Odom was ridiculous last night. After the game, on ESPN’s broadcast, he said something that surprised a lot of people – and excited even more Lakers fans…

“One thing I learned playing with Kobe is that you gotta want it.”

Lamar had, arguably, the best game of his Lakers career with an insane 30/11/5 stat line. This quote though, for those that follow Lamar, really shows how much his attitude has grown.

Since the Gasol trade, Lamar has been a beast and has been “free’d up” of all stress on and off the court seemingly.

It’s a great thing to see and I’m saying it right now – his play will be the X-Factor for us winning it all this year. Your take?

  • ab17

    he needs that extension as well as sasha..

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  • ryc3


  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    Hell yeah.

    Lamar has been improving and has been stress relieved, as noted in the article and that’s why he’s been a beast. Phil doesn’t have to rely on his scoring as much as Pau and Kobe, so Odom can do what he wants.

    Dude Odom should do this every game, that game was AWESOME.

  • http://letsgolakers.com Mr.81

    Yup Lamar will be a big part of our success, and he’s fitting in with Pau perfectly, but I still think for us to go all the way we need Bynum back to toughen us up inside.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    he is, since Pau arrived, LO has been a beast…


    LO’SALAKER4LIFE.com,as the theme for the NWO plays………

  • gugy

    Lamar is the man!

    Amazing game last night.
    If he keeps this intensity in the playoffs,we are in a really good position.

  • lakerz

    i think kobe got LO to realize how much talent he really has.

  • http://www.lakers.com Keep_odom

    great great performance…need definitely an EXTENSION Along with SASHA…..

  • http://www.ll.com Mr.24/7

    In order for us to make it to the finals….we need BYNUM to lock us down in the paint..because i still think we are very weak in the paint..so please come BAK SOOOOOON bynum….along with ARIZA…….we need some DDDDD in the PAINT!~

  • tradekwame11

    Lamar is the X factor cause Kobe and Gasol are consistant and when Lamar does good we win. LAKERS 2008 CHAMPIONS

  • Lakers 24 7

    ..And they say Kobe doesn’t make his teammates better..Lamar Odom was better than he thought he was

  • lakerschamps08

    yea if odom plays like that nobody is gonna beat the Lakers. he should get a “X” on the back of his head…lol

  • cneo

    Mitch has done a great job… If we don’t win it this year, we need to keep this core together imo.

    What Mitch should do in the off season:
    He should collaborate with Kobe about signing an extension (for about the same as he is getting now) and then bring the other guys in (with their agents) for a team negotiation. Make everyone realize they is something special and try to get most of our guys extended together.


    The thing is if you have everyone working together on this, we might be able to keep Lamar, Sasha, Ronny, Trevor, etc. Opposed to signing everyone separately where agents and players will just be vying to get the MOST they can get. This would be a “How can we keep this team together” type of meeting that may require sacrifices from the teammates and even Kobe. However through aggressive but collaborative negotiations the result would be keeping the core of this team together.

  • walk the walk

    i think he’s finally developed into someone we want as a laker for life

  • http://swishtheball.net Billy Kupchak

    lamar is doing great at power forwar so lets not start bynum and kep lamar at power forward

  • lakers1fan

    Odom is one of the most talented players. His problem is, he doesn’t have the desire to be great.

  • Phant0M

    1/2 of the X Factor.

    The other is Bynum and how well he plays.

    Kobe will be Kobe.
    I know Gasol will produce.

    But If we want to be champs. Odom and bynum are the 2 XFACTORS\


  • ricky

    lamar is definitely the x-factor for this team. lamar is very modest and the type of player who would rather play behind other stars, in this case, kobe, pau, and bynum. he knows that once the opponent focuses on his other teammates, he can have more freedom to do his thing. he also is great at getting his teammates involved and would rather set up his teammates for hoops which is why i think lamar prefers to play behind the scenes. however, if you dont keep your eyes on him, he can really do damage such as the game last night vs dallas. he quietly accumulates his points, rebs, and assists and eventually, he will have a huge game that greatly impacts the results of the game.

    lamar should get an extension, as well as vujacic and ronny. also, we need to cut a few players and add some veteran free agents to round out any holes we have in our roster.

