We all know Kobe Bryant will laugh at this if he reads it. But I ask the fans this — should Kobe sit out a few games and heal up his body. He’s in such great physical shape, but he is a bit banged up and last night against the Bobcats, he suffered another small injury; sprained ankle. In fact, Phil Jackson told us he was getting therapy the entire practice to see if he can play tomorrow night against Denver.

Bryant did not participate in practice, opting to spend the time “trying a variety of therapies on the ankle to see what will work for him,” according to Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

Perhaps Kobe should sit out a few and heal up for a game or two. Also, Melo is reportedly out tomorrow so maybe it would be good for Kobe to miss a few? The BIG picture is the post-season, afterall… Sound off.

  • mr.laker19

    Idk… this is tough, I want to always see kobe out there because I know that he can beat people wit one shot like in Boston. But he can also play like he did against the Bobcats. So im torn but maybe he should sit out tomorrow if Melo does…

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      Honestly, I would want him to play but seeing how he cant then heres my solution. Tomorrow will be a tough game, no doubt. So have Kobe suit up but have him out of the game unless he has to hit a big shot which is the ONLY moment he has to come in. Other than that, he should stay out. Time for the team to show what they can do without Kobe.

      • Green Flannel

        ya, i like that idea. sort of like a safety cushion.

  • KB24

    he still shoots too much, selfish mother EFFER!!!! didn’t care about the win, just cares about HIMSELF and his self achievements!! Trade his ass for Kevin Durant !!!=P

    • KD35

      change your name n site maderfaker !

  • KING

    i saw let him start but only play like 15-20 mins… hes taking to many shots, shots that could be higher percentage if we were to feed the inside more


    I say a week! I think Kobe needs to sit out and let guys regain their confidence. For some reason, he has gone back to the Kobe of old lately. He needs to get back on track. I love the guy, but let’s be real…he has not been efficient lately

    • http://lakersground.net lakers4life2417

      you summed it up perfectly. the lakers need to get back to TEAM basketball. have kobe PASS more and SHOOT less. it would be best if he would sit out a few games so he can heal from his injuries.

  • Robert

    C’mon, we know Kobe will never sit out a game, unless his ankle is completely busted (like years ago).
    He was shooting a high percentage at the beginning of the year, before his injuries, and the team was playing good too. I think he’s compensating, and trying to keep his scoring total high.
    I think Phil should reduce his minutes, that’s all, cause he’s gonna play no matter what anyone says (including Phil).

  • wow….

    you guys are rediculous. Kobe is fine, even injured he still shows up and plays tough. what we need is Pau to step up and play more aggressive, and demand the ball when hes in with the bench mob. Bynum is performing if i may say so, loving his last few games playing aggressive, really earning his clutch minutes with pau on the bench instead. When the bench comes in, with kobe on the bench, we need Pau or Bynum, or Artest even, when their in with the bench to demand the ball and take the shots instead of Farmar and Shannon Brown…….

    • KB24

      Kobe shooting too much is NOT fine unless he makes it, but he’s been missing and taking hard ass shots and for what??? selfish asshole =P how can Pau step up more when kobe ballhogs and don’t even let Pau shoot that much!!! Kobe wants the GLORY!!! =P =)

  • tony sanchez

    he will play tomorrow…. i think lebron will win his first championship this year…


    sorry kobe..

    • wow….

      go back to the cavs board letot

      • Green Flannel

        hay, fagot ass tony, you need a good TEAM to win a championship, not a good PLAYER.

    • LC09

      lol tony im sure u said the same thing last yr right?? jus like cubs “next yrs the yr” right?? only thing i know is the lakers will repeat..holla at me in june tony

      • KD35

        wow cavs 10 straight win! their lucky being on the weak east enjoy it when it is still a regular season….wish you luck on the ECF!

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      i hope you show up at staples in june….we can stomp an mvp on your face!!!! then mail you and lepunk back to clevland or where ever your from!!!cinncinati or some shit!who cares!

  • Justin M.

    Kobe wont sit out even though he has a whole seasons worth of sick days saved up, and if pau doesnt like it, to bad. At least when Shaq called Kobe out on shooting to much he backed it up with a monster game. Even when they throw the ball to pau in the post, he’ll throw it back out 98% of the time, i wish pau would play like david west, be a black hole.

