nateI don’t have many things that drive me crazy. But one thing absolute makes me go crazy. The kind of Bob Knight crazy where I would literaly throw a chair down on the court. That is when a team is up by three points, and instead of fouling to limit them to two free throws (where you control your own destiny), you let them hit a three and tie it up.

I’m sure the biggest example of this is Tim Thomas in 2006 in game 6; a shot that still haunts me.

Never the less I was stunned last night, when Phil made the desicion to foul instead of giving up a three pointer (which after the foul Nate drained). It was something that was irregular from Phil Jackson and I was very happy to see it.

So now I ask you, the Lakers Nation, were you as ecstatic as I was? In my opinion, it is indeed the right move. It gives you control of your own destiny. This was one of the first times I’ve seen Phil call it and I have to say – I hope I see it again down the stretch of the season/post-season.