  • kb_pg

    He is the x-factor, right now, but honestly, our defense in the paint is lacking without Bynum. If LO and Pau can play great defense every night, then that would be great. But we just can’t expect them to play great defense AND offense at the same time every game. Right now Lamar is our x-factor, but to me it was Bynum who was our x-factor. Hopefully he can get his timing back and some minutes in a couple of games before the playoffs.

  • kevio2000

    Your dam right LO is the x-factor he is such a bad matcup for any 3 in the game and when we get drew back to anchor the paint and put every1 in their right positions you are gonna se make a nice run thru the playoffs!!!! See you all at the parade in june!

  • bryan

    where is “lame-ar odumb” and “odom the worst player” at now? and all the other haters? i was still here defending odom through his bad games.. hearing illogical comments like “odom is one-dimensional” or “udoka is more consistent than lame-ar..” and my favorite “get lame-ar scrotum’s balls out of your mouth CHIPMUNK.” where are those people at now? you guys called yourself laker fans but were quick to throw lamar under the bus after every bad game. it made your day to see him fail, so you could come on this site and talk your nonsense. i know you guys still visit this site. man up and admit odom proved you wrong. give credit where its due.

    how can you honestly call yourself a laker fan and talk so much garbage about your own players? that is almost as classless as utah fans booing fisher.

    i’m glad that lamar is finally getting the appreciation he deserves.

    with that said, i can’t wait for the playofffssss!!!!

  • Voice_of_Reason

    I’ve been saying that all along

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

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    yeah, whatever the FAKE Billy Kupchak said :-D

  • True Lakers Fan

    LO will be a All Star 4 yrs to come hes an amazing talent i cant wait till Drew gets back I Like our chances 4 the Ship GO Lakers!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    hZm, could you remove the OTHER Billy Kupchak? I believe he’s using a capital “i” instead of “L” to mimic my username. Thank you very much! :-D

  • http://Farmers.com Jcritt.=star

    hey guys haven’t visited the site in a while but the past two games have been amazing with the return of Pau GAsol. ALso, Lamar odom looks like he has finally reached his all star potential after posting 31 points last night, finishing well around the rim, and making smart plays the lakers should be fine for the time being especially until the playoffs. Now lets just hope bynum and ariza come back soon and to full strength so we can kick but and win it all this year.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Honestly, I new Lamar was a great player, but fans got frustrated when he wasn’t stepping up or being consistent, but we are all glad to see him step up big time for a much needed win

  • Smush Walton

    Keep driving the ball to the hoop, Lamar. NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!!

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    look at our 2008-09 roster and 2008 summer free agents

    derek fisher
    trevor ariza
    luke walton
    jordan farmar
    lamar odom
    vladimir radmanovic
    coby karl
    ira newble
    pau gasol
    andrew bynum
    ronny turiaf
    kobe bryant dj mbenga
    chris mihm
    Sun yue
    Charlotte’s 2nd round pick
    our second round pick
    baron davis
    gilbert arenas
    jason williams
    shaun livingston
    monta ellis
    ron artest
    luol deng
    shawn marion

    pick 14

  • Smush Walton

    What has been happening with Farmar, Vlad Rad, and Smush Walton? Their games have dropped off significantly.

    Kudos go to Pau! Helping take the pressure off of Lamar. As long as Lamar keeps rebounding, scoring in the paint, and AVOIDING THE 3 POINT SHOT our chances look good. We could still use Ariza and Bynum to help minimize Sush Walton’s time on the floor.

  • Smush Walton

    Looks like a lot of significant free agents are available this summer.

    Recent comments from Kupchak seem to imply he’s not looking to add any stars. Too bad.

    One of the key factors in improving the Lakers was the “haters” making it resoundingly clear that they had had enough of Kwame. Without the fans getting on his case Mitch would probably be still sitting on his thumbs and we don’t get Pau (also Bynum getting hurt contributed). Mitch made the comment if Bynum did not get hurt he probably doesn’t trade for Pau and we probably would have the same old Lamar. So thanks for speaking up “haters”. We’re sorry you went down Andrew but it helped get Mitch off of his duff. Now, hurry back Drew!

  • MILO

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  • Kwame Parker

    As a hybrid former laker great, i was very happy to see my buddy lamar kick ass!

  • JayC55

    If odom would take a pay cut then re-sign him. If not, find someone cheaper.