  • KD35

    you cannot take kobe’s confident on him shaq tried to stop him and he was traded, so if gasoft still wants to win a ring he better shut up his mouth and play with kobe. do his job and he must know that he’s nothing without kobe. kobe can win it with bosh even d lee. he take too many shot because his a “shooting” guard you must understand that position period.

    • WifelovesLuke


  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    he’s gonna do what he does thats play! BUT i would really like to see a banged up kobe rested an healed..he’s hurt and struggling,that team has tofend for it self for once.they’ve had it to easy with kobe always saving them.it would be good for our lakers..but he’s gonna do what he does!and i wont bitch,,,,just support!! go lakers!

  • http://singoramalessonsrevealed.com Varick Hudson

    Ludwig Van Beethoven in Sneakers is the way I once heard KOBE described as. Every since He came into the NBA 13 years ago I have watched the Lakers and Watched every Laker game since he has been there. I am a Renewed NBA fan because of KOBE. Make no mistake, I have always loved the Lakers, every since Wilt the Stilt Chamberlin played, Earvin Magic Johnson, and Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabar, for those of you who didn’t know). And just like my fellow Laker Nation Brothers here commenting on this post, I am really torn because I love watching the Master Composer play this game so much, that I do not want to watch a game without him playing in it. But If it were for the good of Kobe #1, and # 2 if it would be good for the team, then so be it he should maaayyybe take, I would say 2 weeks to try and heal and get physically well. Having said that, gooooo Lakers and Beat the Denver Nuggets tonight!!!!!!!!

  • Kobe8/24

    Kobe ain’t gonna sit out especially the Denver game. Look at this score right here. 11/13 – LAL 79 @ DEN 105. You think Kobe would have forgotten about this?

    • Marwan Marzina

      Melo is listed as questionable and expected to miss next 2 games, one of the 2 being the Laker game. If Kobe plays, he plays for nothing.
      Knowing Kobe, he wont sit, but one way to find out… tune in at 7:30 pm to watch the game.

  • iiTzKoBe

    Do I personally think kobe should rest yes? but it all depends on how he feels about sitting out, we all know we want another championship come June, and Kobe is the guy whos gunna get us to the promise land. If you really think about it he should sit out because the playoffs is completley different. More aggressive, more intensity, the players give it their all, and totally put their body on the line. I think Kobe should sit out, but if he decides to play limit him. Let Jordan Farmar, and Shannon Brown step up and show what they can do to contruibute to our championship run. Or let Odom get more minutes, or get Artest more involved in the offense. Sitting Kobe could benefit if it could get a player going, because we all know when kobe comes back hes gunna do what he always does. But we all know Kobe takes extreme pride in playing all 82 games, Phil even said at one point he takes more pride in playing all the games, then winning an MVP. We all know Kobe being the warrior he is does not want to give in to the opposition, but he has to think about what hes chasing in the long run. He can still contriubute in his street clothes, he can support his teammates, and give them a little coaching job on the bench. But regardless if he plays or not lets get a win tonight!

    MVP iiTzKoBe MVP

  • Never2Gone

    Sit him until the GS game on the 16th — assuming he doesn’t hurt himself playing the all-star game the weekend before.

    I think we can all appreciate his drive (it’s his #1 characteristic!) but he’s setting himself up to FAIL in the postseason if he keeps this up. Does anyone else remember him being utterly exhausted last year toward the end of the Denver series? He’s a year older now and has more nagging injuries than the pinky that troubled him last year.

    If he doesn’t take a rest now, he won’t get a chance to before the playoffs and we could find ourselves with a truly injured Kobe before round 1 even starts… Then what’ll we do? Start Sasha in his place?

  • Justin M.

    how can kobe feel good about sitting when the 2nd best player on the team is playing like a pansy, pau has to step up big before kobe even thinks about resting

  • KeyTurn

    I love Kobe, but with his recent collection of injuries he needs to sit out, and rest his body so he won’t be as bothered by injury in the post season.

    What are we playing for right now? The west is pretty much a wrap, and the way things look, CLE will have the best record in the league again. So we have home court against all opponents except CLE, regardless if Kobe plays or sits.

    This version of Kobe doesn’t help us win to title in June. LeBron will be too much to handle for a banged up Kobe in the Finals.

    For the love of the city and the team I wish he would take some time off to heal. (Or Mitch works some more trade magic and brings back a shooting 1 or 2)