for Pau to return as we lost to Memphis and the Bobcats(?) and as soon as he returns we ride to the top of the pacific division, to the top of the western conference, all the way to the Finals.

    Though we didn’t ultimately win the entire thing, Pau’s presence was the reason we got that far. I don’t think anyone can say that Pau Gasol did not help the Lakers.

    Marc looks like he can shape up to be a very promising NBA player. I think it’ll be fun to see how well he does with Memphis. He’ll have Pau’s old house there lol and I’m sure Pau will feel a lot happier knowing his kid brother is doing well.

    That being said, my only wish for Pau this offseason is to build up some more muscles, borrow Andrew Bynum’s personal trainer, anything, to help him muscle his way through the front court. Not that I want him to eat a billion donuts or anything, I just want him to be able to stand the ground more firmly so that we won’t fall or twist his ankle anymore, but not so much muscle that he loses speed. I like his speed and athleticism, especially when he runs down the court and dunks it. It’s a beauty to watch.

  • ryguy2303

    lol why is this even an article, let alone a Nation Discussion. He’s not even on the Lakers.

  • http://deleted berks24

    acb is not regret for pau trade but it could be more exciting n fun to watch if he play alongside his brother but not enough to beat t
    e celts their still soft.I hope pau could add some muscles like what bynum did to his.and still hoping for a change in the 3 spot coz odom is untrusted.look bird is a laker hater like mchale he just trade o neal for tj,when lakers give up odom last year.but thanks jerry west is there that’s why we have gasol now we got the twin tower….be afraid…be very afraid……

  • Machinehead18

    Based on what Ive seen from Marc Gasol, he just looks like a more aggressive Pau.

  • Jonny

    you know what that is?

    a Kwame Brown highlight mix. . .and it’s over 3 minutes long

    i rest my case

  • Joaquin

    I´ve seen Marc Gasol all this last season and he has been one of the 3 best players of the ACB, together with Ricky Rubio and Rudy Fernandez (who is in Portland next season). He´s very good, but despite that, Pau is still better than Marc, so Lakers did the right trade.

    Now is better to have him in Grizzlies growing and in 3-4 years get him to Lakers.

  • candace parker

    hey do any of you guys think that memphs will make another trade with us, well this is the trade, mihm, fluke, vlad to memphis for j-critter and possibly a first round pick. memphis needs a backup center for marc gasol and i don’t think milicic is a good fit for center and should play power forward. also they have too many point guards and they need basketball IQ

  • Mamba2410

    Pau Gasol is the unselfish guy, that may be why we traded Marc and didn’t trade for the #2 pick (or that could be for something else), Pau is very passive, we didn’t need another Shaq (Bynum will be better and take way more shots than Pau will, along with Odom)! We sahll never again do a trade unless we’re giving up Mihm or Radmanovic, not Luke Walton, he’s a genius in the Triangle and the NBA/basketball, why would we want to trade him?!

  • lakers-r-pimpilicous

    I dont understand why you guys are suddenly having second thoughts on the trade, didnt pau help us get to the finals, why do u guys want KWAME BROWN back

  • ab4sure

    PLease people quit with the ASININE TRADES. Before you post your trade ask yourself…. WOULD THE OTHER TEAM DO THIS?

  • xtro

    Naw. El hermano de Pau es como una tortuga.

  • caleb

    Look at the guys he’s schooling, they suck. He doesnt look fast and he doesnt jump (his shot is almost flat footed, if dominating Euro ball made you an NBA star, we’d have alot more Europeans in the NBA.

    SUN YUE looks like the real deal though.

  • rbf0621

    pau is one ugly man. he looks like a muppet on meth

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