  • lakerz

    if LO keeps this up we have 4 all stars in our teams. we dont need him to be in the all star team, and theres a big chance LO isent going to be voted in. but i know he has the talent to compete with the other PF/SF’s in the NBA.

  • yash

    he is but he has to be consistent, for us to be successfull. lets beatt the Celts and ruin sucksessfull yr

  • yash

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    I’ll take monta. He’s young and he could be the face of franchise after KOBE

  • bryan

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    LOL i have had a huge suspicion that you are either “Odom the worst player” or “Lame-ar Odumb”

    Given your intelligent choice of alias, I am gonna go with “Lame-ar Odumb”

    You have posted 3 times since my last comment to get your point across about Lamar driving to the basket as oppose to “shooting the three.” With all the good things Lamar has been doing, must you bring a negative aspect of his game?

    Now you are defending the “haters.” Don’t get me wrong, I am all for voicing concern about my team when they are lacking in a particular area. A reason why I was not upset at Kobe’s trade demands. What I am not for is (and this should be for every fan) calling my players “Lame-ar,” “Kwame Boo-rown,” “Fluke Walton,” and my favorite “Chris Limp.”

    This is our TEAM. Leave the name-calling to our rivals. Instead of wasting your time thinking of clever names to poke fun at our players, why don’t you think of some for the Boston Cel-dicks?

    Your Chipmunk friend, bryan.

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

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    yeah, get monta

    PG Fish Farmar Monta
    SG Kobe Sasha Monta
    SF Lamar Ariza Kobe
    PF Pau Ronny Lamar
    C Drew Pau Ronny

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    you guys do not watch the games very carefully
    we cant win anything if we keep playing like this!
    we almost lost from a team that never won against a +500 team!
    our defense gets humiliated all the time, in poffs we would have lost
    if bynum wont be a difference maker in D
    we will be out 1st or 2nd round!
    wake up and stop dreaming!

  • Fantastic5LAL

    we need to continue to run our offense through Pau. The pass from Pau in the post to Odom at the freethrow line to do his thing is money. Pau can either pass to Lamar or kick it out for a 3 or for someone to drive. Our offense is looking deadly with Odom playing like this. This will be a big game in Lamar Odom’s career cause I can only see him getting better from here it was good learning experience for him and an eye opener for PJ to create more setups for him like they had. From here, we need to pickup our defense. We can smell the championship well just have to want it more then our opponents. I dont see this defensive slump carrying on to the playoffs. Im sure well pick it up

  • Fantastic5LAL

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    Dont forget Corey Maggette

    id love to have him if hes willing to take a paycut. would be the perfect player to come off the bench for Lakers

  • MILO

    Pau Gasol is the x-factor this guy is just amazing he dont get all nervous and turns the ball over like other people.He just stands there dishing out assists like he’s playing among nothing but 5 footers who cant possibly reach the ball.I LOVE THE WAY HE KEEPS COOL AND DONT TURN THE BALL OVER THAT OFFTEN!!

  • Sako

    He use to be inconsistent, he was a great player, but inconsistent, but since the Pau Gasol trade, he’s been consistent coming into each & every game putting up solid numbers. He’s the most improved player in the NBA from before to after the All-Star Break.

  • deez nuts

    Lamar Joseph Odom is an x-factor for this Los Angeles Lakers team.

  • thisbedo

    i was definitely a lamar basher but tis not tha we hated him jst he never lived up tp potentioal and often gave us a glimpse of what he could be

    lamar is a definite part of the x factor but i would say the bench is the other part of it with sasha,famar,ronny, and ariza coming off the bench we have plenty of skills to help us win

    im not sure sure about the team signing idea i know that would be perfect but would almost never happen and plus they dont want to sign anything until they know where the team is goin and as much as i hate to say it i definitely think one of the four (lo,farmar, sasha and ariza) wont be here in the next few years but i still got ope so there is still a chance

  • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

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  • kis

    lamar has always been the x-factor…if you look at all the playoffs he’s played for us he’s avg about 19 and 10 although he did play an undersize marion it still shows what he’s capable of


    I dont really love the idea of one man being the “x-factor”. Each player has their role within the team concept. Lamar in my mind is no different than any other player on the team outside Kobe and Pau when it comes to consistency. If anyone could actually be considered the x-factor on the Lakers it could be Radman. The games where he is productive seem to give the Lakers that extra lift that puts them over the top.