Charles Barkley recently said,  “If Kobe Bryant doesn’t win a championship this year, he’ll never win one.” It’s sparked up a lot of debate so I thought I would throw out the idea to the Lakers Nation.

Do you guys believe if Kobe doesn’t win it this year that he’ll never? There is no doubt not winning a title could “change” things but with the emergence of Andrew Bynum – who looks great out there already, I think it’s unfair to say he’ll never win one… In KB24 we trust.

  • xfellerx


  • k1on

    and this is coming from a guy who never won a championship. seriously, barkley has some sort of man-boy love thing going on with crabron and he disses kobe everytime he gets a chance

  • BE_ALakerFan

    First, This xfellerx guy is annoying.

    Anyway, I don’t think if Kobe doesn’t win this year he will never win. Because I plan on us repeating next year lol. So that alone says we will have another chance.

    I know if we don’t win (which we won’t), I won’t watch basketball May 2010.

  • BE_ALakerFan

    ..until May 2010*

  • Edsel Docena

    Let’s see…. this is very interesting because there are some points out there that haven’t been implemented to make this ridiculous evaluation. Sir Charles, I love you as a competitor… sometimes though u gta think before u say something like that. Look at what the lakers have done this year… 65 wins(thanks Phil), starters being fairly and consistenly healthy(minus the fact that our success relies plenty off of the bench mob-remember farmar was out and vujacic has only recently started to get his spring back-, and of course Bynum), keeping elite status without Bynum(as we should), and beating over .500 teams on their home court(specifically at the Q). I know for a fact that Kobe has been pacing it throughout the year, Phil jackson’s decision? I believe that in order to accomplish a goal, teams must be on the same page, and this is where Phil was most concerned about Kobe:
    -his health
    -his health
    -his health
    Need I say more… Mamba has played the entire season last year, played through the playoffs, reached the finals, played six grinding games against the celts, practiced and participated in the Olympics, came back to training camp, played all 82 games, and now is prolly gna play to the finals again.
    This man needs no break, but he and Phil have an understanding that for this to work, Kobe needed to take his seat and lean back a bit. only when Kobe felt his presence was needed most was when he scored like, u know.. Kobe. Kobe scored 61 at the Garden this year and u say that he won’t win anymore?(pretty sure he was steaming when Bynum went down)Kobe knows himself, his game, and his teammates… look out playoffs, The unstoppable force is cranking it up for the Jazz. Charles, good luck with that prediction… with a little bit of rest and security, Kobe will win more trophies.

  • pr0mega

    Kobe is barely 30 years old, I think Jordan got his first ring at like 29 or something, Kobe already has 3. If Jordan could win 5 more with the team he was on, this team + Kobe can win a few more, too.

    k10n said it best, Barkley is the posterboy for all-stars who never could finish. He has no room to talk about titles and who will and will not win.

  • JC

    Charles Barkley a.k.a. “Chubb Rock” – he’s crazy but gotta love him.

  • gugy

    Kobe can easily get two more rings.

    he Lakers team is young and they will improve as time goes by. Bynum if becomes what everybody is expecting then watch out…

    Lebron is going to be a beast too, it all comes down if indeed Cleveland will build around him a better team, bring another star or if he will smell money and go somewhere else.

    No matter what, I would not be surprise to see these two guys battle for years to come.

  • kobe8

    People think that Kobe is done. They think Lebron is gonna take over from next season on. What they don’t know is he was holding back this season a little because he has a great team and he was conserving his energy for BIG games like the playoffs. LeBron got sonned by Kobe both times they played and Kobe wasn’t even 100%.

    So Chuck can ride LeBron all he wants but Kobe will win more Championships before he retires.

  • toolake2handle

    Well I’m really glad Sir Charles said that cause he’s always WRONG about his predictions.

  • 3 wyshes

    FOLKS ALWAYS TALK ABOUT KOBE WONT WIN WON. WAKE UP FOLKS HE ALREADY HAS 3 lol. You cant take his away just because he had Shaq on his team. He didnt ask to have shaq on his team and lets look at it for whats its worth. Shaq never won 1 until he had Kobe either.

    Now let switch up his statment to be the correct way. IF KOBE DOESNT WIN ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR HE WONT WIN ANYMORE. I say this is TRUE because. We all know kobe will except nothing less that winning. He bitched and screamed until he was given a roster that he could lead to the promise land and last year he kept his mouth sht because because he knew he had a big man that was missing but and also he won a GOLD MEDAL. But im telling you knowing Kobe’s track record and attitude the best thing for the Lakers organization is to win this championship NOW. If we dont get it this year it wont be pretty. TRUST ME.

  • leon

    consider the source. barkley also “guaranteed” the jazz would beat them on tuesday. kobe realistically has at least another year after this one, assuming the core of the team stays intact.

  • Mr V.

