We wanted to bring this subject up. After all, here in Los Angeles the Sparks are our WNBA team. Well yesterday in a match up with the Sparks facing off against the Shock in Detroit, there was the first ever WNBA brawl that occurred. Yes, it was pretty interesting. Unfortunately, a teammate of the Shock actually hurt herself trying to restrain her teammate.

What is more crazy is Lisa Leslie, WNBA legend and future hall of famer, actually got shoved to the ground by ex-Piston and “bad boy” Rick Mahorn. Now it’s been debatable and dissected all day on talk radio. But I wanted you guys to give your thoughts. Was Leslie shoved intentionally by Mahorn? Or was he trying to play “peacemaker” as he calls it?

Afterwards Leslie makes a great point in why he didn’t go and take care of his own player on the Shock. Why even face Leslie at all; who was clearly not trying to elevate the situation! Here is the video below, check it out and sound off Lakers Nation!

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  • Michaelmichael

    hes retarded he said she lost her balance and you clearly see he shoved her and then madoged her in the end.

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  • varsityoptimism

    once a bad boy…always a bad boy.

    looked like a mistake though

  • Lakers 24 7

    How does she lose her balance and fall backwards when she was runnin forward…UNLESS SHE WAS PUSHED!?!?!? lol

  • lakaluva

    Mahorn is a BUM, and if that was my sister I definitely would catch him slipping the next time they came to LA.

  • http://myspace.com/thaonlyrhom RD

    how PATHETIC! i understood what rick mahon was trying to do, but shoving her that hard WASNT necessary!

  • daboss1849

    biatch shouldn’t be balling if she can’t handle herself…

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

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    And a man shouldn’t be called a man if he shoves a woman. I don’t think he meant harm, but what business does he have with Leslie? The Sparks staff was out there – none of them were trying to control Shock players per say. Just very unfortunate and strange…

  • devan

    who gives a crap. one measley little fight in the wnba and its everywhere. god its so lame.

    the only discussion we should be having is why espn has to waist our time showing highlights of the wnba

  • lakers4life

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  • colinbeme123

    mahorn is a low life. look how he talks at the end, i would never put my hands on a woman….ughhh there IS video dumbass

  • yellowpurplefever

    In the heat of the moment, adrenaline, & all ,HE DID SHOVED HER. Just say it was an accident. No, Mahorn plays the father fig. “I have 4 dtrs. of my own” Who knows what’s going on at your house, just keep it indoor, Rick. I hope he gets fine and suspended.

  • colinbeme123

    http://sports.espn.go.com/wnba/news/story?id=3502414 this is just sad….she didnt even do anything

  • VoiceofReason

    This isnt the first time the WNBA has seen a fight but a brawl never.

  • joseph

    man! they should replace all the players from their faker team these sparks got some attitude and toughness that those faker boys lack! hahaha…

    kobe and gasoft should just do the cheering with their pompoms and tight azz short shorts.

    so eat sh!t fakers,

    regards from

    beantown, banner 18 baby!

  • Sako

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    Please, GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    Banner 18? hahah….try taking on the laker squad at full strenght…not with our center out…yes you won…but play the real team not the one where its pass the ball to kobe

  • Shaq786

    they guy had no business touching leslie, if anything he could stant between his players and her with his back turned towards leslie trying to get his OWN player away… they guy is a damn tank, NO EXCUSE! he thinks he is the shit becuase he is damn behemoth, who can have his way with a WNBA player… pathetic!

  • Shaq786

    they guy had no business touching leslie, if anything he could stand between his players and her with his back turned towards leslie trying to get his OWN player away… they guy is a damn tank, NO EXCUSE! he thinks he is the shizness, becuase he is damn behemoth, who can have his way with a WNBA player… pathetic!

  • Furn-daddy

    Dude, Leslie not only flopped, she took a swing at mahorn right before she started going backwards – as soon as she was falling mahorn extends a hand either to help or to be like “WTF, i barely touched you”

    At the end she was like, i was just trying to help my teammates

    yeah right, that is why i haul off running back INTO a fight and try to punch mahorn in the face when he was like… Naw girl.

