It is being reported that Phil Jackson has told Magic that he may retire after “next season.” It has been reported on 710 ESPN and is rumored to air Sunday during the Lakers/Spurs game.

There are a myriad of questions – who should be the next coach? Will this affect Kobe’s decision as a free agent this summer? This is definitely both a motivating and sad news that has us all thinking in Lakers Nation. How do you guys feel? 2 more titles and out? I could do with that…?

Here is the video…

  • Lakers 24 7

    Well I wouldn’t mind having one of our assistant coaches like Rambis or Brian Shaw as our coach….but a coach that teaches good defense would be nice also.

  • Showtime 24

    Rambis is the defensive coach. Why would you want him to be the head coach with the lowsy defense we play now? I say Byron Scott all the way

  • daboss1848

    lets get to that bridge first?
    (no rambis!!! no magic!!!) – learn from history so as not to repeat same mistake

  • Mitch4Pres

    this is looking too far into the future live in the moment people

  • Sako

    but i’d like Byron Scott

  • Lakers 24 7

    How do we know that Byron Scott won’t be still coaching the Hornets by then?

  • Tim

    byron scott wont come here probably (unless CP3 comes with him)
    I say, try to get AVERY JOHNSON!!! lol

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Avery ain’t a bad coach…dudes got a mean attitude, he’ll have Radmanovic (if we still have him by then) on check. lol

  • earl

    byron scott wont come here probably (unless CP3 comes with him)
    I say, try to get AVERY JOHNSON!!! lol

    Tim I totally respect your comment but I’m going to heavily disagree, when Byron Scott’s contract with the Hornets is up after next year and he has the option of staying with the Hornets or coaching The Lakers I will guarantee anyone he goes to the Lakers and not only because he grew up in So Cal and not only cause he was a Laker but he knows he will probably never ever get the opportunity to coach the Lakers again but if he ever did get that opportunity after turning it town in 2 years he has to understand that the Lakers team he inherits years down the line won’t be as good as the team he gets in 2 years so Byron Scott is most likely the Lakers head coach in 2 years can’t wait!!!Go Lakers!!!

  • LAKing

    OMG, you guys are actually buying everything that BSPN tells you? LOL, wow you guys must be so gullible. Until we actually hear this come from the Lakers organization or from Phil himself… Then this is all made up BS.

  • golakers75

    kobe is love with coach k from duke and i think it would be worth the lakers to see if they can get him.. i know it failed 4 years ago but maybe this time it would be different. also an option for the lakers should be jeff van gundy. if the lakers remain the same on the offensive end then a coach like van gundy could put them in the title talk every year. but really who knows with phil he can say that he thinks he is going to retire but then dr. buss will offer another 24 mil for three more years, i know that would keep me around, also if he has yet to pass red for the most titles by a head coach i would think he would coach till he broke the record.

  • L.G.Fuad411

    it’s highly likely that Brian Shaw will take over. They’ve been grooming him into a great coach for the past 4 years or so. Sacramento and others even considered him as a full time head coach.

    but, New Orleans WILL not win the championship let alone the make it to the WCF as long as the Lakers and Blazers are here. So i EXPECT Byron Scott to be fired around the same time that Phil supposedly retires.

    1) Brian Shaw 2) Byron Scott (two former Lakers)

  • kb24 4life

    everything will change with a championship…
    if we win it.. phil will like the taste of it
    and might change his opinion.. if we lose it..
    i think he´ll retire…

  • 323 TOWN



  • Lakers 24 7

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    If we win a title, Phil will still retire. And he already likes the taste of it, dude already has 9 titles. If Phil wins his 10th, then he will retire, cuz that puts him over the top as the all time greatest coach, and nobody else can reach him.

  • lakers1fan

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    Yes, that’s exactly how I feel!!!!! Call me crazy but….I wouldn’t want rambis, shaw, or B.Scott…But Pop (Spurs Popovich)would do????

  • lakers1fan

    For the Lakers players this should be #1 reason why they should really win a Championship NOW, JUNE 2009!!!!

    Number #1 – Phil getting his 10th ring for his tenth finger!
    Number #2 – Win a Championship now that the team is deep (before being dismantle)
    Number #3 – Not only winning a Championship but making history…look…Obama made history becoming the first African-American 44th president…LAKERS win a championship…they will visit the first African-American president in the White House, they themselfs would be and make history as well!!!!

    LET’S GO LAKERS!!! Boston S U C K S!!!