    Well I guess all of a sudden “Chuck” is a Phsycic! I mean C’mon, Kobe is the same age when Jordan won his 3rd ring, Kobe is going for his 4th! Even if they don’t win this year WHICH THEY WILL, this team is just about complete! The best looking team in the league. For the future,don’t forget, we got MITCH KUPCHIK, who knows how to get the deal done! OH and Kobe,He lives for the ring, and hell get another one this year.


  • Mitch4Pres

    dog wtf. this laker team is a contender for years to come. he could win 5 more after this. fools need to calm down.

  • PL

    What charles and the rest of these media types don’t understand is
    that the next 4 rings Kobe wins will be b/c of the emergence of Andrew Bynum…..Kobe is pacing himself (as a experienced vet should) he will avg 30-5-5 throughout the playoffs and be the 2009 finals MVP…..Andrew is 21 years old Pau is 28 or 29 Kobe is just 30…..yes he has played a lot of minutes but The young fella is the key…..If Andrew stays healthy and continues to improve I think he will be one of the great centers of all time…..The guy’s skill set reminds me a little of Tim Duncan (not flashy but very effective)…he scores with ease and he shoots FT’s pretty well…..Next year Andrew will be a 20/10 guy and an all star….IN THIS YEARS PLAYOFFS Pau will avg 19-8-3 and Andrew will avg 18-7-3……Right now Kobe has the second best PF in the Nba in Pau and one of the 5 best centers in the league……The KOBE/BYNUM/GASOL Dynasty will win more Chips than the Shaq/Kobe dynasty…..Kobe will end up with 7 or 8 chips, finish in the top 3 on the all time scoring list, be the best player of this era….. Andrew will have 4 or 5 rings b/f the age of 28…..Lebron is a fantastic player but he is going to have to join force with Wade or Bosh or both in order to take down the Laker dynasty….The Lakers learned last year against Boston….A Big Three will beat a fantastic one (Even Jordan played with one of the 50th greatest players of all time!!)…Laker nation is the Lord Jesus blesses these guys to stay healthy you will see multiple championships (4 or 5)


  • drplayer83

    Barkley is such a moron. Lakers are in great shape this year. If Miami beats Atl, LeBron has to deal with D-Wade in round 2. talk about wear and tear. I like what this guy said at about how it would be a prize fight to see who would get to challenge Kobe

  • gugy

    PL, You are overly optimistic.
    Nothing wrong with that.

    Kobe will for sure have another ring, more rings will depend on the development and health state of Bynum and key moves to improve the Lakers team by Mitch Cupcake.


    Think about it. After this season a bunch of unsigned veterans will accept offers to come to the Lakers/Cavs/Magic/Celtics making each team better and giving them a bigger chance for the upcoming seasons. How does Charles know that Lakers won’t have another blockbuster trade over the offseason, making it almost impossible to not get the chip? We all know Kobe has hooks all around the NBA and even talked about Kidd. LBJ also has some favorite players of his that he wants to play with and with his mediocre squad it can be possible

  • markco2

    barkley has a reputation of eating his own words..

    that’s all i can say..

    Lakers 09 champs!!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    you guys still talk about mj…
    MJ had PIPPEN (and a monster team) with him that is why he kept winning…
    we have no pippen, not even close to pippen, or rodman…
    we have GASOFT who disappears as soon as someone starts been physical…(4 reb vs portland….not looking forward to this matchup)
    bynum is the only hope of this team if they wanna win in the future…but putting hopes in a center that already had 3 big injuries in his knee at 22…
    does not look too good
    kobe is amazing, but he aint getting any younger, and Bron is getting better each year
    if things goes wrong (injuries, etc) this could really be last chance 4 kobe…he can score 50 when he wants but to win a ring he needs help…
    we have a great team, but we lack FIGHTERS
    go lakes! go kobeeeeeeeeee
    lets fucching WINNNNNNN

  • p a

    Got to love Chuck.

    He just said it wrong. This year is Kobe’s last chance to take HIS team to the championship. Next year it’ll be Kobe’s and Drew’s team.

    Dy-Nas-Ty begins 2009.

  • Dracul

    Gasol is only 27 and he doesn’t have the mileage on him like Garnett does. As long as the Lakers have PJ and the Triangle, Pau will be effective for the next 5 years. On the flip side, he plays like sh*t against teams that have Spaniards in them (read, Portland), and has a tendency to lose at least one grabbed rebound per game to someone knocking it out of his hands. Other than that, once he slid down to power forward, the guy can post, he can face up, he can pass, no problem there.

    Bynum seems to be able to put up 20 and 12 once he gets it going. He can be even more effective than Dwight Howard in the near future, because he can shoot the jumper and he can hit Free THrows. Yes, Dwight is more of an athletic beast, but looking at how ripped Bynum looks after he returned from his injury, I can see that he’s putting in the effort. It also looks like the improvements he’s done in terms of strength, conditioning, and footwork with Kareem, are giving obvious results for him on the court.