    Candace showed much more maturity in this situation.

  • LAKER52

    Who is this low life and immature joseph coming in our site. Thanks to Mr Stern and the officials for helping out beantown win their banner 17. Just enjoy the moment and your chapionship this year because comes next year you will not see it again. It will be back in LA where its always belong.

  • ab4sure

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    I bet she could biatch slap you to the ground. The girl is 6’5 with a long reach and guys who make comments like you just did are usually about 5’3′ 135lbs.

  • ab4sure

    I tend to agree with you jokeseph. Lakers have a few soft players that could use some toughness in the mind. I hope your enjoying your ship. Relish it. You have a team like the celtics of 1987. On the downhill. You will try desperately in the next 3-4 yrs but age and losing posey (which was bigger than you think) will make winning an impossibility. Then you will try to rebuild and we know Ainge ain’t a good rebuilder. He needs other celtics GM’s to help him like McHale. Bird would never have done that trade. So Jokeseph enjoy the last ship you will see in the next 20 years.

  • domz

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    Good Point bro!

  • e-bucher

    straight comedy

  • http://mrsfox411@aol.com FOXXY

    [Comment ID #46626 Will Be Quoted Here]ECUSE ME,BUT WHAT??????????????

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Wow. This is the first WNBA fight I’ve seen…

  • Rinnegato

    He should’ve taken care of his own players, instead of facing up with LL… but no matter how many times they fight, I still can’t get myself to watch a game :P


    Hey Joseph,THIS FOR YOU….and you better PRAY WE DON’T GET’EM,

  • yash

    OMFG. This was the first time I saw a WNBA game. The game was close.
    “AND…..HERE……WE….GO! ” words of the Joker.
    First time I watch it and there was a fight. HHAAHAHAHHAHA. I think I should watch WNBA More. LOL

  • yash

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    IS it possible to kick this pendayho out of this website.

  • RoWyN

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    I know man. If Mahorn intentionally wanted to push her, it’d be a lot worse than that. Why confront her at all? She was jumping all over the place. I’m not saying it’s her fault but give Mahorn a break. He was trying to help out and got put in a bad situation. He miscalculated the push back but she’s alright so deal with it. Props to Parker for tackling that other girl while sitting down, that’s pretty hard to do.

  • RoWyN

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    Cooper was doing the same thing to the other team, ONLY he’s not as big as Mahorn.

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    I saw the game. It was a bunch of L.A. haters.
    It was a great game! We won that is all what matters!!!!!!
    That 3 game skid stop YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
    GO SPARKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

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  • PeanutButterSpread

    From what I can tell, Coach Cooper of the Sparks went to separate 3 Shock players from the fight too, so I don’t know whether the explanation of the Coach should have dealt with his own players is a fair accusation against Mahorn, but I do have to say that he did look like he pushed Lisa and was probably a little surprised at his own actions (maybe he didn’t intend to push her that hard), because when the other Sparks player hit him on the back he was like “What did I do?!” xD Regardless, this fight could have been handled a lot better from all the coaches and players. Mahorn should have just stuck his arms out eagle-spread like Cooper was doing to prevent Lisa from joining the fray or whatever he was trying to prevent her from going.

  • Kent

    Look at the suspensions handed down by the WNBA. It is so light!!!

  • Big Nick

    This was all a PR stunt to get more people to watch the WNBA. They are going to have to do better than a fight to get me to watch

  • lskerfan567

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    dont kick him out we need somebody to hate

  • west213

    fukin detroit thinks they r group of mobsters, this fight and the fight between Indiana. fuck em no one messes with LA!!!!!!!!

  • lyk13

    Lisa didn’t do anything and she got a 1 game suspension…I dun believe that…I love the swag on Candace’s face after pulling down the rebound and got tied up with Cheryl Ford….go Sparks!