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Byron Scott is the #1 choice, even him say so on one interview.
    B. Shaw is good but wont get the respect from players and fans unless we are #1 in Western div. This LA we need BIG time coach. remember Del Harris? He always and will be asst coach for life.
    Byron Scott loves LA and we love B.S

  • e

    phil is amazing but after him i believe we should get byron scott or avery johnson

  • gugy

    I think this is one more of PJ mind games. He seems to be in good health and if the Lakers win this season, I would not be surprise to see him renewal his contract for another two years.

    If indeed he leaves, Byron Scott should be the man coming. Avery is a good coach, but I can’t stand his voice. :-)

  • Future Lakers coach?

    Here’s my list

    1. Greg Popovich
    2. Byron Scott
    3. Jerry Sloan
    4. Nate McMillan
    5. Avery Johnson

  • LAKing

    Although I like Byron Scott, he’s an incredible coach. Phil Jackson is our coach and he’s the greatest coach in the history of this league. I just don’t see any other coach that can coach Kobe. I don’t even want to imagine Phil retiring, that would be just heartbreaking.

  • Makaveli3

    dude i thought the title said

    Life after fail

    LOL. i was like wtf? haha

  • Paul

    Brian Shaw or Byron Scott to be realistic.

  • Mike KB24

    Phill aint leving yet Champiochip or not hes got a few more years left…… but i number 1 choice would be assistant Kurt Rambis

  • Moses

    We need someone with:
    1. Experience
    2. Popularity
    3. A proven ability to win

    You don’t replace a hall of fame coach easily, the only way you do so is by choosing someone like Byron because he used to play for the Lakers, so the fans still love him for that.

    Avery Johnson is a good coach, but AJ for the Lakers?? I’m not too sure they fit together that well. The most flashy and glamorous city in the country with a star studded team doesn’t sound that comfortable for him.

    And def not Kurt Rambis haha! B-Shaw and Jim Cleamons are above Kurt on the internal list.

    Coach K would be cool, but doubt that’s a realistic option.

  • pancho

    My vote goes to Brian Shaw.

  • lainok

    Byron Scott already said in an interview that he would love to be a laker coach, but then tried to pull back a little bit saying he loves the hornets, but his heart is with the lakers. so if he were offered the job, depending on where his contract with the hornets is, he would probably take it. I just want Phil to hold on long enough, so that he leaves right as or a year after Fisher leaves.

    MAKE FISHER THE NEXT COACH!!!!!! Fisher would be a perfect coach for this team. fisher will be the next Jackson!

  • KING-BQ1981

    MAGIC JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaq786

    1. Coach K
    2. Greg Popovich (tied)
    2. Byron Scott (tied)
    3. Bryan Shaw


    Kurt Rambis is the man. He knows Phil’s system and he is a laker. Give it to Kurt Buss. Plus, he knows the laker tradition of winning. Scott really isn’t a good coach. He just has CP3 and he had Kidd. I never saw him take an average team and win. You laker homeys need to do alittle research on your coaches.

  • JohnnyB

    Phil is just using these comments to motivate his team. If they win the next two he will be back for as long as this run lasts. As he said he will take it on a year by year basis.

  • Pat Harvey Dent

    I say Phil Retires after next season becuase i think we should be able to win at least one more ring in that 2 year window.

    If we win a ring, What else is there to prove for Phil? And Kobe would match Shaq’s and Duncan’s # of rings and Phil already built a contender… just the reason why he came back in the first place.

    Make Kwame avg. 15 and 12 but we know how that all worked out.

    It would be sweet if Phil can match Bill Russell’s # of rings,
    that would put the head coaching record of rings far far away!

  • lainok

    rambis had his chance a while back…didn’t work out so well. he’s a cool guy, but not head coaching material.

  • GCA

    Michael Cooper or Byron Scott

  • Jake

    Man, that’s tough. Do they or don’t they abandon the Triangle? We’ll see. I guess it depends on what a guy like Kobe wants at that point. If they still have the same elements (Kobe, Bynum, Gasol), they can probably win with a lot of systems. Of course, we think back to the Shaq & Kobe days, and they didn’t win without the triangle. It’s clearly a system that works and needs to stay implemented.

    Kurt’s been around for awhile under Phil, that could be important. Can him and Hamblin (or whomever that dude is that knows the triangle) maintain the triangle? If that’s possible, then I’d be OK with them running the show.

  • KING-BQ1981

    What about Dennis Rodman :D He know how to play D +rofl*

  • lainok

    let’s bring doug christie’s wife in. we all know she knows how to keep her guys in check.

  • Fred A.

    Do worry about it TLN. Phil says he will take it year by year. He will be here longer. Trust me!!!!!!!! :)