    Kobe still has 3 years of MVP level play. After that, he’ll start to slow down, but thanks to the condition level he’s always been in, his decline will be a smooth one. And that will be at 33. He can continue playing until he’s 41. And that’s a 7 year span. Jordan came back in 2003 at 41 and was droping 20ppg at 44.5% shooting. So any reports of Kobe’s demise have been exaggerated.

    Everyone can see that he hasn’t been exerting his energy this season – he has hardly dunked. However, this is because he knows he’s not the spry 21 year old anymore, so if he wants to keep wining, he’ll conserve his energy for the playoffs.

    We have Ariza at small forward , on or off the bench. We have Lamar at power forward, on or off the bench, depending on how the post season plays out for him and if he wants to stay on a championship team for less money, or take off to earn more.

    So that’s a core of kobe, ariza, pau, bynum, and lamar – not exactly the All-Star Old Timer team, and not kids either, so the Lakers have a window of AT LEAST 3 years to win championships with this type of core.

    We still need to upgrade our aging Fisher (god bless him, he can still hit jumpers and 3s, he just can’t get off the ground for a layup at all) – and we probably need to plug in an upgrade at starting small forward – someone who can defend and shoot the 3 when open- like a tayshaun prince or maybe even the King Crab himself. The Crab loves doing commercials, he can be in movies, i mean that’s how they lured Shaq to LA , remember Shazam?

    Obviously, if PJ hangs around, and they have a Championship team for the next 5 years – he’s already dating the boss’s daughter – he’ll inherit the Lakers.


  • PaulGarnettReceivesAnal

    JUST LOL!!!

  • JC

    Charles Barkley is just hatin’ cuz Kobe passed him on the all-time NBA scoring list this year… :)

  • iamthetie

    He made a good point when he said this is probably the best team we’re gonna have assembled going into the playoffs. With the salary cap dropping next year, the Lakers are gonna have a hard time signing a lot of the guys we have right now for the right price. (Think Shannon Brown, Ariza, LO).

    But when you have a team with Kobe and Pau, you always have a chance to win a championship.

  • iamthetie

    I guess I should call it luxury tax level. oops

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  • ricky

    Centers: Bynum, Mbenga

    Forwards: Gasol, Odom, Powell

    Forwards: Ariza, Walton, Morrison

    Guards: Kobe, Vujacic, Brown

    Guards: Fisher, Farmar, Yue

    Our 5 spot looks solid, I would keep Mbenga because he is another big, strong body and has proven that he can play some ball.

    Our 4 spot looks strong with Pau and Lamar, but I think we can use another more physical body inside besides Powell. I like him, but he does not have a back to basket game and just shoots 15 foot jumpers. Who can help us here???

    The 3 spot can use an upgrade for sure. I like Ariza and Walton but I am still iffy on Morrison. He is a shooter we can use at small forward but he is not a defender. I think we need to refine another player to upgrade this position because it looks a bit weak to me. Who can help here???

    The 2 spot is good of course with Kobe. Vujacic is good, but I would like to see us have a bulkier and more physical shooting guard option as well.

    The guard spot is okay. Fish is getting old so we need to replace him soon. Farmar needs to get better because Phil has kinda given up on him. Not really suited for our offense anyways, he will be better on a run and gun team. Shannon is good for us an needs to be resigned. He is bigger and stronger than Farmar and still young. He can be the type of guy to counter a Deron Williams or Derrick Rose. Sun Yue has seen little to no time on the team. I don’t know how he is progressing but the Lakers seem to like him. I’m iffy on whether he is gonna pan out for us.

    Overall, we need to resign Lamar, Ariza, Brown and look to add a small forward and maybe another shooter. Point guard was a concern but with Brown stepping up and we still have Farmar, i think we can manage.

  • lakers1fan

    Seriously, the LAKERS NEED TO WIN NOW!!! they don’t have any excuse now! First of all now that boston will be without KG there’s a good chance the LAKERS will not face the celtdicks in the finals…it will be LAKER & cavs foe shoh…and the cavs seriously do not have anyone but lebron??? LAKERS have 1. The BIGS (Gasol&Bynumite) 2. KOBE 3. LO & Co. off the bench (with the exception of Farmar) 4. A GREAT & CHAMPIONSHIP COACH!come on LAKERS there’s NO EXCUSE NOW!!! LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!! The celtdicks are polishing that trophy for YOU Guys and the city! Obama is waiting in the white house for you guys…LET’S GO LAKERS LET’S GO

  • lainok

    Clevland really has a great team this year. If they had played the lakers of last season, then I would say there is a possibility that they would beat the lakers. But after the embarrasment of last june, if the lakers can get to the finals back to back, it won’t matter who they face, they will win. Kobe will not let them lose this one. He’s going to show up to every game looking like he did at Madison Square Garden earlier this year.

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  • PL

    The is no talking head in the media that can or will convince me that this is the Lakers last shot to win the chip As Andrew continues to progress he will emerge as the primary option for the Lakers ……Kobe will still be very effective after the age of 34 ……IMO the Laker will win multiple chip btwn 2009-20014